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  • Global Industrial Enzymes by Product, Market and Region, 7th Edition

    ... developing countries, increasing popularity of a Western style diet across the globe, and rising demand for meat will drive demand for industrial enzymes in such applications as food and beverages, cleaning products, and animal feed. ... Read More

  • World Enzymes

    ... quality of healthcare and the continued shift of pharmaceutical and chemical production to developing countries will drive strong growth in China and India. Specialty enzymes will post the fastest gains Changes in healthcare and the ... Read More

  • Medical & Dental Adhesives & Sealants

    ... of tissue sealants and hemostats over alternative wound closure technologies. Recent FDA approvals of combined synthetic & biologics-based sealants will also benefit demand. This report segments the Medical & Dental Adhesives & Sealants industry by ... Read More

  • Dental Products & Materials

    ... further growth in the 55-and-older popu-lation segment, as this is the population most likely to require advanced professional dental care. Sales of repair and restorative products (e.g., implants, den-tures, bridges, and crowns) and denture products ... Read More

  • Enzymes

    ... biofuel enzymes will expand less than one percent, as public support for ethanol containing fuels declines. This report segments the enzymes market by Market and Product. Data is provided in million US dollars. Enzyme markets ... Read More

  • Biocompatible Materials

    ... and cost advantages in a broad range of applications, synthetic polymers will remain the top-selling product group by far, accounting for 56 percent of 2018 revenues. Ceramic materials will generate the fastest growth in demand ... Read More

  • World Enzymes

    ... help fuel strong gains in consumer-related industrial applications such as food and beverages, animal feed, and cleaning products. Technological advances in DNA manipulation that result in lower DNA sequencing costs will continue to drive above ... Read More

  • Animal Health Products

    ... at least incrementally improved from those during the recession-impacted 2006-2011 period. Preventive care will remain a driving factor in sales of animal health products as owners of commercial and companion animals alike recognize the need ... Read More

  • World Enzymes

    ... to reach $7.6 billion in 2015. Almost all markets will experience average annual growth rates in excess of five percent, with the exception of biofuel production and a few other small industrial enzyme markets. Reflecting ... Read More

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Biotechnology market research reports by Freedonia Group

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