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The Freedonia Group is a leading international industrial research company publishing more than 100 studies annually. Since 1985 we have provided research to customers ranging in size from global conglomerates to one-person consulting firms. More than 90% of the industrial companies in the Fortune 500 use Freedonia Group research to help with their strategic planning. Each study includes product and market analyses and forecasts, in-depth discussions of important industry trends, market share information and profiles of the leading industry players.
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758 Reports from Freedonia Group

  • Gaskets & Seals

    ... durable goods industries. However, continued improvements in gasket and seal design will limit long term sales potential as the better performance and longer lifespan of sealing products installed in original equipment restricts aftermarket opportunities. Gasket ... Read More

  • Live Goods: Plants, Trees, and Shrubbery

    ... growing participation in outdoor living, will support gains through the forecast. This report covers sales of live goods by product, end-user, and region. Additionally, the study presents and discusses major factors affecting demand; growth opportunities; ... Read More

  • Food & Beverage Packaging Innovation

    ... beverage companies look for ways to innovate, allowing their packaged goods to not only meet the needs of consumers, but also stand out on store shelves. Packaging can address these changes through developments in the ... Read More

  • Global Water Treatment Equipment & Chemicals

    ... and rising rates of water recycling and desalination. This report covers water treatment equipment and chemical demand by Market, Product, and Region. Data are given in dollar values. Water treatment markets include: Municipal Potable Wastewater ... Read More

  • Global Electric Motors

    ... rises – sales of electric motors will follow. This report covers electric motor demand by Product and Market in US dollar value Electric motor products include: Alternating current Direct current Markets for electric motors include: ... Read More

  • Cannabis Growing Market

    ... growth in hemp cultivation, combined with expanding commercial marijuana industries in an increased number of states, will fuel sales. This report covers US demand for cannabis growing supplies by product, market, growing location, growing system ... Read More

  • Ceilings

    ... institutional structures. This report analyzes ceiling demand by product, market, and region in value terms and ceiling tile demand in square feet. Product demand is provided for the following segments: Ceiling Tile (wet felt; fiberglass; ... Read More

  • Global Cement

    ... will be restrained by declines in China, as the country’s economy and construction spending slow from the double-digit pace seen between 2008 and 2018. This report covers cement by Type, Market, End User, and Region. ... Read More

  • Global Abrasives

    ... super abrasives and alternative backing materials. Growth in global demand for nonmetallic abrasives will be boosted by rising penetration of higher value products. However, increased market share for products like super abrasives will be driven ... Read More

  • Roofing Accessories

    ... a key role in supporting roofing accessories demand than reroofing, as the installation of every roof generally requires a certain quantity of roofing accessories. In contrast, reroofing projects can vary in scope and therefore in ... Read More

  • Landscaping Products

    ... through 2023. This report covers landscaping products by product, market, application, end-user, and region. Data are given in dollar value. Landscaping products covered in the study include: Decorative Products Hardscape Products Outdoor Structures Other Products ... Read More

  • Global Acoustic Insulation

    ... as a robust expansion of the nonresidential building construction market in the Asia/Pacific region, will boost demand for all acoustic insulation products. This report breaks out acoustic insulation product demand by market and material. Data ... Read More

  • Global Filters

    ... manufacturers continue to make improvements in conventional filter products in order to improve performance. Much of the recent innovation in filters has involved the use of enhanced filtration media that are designed to perform better ... Read More

  • Converted Flexible Packaging

    ... drive growth. This report covers converted flexible packaging demand by product, material, and market. Data are given in dollar value and volume. Products covered in the study include: Pouches Bags Wraps Other converted flexible packaging ... Read More

  • HVAC Equipment

    ... to two main factors: Moderating replacement sales, as pent up demand following the Great Recession has been alleviated. Slowing building construction, which will reduce the number of HVAC systems installed in new buildings. The majority ... Read More

  • Global E-Commerce

    ... existing e-commerce activity. This report covers e-commerce retail sales by Market, Region, and Country, along with a discussion of general retail industry trends. Data are given in dollar value. E-commerce markets covered in the study ... Read More

  • Global Power Tools

    ... increasing durables goods manufacturing activity and rising vehicle ownership. The best opportunities exist for tools that provide either the power, durability, or convenience demanded by users in higher income countries or the cost advantages required ... Read More

  • Global Membrane Separation Technologies

    ... materials – including fluoropolymers, polyamide, cellulosic materials, and polysulfone and polyethersulfone – will continue to dominate the global membrane market due to their lower initial costs and greater product flexibility.  Demand in every product category ... Read More

  • Specialty Films

    ... factors affecting specialty film sales. The fastest gains will be in the biodegradable and water soluble film functions, the result of rapid growth in markets such as degradable packaging for food and nonfood items.  The ... Read More

  • Global Pressure Sensitive Tapes

    ... focus on Asian markets. Carton sealing tape will continue to dominate global sales due to its integral role in packaging applications – particularly in the Asia/Pacific region. Double-sided tapes will see far faster growth, however, ... Read More

  • Decorative Tile in the US

    ... kitchens and bathrooms, as these rooms commonly use decorative tile. This report analyzes decorative tile demand by product, application, and market in value terms and square feet. Product demand is provided for the following segments: ... Read More

  • Acquisition Impact Report: Berry Global/RPC Group

    ... analysis of market share and growth prospects for markets important to the company’s future success. Also provided are brief overviews of company operations and expected next steps if the acquisition is completed. Freedonia draws upon ... Read More

  • Home Organization Products in the US

    ... particularly high-value products will support demand gains through 2023. This report covers home organization product demand by material, product, room, and market, along with a discussion of retail sales and channels. Data are given in ... Read More

  • Retail-Ready Packaging in the US

    ... it simplifies stocking, reduces operating costs, and keeps shelves more organized, allowing brick and mortar stores to remain competitive with online retailers. This report covers retail-ready packaging by Product and Market, along with a discussion ... Read More

  • Coated Fabrics

    ... motor vehicles, continued market penetration for artificial leather in upholstery applications, and steady growth in production of industrial equipment such as conveyor belts. In addition to gains in coated fabric use in area terms, average ... Read More

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