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The Freedonia Group is a leading international industrial research company publishing more than 100 studies annually. Since 1985 we have provided research to customers ranging in size from global conglomerates to one-person consulting firms. More than 90% of the industrial companies in the Fortune 500 use Freedonia Group research to help with their strategic planning. Each study includes product and market analyses and forecasts, in-depth discussions of important industry trends, market share information and profiles of the leading industry players.
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606 Reports from Freedonia Group

  • Disposable Medical Supplies

    ... on overall product demand, drug delivery systems and related products will continue to experience the most rapid expansion due to growth in the number of patients requiring long-term therapies or surgical intervention. This study forecasts ... Read More

  • World Steel Pipe

    ... and construction applications, particularly in developing markets. Oil & Gas Will Remain Largest Market Oil and gas applications accounted for over half of global demand for steel pipe in 2014 after a period of strong ... Read More

  • World Rubber

    ... in tires. Rising global manufacturing activity will stimulate demand for rubber used in automotive components and other non-tire applications. This report segments the world rubber industry by Type, Application, and Region. Data is provided in ... Read More

  • Home & Garden Pesticides

    ... housing market and higher levels of consumer spending on these types of products. Additionally, consumers have become increasingly aware of the diseases carried by insects, especially Zika virus in recent months, and this will fuel ... Read More

  • Midstream Oil & Gas Equipment

    ... gas prices will continue to influence the level of upstream activity, reducing the need for ongoing midstream investment. However, several major liquefied natural gas projects and ongoing pipeline construction will continue to generate a high ... Read More

  • Pouches

    ... stand-up types. The use of value-added features, such as closures and dispensing spouts will also lead to value gains and adoption of pouches in new markets. This report segments the pouch industry by Type and ... Read More

  • Mechanical Security Products

    ... the use of higher value electrified mechanical security products. In addition, rising spending on new construction will support new product demand. This report segments the mechanical security product industry by product and market. Data is ... Read More

  • Food Containers: Rigid & Flexible

    ... gains will be sustained by continued modest growth in food processing activity. In general, growth for flexible packaging products will be faster than that for rigid packaging. This report segments the food container industry by ... Read More

  • World Prefabricated Housing

    ... as high quality homes for more affluent consumers. In higher income nations, prefabricated housing will continue to have low penetration levels, though it will benefit from its generally lower cost and shorter construction time. This ... Read More

  • World Adhesives & Sealants

    ... where urban populations are expanding at a fast rate. Increased displacement of mechanical fasteners in manufacturing and assembly applications will also boost sales. This report segments the world adhesives and sealants industry by Product and ... Read More

  • Specialty Silicas

    ... tires, in addition to demand from continued strength in the housing and construction industry. This report segments the specialty silicas market by product type and market. Data is provided in million pounds and million dollars. ... Read More

  • World Consumer Water Treatment Systems

    ... and India and other developing nations. Fueling demand in these regions is a combination of economic growth and increased awareness of the health dangers associated with poor water quality. This report segments the world consumer ... Read More

  • Siding

    ... and healthy replacement sales will both contribute to sales gains. 8 Materials Discussed in Depth There is a diverse array of materials used in the production of siding, all with advantages and disadvantages that impact ... Read More

  • World Cement & Concrete Additives

    ... recovery in construction activity. The growing use of additives by the construction industries in developing countries will also support growth. This report segments the global cement and concrete additive industry by Type and Region. Data ... Read More

  • World Nonwovens

    ... nonwovens are commonly consumed in their production. This report provides data on the global nonwovens industry for six regions and 19 countries. The nonwovens industry is segmented by Web Formation Process, Application, and Market. Data ... Read More

  • World Machine Tools

    ... goods output. The development of more advanced, better-performing machine tools is also expected to stimulate product demand. This report segments the world machine tool industry by product type. Data is provided in millions of US ... Read More

  • Cabinets

    ... only will homeowners replace older cabinets to impart a new look to a kitchen or bathroom, but in many cases cabinetry will be installed to add more storage space. Kitchen Cabinets Will Remain Leading Cabinet ... Read More

  • Dental Products & Materials

    ... further growth in the 55-and-older popu-lation segment, as this is the population most likely to require advanced professional dental care. Sales of repair and restorative products (e.g., implants, den-tures, bridges, and crowns) and denture products ... Read More

  • World Major Household Appliances

    ... levels in developing areas, where ownership levels are currently low and there remains significant opportunities for first time purchases. This report segments the world major household appliance industry by product and region. Data is provided ... Read More

  • World Industrial Valves

    ... spending. The expansion and modernization of water and wastewater treatment and distribution systems will also help bolster market gains. This report segments the industry by product and market. Data is provided in millions of dollars. ... Read More

  • Contract Cleaning Services

    ... well as a pickup in construction and business formation activity. However, rising price competition among cleaning services will serve to limit growth in value terms. This report segments the US contract cleaning services industry by ... Read More

  • World Gaskets & Seals

    ... fixed investment. The development of more durable, better performing gaskets and seals will also contribute to overall sales gains. This report segments the industry by product, market, and source. Data is provided in dollars. Products ... Read More

  • World Lubricants

    ... regions. However, volume growth in mature markets will be limited by saturated motor vehicle markets and lengthening drain intervals. This report segments the world lubricants industry by product, market, and region. Data are provided in ... Read More

  • Protective Packaging

    ... by efforts to lower costs by shipping in smaller boxes or flexible mailers, which lower the demand for protective material. This report segments the protective packaging industry by Type, Function, and Market. Data is provided ... Read More

  • Fiber Cement

    ... siding, backer board, molding and trim. Ongoing development of value-added products, such as pre-painted fiber cement siding, will improve aesthetic qualities or offer time savings to installers. The report covers fiber cement product demand by ... Read More

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