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  • Global E-Commerce

    ... existing e-commerce activity. This report covers e-commerce retail sales by Market, Region, and Country, along with a discussion of general retail industry trends. Data are given in dollar value. E-commerce markets covered in the study ... Read More

  • Retail-Ready Packaging in the US

    ... it simplifies stocking, reduces operating costs, and keeps shelves more organized, allowing brick and mortar stores to remain competitive with online retailers. This report covers retail-ready packaging by Product and Market, along with a discussion ... Read More

  • Home Organization Products in the US

    ... particularly high-value products will support demand gains through 2023. This report covers home organization product demand by material, product, room, and market, along with a discussion of retail sales and channels. Data are given in ... Read More

  • Global Nonwovens

    ... developing markets, where nonwovens often represent a step up from traditional alternatives such as paper products or woven textiles. This report covers nonwovens demand by Region, Application, Market, and Web Formation Process, along with discussion ... Read More

  • Outdoor Living Products 2019

    ... light fixtures, and heating elements – for installation on patios and decks will drive gains. Consumers will also increasingly upgrade power lawn and garden equipment to more efficient, easier-to-use products, such as cordless electric lawn ... Read More

  • Lawn and Garden Robots

    ... demand gains for lawn and garden robots. This report covers lawn and garden robot sales by product, including robotic lawn mowers and other lawn and garden robots. Other lawn and garden robots continue to develop, ... Read More

  • Power Lawn & Garden Equipment

    ... run time, engine fuel efficiency, ergonomics, smart tech) are further improved. These innovations will lead to increasing adoption of advanced equipment as well as product pricing growth. Sales will also be boosted as the landscaping ... Read More

  • Tool Storage Products

    ... and product developments to address key end-users, as well as by general macroeconomic factors and market-specific trends. This report covers tool storage product demand by class, product type, and distribution channel, along with consumer attitudes ... Read More

  • Global HVAC Equipment

    ... industrialization trends in developing nations and the large installed base of HVAC equipment in developed nations. This report covers global HVAC equipment demand by region and country, as well as by market, and discusses prominent ... Read More

  • Fencing

    ... fencing demand by material and market in value terms and linear feet, and region in value terms. Material demand is provided for the following segments: Metal, including chain link, ornamental, wire, and pipe Wood, including ... Read More

  • Industrial and Institutional (I&I) Cleaning Chemicals

    ... increased utilization of foodservice and hotels and lodging as spending power grows, and growing utilization of healthcare by an aging US population will drive demand for I&I cleaning chemicals. This report covers I&I cleaning chemicals ... Read More

  • Lawn and Garden Consumables: Consumer Insights

    ... includes consumer attitudes and purchasing patterns, product innovations, and marketing trends. It includes retail sales of lawn and garden consumables by product and end user, and analyzes retail distribution outlets for these products. Data are ... Read More

  • Power Tools

    ... markets, as well as sanguine economic conditions leading to formation of new households and home purchases, which spur consumers to buy power tools. This report covers power tools by Product, Power Source, Market, and Distribution ... Read More

  • Outdoor Kitchens

    ... and upgrades to facilitate both routine outdoor cooking and outdoor entertaining. The expansion from primarily high-end installations to more mass-market versions will further boost sales. This report covers outdoor kitchen equipment demand by Product and ... Read More

  • Home and Garden Pesticides in the US by Product and Application, 5th Edition

    ... in gardening as a hobby and continued consumer concerns about insect-borne diseases will support demands. A continued emphasis on safe and environmentally-friendly products that are also easy to use will also promote demand for new ... Read More

  • White Paper- How to Compete in the Global Market: Recommendations & Opportunities for Power Lawn & Garden Equipment Executives

    ... to $24.2 billion in 2021, improving on the 2011-2016 market performance. In order to capitalize on that growth, it is important to recognize the key factors driving growth and in which countries or regions that ... Read More

  • Commercial Refrigeration Equipment in the US by Product and Market, 14th Edition

    ... the strong growth registered between 2012 and 2017 as many operators accelerated their replacement purchases. However, continued consolidation of warehouses in the food and beverage distribution market will support sales increases. Ongoing advances in the ... Read More

  • Lawn and Garden Hand Tools and Wheeled Implements in the US by Product at Manufacturer and Retail Level

    ... per year to $995 million in 2022. A continuing recovery in new housing construction and home sales, and rising interest in gardening will aid gains. Continued product innovations to improve ease of use, performance, and ... Read More

  • Smart Home Security Market in the US by Product

    ... cost, installation, and performance efficiencies of smart home security devices compared to traditional types, which will appeal to a broader range of consumers, as well as the growing ubiquity of smart home devices overall. This ... Read More

  • Lawn and Garden Consumables in the US by Market and Product, 9th edition

    ... and outdoor living among consumers will support demand in the residential market, as will rising utilization rates of professional lawn care and landscaping services by homeowners, businesses, and institutions. This report covers lawn and garden ... Read More

  • Clothes Washers and Dryers in the US

    ... growth seen in the 2012-2017 period that included a cyclical low in 2012 as tax credits expired and strong yearly increases from 2013 to 2017. This report covers residential clothes washers and dryers. Data are ... Read More

  • Outdoor Furniture & Grills in the US by Product, Market and Region, 7th Edition

    ... consumer interest in outdoor living will be the most significant driver of new sales as homeowners outfit their back yards with outdoor kitchens, living rooms, and entertainment spaces. This report covers not only outdoor furniture ... Read More

  • Consumer Air Treatment Systems in the US by Technology, Product and Region

    ... $800 million. Growth will be driven by a healthy economy and increased consumer education on the availability and benefits of air treatment systems. Demand for replacement filters used in consumer air treatment systems is forecast ... Read More

  • Global Power Lawn & Garden Equipment by Product, Power Source, Market and Region

    ... will be driven by rising construction of single-family houses worldwide. The report covers power lawn and garden equipment demand by product, market, and region. Data are given in dollars. Products covered in the study include: ... Read More

  • Landscaping Products in the US by Product, Market, Application, End User and Region

    ... new housing construction and home sales, along with improving economic conditions and consumer spending, coupled with rising consumer interest in outdoor living. Ongoing efforts to bring the style of a home’s interior into outdoor spaces ... Read More

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Consumer Goods & Retailing market research reports by Freedonia Group

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