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The Freedonia Group is a leading international industrial research company publishing more than 100 studies annually. Since 1985 we have provided research to customers ranging in size from global conglomerates to one-person consulting firms. More than 90% of the industrial companies in the Fortune 500 use Freedonia Group research to help with their strategic planning. Each study includes product and market analyses and forecasts, in-depth discussions of important industry trends, market share information and profiles of the leading industry players.
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563 Reports from Freedonia Group

  • Synthetic Lubricants & Functional Fluids Market in the US by Product, Material and Market, 5th Edition

    ... to $5.7 billion in 2020. Volume will rise to 513 million gallons. Stricter technical demands on lubricants and functional fluids will move customers towards synthetic products that can improve energy efficiency, reduce wear and tear ... Read More

  • Freedonia Report Package

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  • Battery Markets in the US by Application and End User

    ... and electric vehicles (H/EVs) will boost demand for high-value rechargeable batteries, while a graying US population will support demand for single-use batteries used in hearing aids and implantable medical devices. This report covers battery demand ... Read More

  • Biocides Market in the US by Product, Function and Market, 12th Edition

    ... will support markets like paint and coatings and wood preservation, major outlets for biocides. This report covers biocides demand by Product, Application and Market. Data is presented in dollar value. Biocide products covered in this ... Read More

  • Gasket & Seal Market in the US by Product and Market, 12th Edition

    ... in durable goods manufacturing output will support sales gains. This report breaks out gasket and seal demand by product and market. Demand is shown in dollar terms. Gasket and seal products covered in the study ... Read More

  • Manufacturing (OEM) Coatings Market in the US, by Market, Formulation and Substrate

    ... $10.5 billion. Advances in building construction activity and durable goods output will boost demand for manufacturing coatings in markets such as furniture, fabricated metal products, and metal building components, among others. This study covers manufacturing ... Read More

  • Molding & Trim in the US by Material, Product, Market and Region, 6th Edition

    ... construction activity, particularly in the residential market, will drive demand gains for molding and trim. This report covers molding and trim demand by Material, Product, Market and Region. Data are given in dollar value. Molding ... Read More

  • Global Amines by Type, Market and Region, 3rd Edition

    ... products markets will see the strongest advances, driven by rising demand in developing countries, especially in Asia. This report covers amines by Product, Market, and Region. Data are provided in metric tons. Amines products covered ... Read More

  • Single-Use (Primary) Batteries in the US

    ... most rapid growth, driven by increased purchases of hearing aids by an aging population. Single-use batteries - also known as primary, disposable, or dry-cell batteries - are non-rechargeable energy storage units that are thrown away ... Read More

  • Polyurethane Market in the US by Raw Material, Type and Market, 2nd Edition

    ... flexible polyurethane foam will be spurred by continued strength in the household products market, where demand in the mature bedding segment has been revitalized by the success of viscoelastic (memory) foam. Raw materials types in ... Read More

  • Cosmetic & Toiletry Containers in the US by Product and Market, 7th Edition

    ... A good outlook for shipments of cosmetics and increased interest in travel-size and sample packaging will boost unit gains for containers such as plastic tubes and glass bottles. The report covers cosmetic and toiletry container ... Read More

  • Wood Preservatives in the US by Product, Application, and Market

    ... and rising construction expenditures will boost demand for wood preservatives like micronized copper azole and borates. This report covers wood preservative demand by Product, Application, and Market, along with a discussion of the production of ... Read More

  • Global Industrial Fasteners by Product and Market, 9th Edition

    ... of durable goods such as motor vehicles, machinery, and electrical and electronic equipment. The report covers industrial fastener demand by product and market along with a discussion of materials at the global level. Data are ... Read More

  • Roofing Underlay Market in the US by Product, Market and Region

    ... and continuing homeowner interest in reroofing projects will boost demand for roofing underlays. This report covers roofing underlay demand by Product, Market, and Region. Data are given in dollar value and area terms in squares ... Read More

  • Global Emulsion Polymers Market, 7th Edition

    ... of water-based coatings and adhesives will fuel demand worldwide, especially as emissions regulations become increasingly stringent. This report covers emulsion polymer demand by Market, Product, and Region. Data are provided in volume (metric tons) and ... Read More

  • Retail E-Commerce Packaging Market in the US by Product, Market and Merchandise Type

    ... be driven by continued robust growth for online shopping, which has revolutionized the shopping experience due to its convenience and ability to provide a wider selection than brick and mortar stores. Product segments covered include: ... Read More

  • Medical Implants in the US (Orthopedic, Cardiac & Other), 6th Edition

    ... cardiovascular, neurological, and other conditions that are not responsive to drugs or less invasive surgical therapies will underlie gains. Orthopedic implants consist of: Reconstructive Joint Replacements -- knees, hips, shoulder, elbows, ankles, and other Orthobiologicals ... Read More

  • Activated Carbon

    ... as specialty granular types including extruded or pelletized, spherical, and chemical-impregnated varieties. This study also covers demand for other higher-value activated carbon products including carbon cloth and carbon monoliths. Data is provided for the years ... Read More

  • World Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

    ... going forward. Data is provided for the years 2005, 2010, 2015, 2020 and 2025. Shipments are provided in US dollars. Demand is provided in dollars for commercial refrigeration equipment by product type. Commercial refrigeration equipment ... Read More

  • World Drywall & Building Plasters

    ... slowing, increases in both residential and nonresidential construction. The study covers the two main calcined gypsum-based products: drywall and building plaster. “Plasterboard,” “gypsum board,” and “wallboard” are among the other generic terms used for drywall ... Read More

  • World Motorcycles

    ... restrain advances at the global level. This study shows the supply and demand relationship. Demand is broken out by type (internal combustion engine versus electric) for the years 2005, 2010, 2015, 2020 and 2025 for ... Read More

  • World Pressure Sensitive Tapes

    ... percent annually to $54.4 billion in the same year. The study provides country-by-country and regional data for 2005, 2010, 2015, 2020 and 2025. Shipments and sales by type are included for: carton sealing masking electrical ... Read More

  • World Industrial Silica Sand

    ... Both captive silica sand quarried for use within a company’s operations (such as for glass manufacturing) and silica sand sold on the open market are covered in this study. Silica sand markets covered include: Glass ... Read More

  • Cement & Concrete Additives

    ... will This report segments the cement and concrete additives industry by product and market. Chemical additives are also segmented by raw material. Cement and concrete additive data are provided in dollars with selected data also ... Read More

  • Precast Concrete Products

    ... transportation, and utilities segments will be the primary driver of demand advances, although the performance advantages of precast concrete products will support some growth as well. Products covered by the study include: structural building components ... Read More

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