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  • Global Rubber Conveyor Belts

    ... global mining output and sustained advances in global manufacturing. The expanding use of rubber additives to increase the performance capabilities of rubber conveyor belts will also contribute to growth, as these types command a higher ... Read More

  • Lubricant Additives

    ... performance specifications will boost demand for lubricant additives, in particular antioxidants, deposit control additives, and friction modifiers. However, the introduction and uptake of high performance lubricant additives that are used at lower treat rates will ... Read More

  • Merger Impact Report: Amcor Ltd/Bemis

    ... strengths and weaknesses of the new company and an analysis of market share and growth prospects for markets important to the company’s future success. Also provided are brief overviews of company operations and expected next ... Read More

  • Decorative Laminates

    ... for laminates, will boost demand. This report covers decorative laminate product demand by laminate type and market, as well as a raw materials used in their production. Data are given in dollars and square feet. ... Read More

  • Lubricants

    ... transmission and hydraulic fluids. However, growing fill intervals and longer lasting, higher quality lubricants will restrain stronger gains. This report covers lubricant product demand by Type and Market, along with a discussion of basestocks used ... Read More

  • Fencing

    ... fencing demand by material and market in value terms and linear feet, and region in value terms. Material demand is provided for the following segments: Metal, including chain link, ornamental, wire, and pipe Wood, including ... Read More

  • Industrial and Institutional (I&I) Cleaning Chemicals

    ... increased utilization of foodservice and hotels and lodging as spending power grows, and growing utilization of healthcare by an aging US population will drive demand for I&I cleaning chemicals. This report covers I&I cleaning chemicals ... Read More

  • Gutters & Downspouts

    ... report covers demand for gutter and downspout products by product, market, material, and region. Data are given in dollar value and linear feet (for all products except hardware and accessories). Gutter and downspout products include: ... Read More

  • Precast Concrete Products

    ... Product demand is provided for the following segments: Structural Building Components Architectural Building Components Transportation Products Water & Wastewater Products Other Products Precast concrete demand is broken out for the following markets: Commercial Buildings Nonbuilding ... Read More

  • Global Architectural Paint by Market, Formulation and End User, 13th Edition

    ... continue to offer the best growth opportunities due to rapid urbanization and the expansion of the middle class in large markets like China and India. This report covers architectural paint demand by Market, Formulation, and ... Read More

  • Pressure Sensitive Tapes

    ... growing cost and application requirements will influence the type of adhesives and backing material used. This report covers pressure sensitive tape demand by Product, Material, & Market. Data are given in dollar value and volume. ... Read More

  • Global Thermoplastic Elastomers by Product, Market and Country, 10th Edition

    ... in both developed and developing countries, as TPEs continue to gain over competitive materials, such as conventional thermoplastics, thermoset rubbers, and silicones. This report covers demand by Product, Market, and Country. Data are provided in ... Read More

  • Fiber Cement in the US by Product, Market and Region, 3rd Edition

    ... will drive demand gains. This report analyzes fiber cement demand by product, market, and region. Product demand is provided for the following segments: Siding Backerboard Moulding & Trim Other Products (roofing, porch ceilings, countertops and ... Read More

  • Home and Garden Pesticides in the US by Product and Application, 5th Edition

    ... in gardening as a hobby and continued consumer concerns about insect-borne diseases will support demands. A continued emphasis on safe and environmentally-friendly products that are also easy to use will also promote demand for new ... Read More

  • Adhesives & Sealants in the US by Product and Market, 3rd Edition

    ... continued transition from mechanical fasteners to adhesive bonds in manufacturing and assembly, growing use of high performance composites and metals in motor vehicle production and aerospace applications, and increased spending on transportation and utilities construction ... Read More

  • Moulding and Trim in the US by Material, Product, Market and Region, 7th Edition

    ... activity will drive demand gains. This report covers siding by Material, Product, Market, and Region. The moulding & trim materials covered in this study are: Wood Engineered Wood Metal Plastic Other Materials (fiber cement, plaster, ... Read More

  • Global Industrial Lubricants by Product, Market and Formulation

    ... rise in global trade will boost demand for industrial lubricants. This report covers industrial lubricant demand by Product, Market, Formulation and Region. Data are given in volume terms (thousand metric tons). Industrial lubricant applications covered ... Read More

  • Global Flat Glass by Market, 13th Edition

    ... and manufacturing activity worldwide. The report covers flat glass demand by market and region. Flat glass demand and production are presented in square meters. In addition, flat glass production and production capacity are given in ... Read More

  • Lawn and Garden Consumables in the US by Market and Product, 9th edition

    ... and outdoor living among consumers will support demand in the residential market, as will rising utilization rates of professional lawn care and landscaping services by homeowners, businesses, and institutions. This report covers lawn and garden ... Read More

  • Silicones in the US by Product, Market and Function, 9th Edition

    ... growth in several key outlets, including the motor vehicle and medical markets. This report covers silicone demand by Product, Market, and Function. Data are given in dollar value and volume (pounds). Silicone products covered in ... Read More

  • Construction Chemicals in the US by Product and Market, 7th Edition

    ... spending, governmental regulations regarding environmental and health safety, and the need to maintain the aging home stock and transportation infrastructure will drive demand for construction chemicals such as protective coatings and sealers, cement additives, and ... Read More

  • Automotive Lubricants in India by Market, Product and Formulation

    ... expanding construction, agricultural, and mining activity. This report covers automotive lubricant demand by Market, Product, and Formulation. Data are given in metric tons. Automotive lubricant markets covered in the study include: Light Vehicles Medium & ... Read More

  • Global Industrial Rubber Products by Product and Market, 4th Edition

    ... production are expected to drive sales of rubber goods. Other factors contributing to global industrial rubber product demand gains include the expansion of world motor vehicle park, the development of new, top-of-the-line rubber goods, and ... Read More

  • Automotive Lubricants in Canada by Market, Product and Formulation

    ... will continue to limit sales gains, as will flatness in the motor vehicle park size and decreasing vehicle output. Faster declines will be prevented by growth in demand for off-highway equipment lubricants. This report covers ... Read More

  • Countertops in the US by Surface Material, Product, Market and Region, 5th Edition

    ... residential remodeling and commercial construction activity will fuel demand going forward. This report covers countertops demand by Surface Material, Product, Application, and Region. Data are given in square feet and dollars. Countertop surface materials in ... Read More

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Materials & Chemicals market research reports by Freedonia Group

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