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The Freedonia Group is a leading international industrial research company publishing more than 100 studies annually. Since 1985 we have provided research to customers ranging in size from global conglomerates to one-person consulting firms. More than 90% of the industrial companies in the Fortune 500 use Freedonia Group research to help with their strategic planning. Each study includes product and market analyses and forecasts, in-depth discussions of important industry trends, market share information and profiles of the leading industry players.
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565 Reports from Freedonia Group

  • Retail Ready Packaging

    ... the marketing and handling advantages. The popularity of club stores and discount grocery outlets will also lead to advances. This report segments the retail ready packaging industry by Type and Market. Data is provided in ... Read More

  • Hand Tools

    ... the motor vehicle park. In addition, ongoing interest in do-it-yourself activities will boost sales to the consumer market. This report segments the US hand tool industry by product and market. Data is provided in million ... Read More

  • World Salt

    ... in developing countries will boost demand for salt in food processing. This report segments the world salt industry by Market and Product. Data is provided in million metric tons and million dollars. Major Salt Markets ... Read More

  • Industrial & Institutional (I&I) Cleaning Chemicals

    ... commercial establishments. The market value will benefit from widening usage of high value sanitizers and disinfectants. This report segments the industrial and institutional cleaning chemicals industry by product and market. Data for cleaning chemicals are ... Read More

  • Lawn & Garden Consumables

    ... and homebuilding. Increasing interest in gardening as a hobby and for homegrown food will also help to support demand. This report segments the lawn and garden consumables industry by products, markets, applications, end users, and ... Read More

  • Self-Storage & Moving Services

    ... country continues its slow recovery from the recession. Six Types of Service Covered The self-storage and moving services industry is divided amongst a handful of key constituents, each characterized by their own set of advantages, ... Read More

  • World Abrasives

    ... Asia/Pacific region. In addition, gains will be aided by increased demand for environmentally friendly offerings, such as recycled iron and steel grit. This report segments the world abrasives industry by Product, Market, and Region. Data ... Read More

  • In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Test Packaging

    ... components that improve packaging performance; and enhanced design efficiencies that will drop the cost of product shipments. In vitro diagnostic packaging products include: Primary Containers: reagent and solution bottles, blood collection tubes, sample and transport ... Read More

  • Power Tools

    ... the smaller consumer market, do-it-yourselfers will increasingly replace more basic power tools or hand tools with higher-value power tools. This report segments the US power tool industry by product (further segmented by power source) and ... Read More

  • Plastic Foams

    ... The rising popularity of foam mattresses over traditional innerspring products will also boost demand. This report segments the Plastic Foams industry by Products and Markets. Data is provided in million pounds and million US dollars. ... Read More

  • World Enzymes

    ... quality of healthcare and the continued shift of pharmaceutical and chemical production to developing countries will drive strong growth in China and India. Specialty enzymes will post the fastest gains Changes in healthcare and the ... Read More

  • Drones (UAVs)

    ... sales, supported by innovations that are making drones easier to fly, reduced cost of key subsystems, and new FAA regulations that make it less cumbersome for businesses to operate drones. This report segments the UAV ... Read More

  • World Paint & Coatings

    ... construction activity and manufacturing output are advancing at strong rates. Value gains will be supported by growing use of higher quality products (e.g., powder and other high solids formulations) with improved environmental profiles. This report ... Read More

  • Caps & Closures

    ... as tamper prevention, easy dispensing, or traceability. Advances will also be supported by the introduction of closures on pouches and cartons. This report segments the cap and closure industry by Material, Product, and Market. Data ... Read More

  • Wood-Plastic Composite & Plastic Lumber

    ... homeownerscontinue to install decks to create outdoor entertainment and recreation areas, but they will increasingly add such features as outdoor kitchens, firepits, and hot tubs to their decks. Decks will be larger in size and ... Read More

  • Natural Polymers

    ... segment. Guar gum will see a substantial slowdown due to the downturn in the hydraulic fracturing industry. This report segments the natural polymers market by product type and market. Data is provided in million pounds ... Read More

  • World HVAC Equipment

    ... A number of developing nations have warm climates, and, as industrialization efforts continue to develop in these nations, there will be substantial opportunities for HVAC equipment installations. In addition, a changing regulatory environment for the ... Read More

  • Industrial Fasteners

    ... sector recovered from the 2007-2009 recession. However, advances will be boosted to some extent by more rapid growth in the construction market, which accounts for a smaller share of overall demand than manufacturing applications. This ... Read More

  • Coated Fabrics

    ... potential to use artificial leather and other coated fabrics will support gains in product demand. Cost considerations as well as improvements in durability, feel and other qualities of coated fabrics will propel their greater use ... Read More

  • Wood & Competitive Decking

    ... homeowners are better able to undertake residential improvement and repair projects. The increased usage of higher value decking materials will boost gains in terms of dollar value. Wood-Plastic Composites to Lead Gains Wood-plastic composite decking ... Read More

  • World Roofing

    ... environmentally sustainable products will also support growth. This report segments the world roofing industry by product, market, country and region. Data are provided in both dollars and square meters. Products used in the world roofing ... Read More

  • Corrosion Inhibitors

    ... the US. Other key factors influencing the market will be changing power generation patterns favoring recirculating cooling systems and increased public awareness of corrosion-related issues in municipal water following the Flint, Michigan water crisis. This ... Read More

  • World Specialty Silicas

    ... and fuel efficiency. In addition, gains will benefit from expanding manufacturing activities in developing regions. This report segments the world specialty silicas industry by Product, Market, and Region. Data is provided in thousand metric tons ... Read More

  • Education Security Market

    ... numerous highly publicized school shootings. In addition, the increased implementation of highly complex, integrated systems will necessitate the use of additional services, as well as more and higher value products. This report breaks out the ... Read More

  • Aseptic Packaging

    ... packaging. However, advances will be held back by the significant financial investment of related machinery and competition from alternative packaging. This report segments the aseptic packaging industry by Type and Market. Data is provided in ... Read More

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