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  • Global Salt

    ... industry is also expected to benefit from rising demand from food processors. On a regional basis, the Asia/Pacific region – led by China and India – holds the largest share of the salt market, though ... Read More

  • Global Water Treatment Equipment & Chemicals

    ... and rising rates of water recycling and desalination. This report covers water treatment equipment and chemical demand by Market, Product, and Region. Data are given in dollar values. Water treatment markets include: Municipal Potable Wastewater ... Read More

  • Global Off-Road Equipment Technology 2019

    ... into important new technology developments that will impact the future of the off-road market in general.   Technologies discussed include: autonomous equipment, predictive maintenance, global positioning, drones and robotics, hybrid and electric engines, 3D printing, digital ... Read More

  • Residential Roofing

    ... codes; and increasing energy efficiency standards. Reroofing applications will continue to account for the larger share of demand, as the US features a large stock of older residences that have roofs nearing or at the ... Read More

  • Global Mining Equipment

    ... rebounding commodities prices; advances in manufacturing activity and construction spending; rising sales of newly developed, top-of-the-line models; and the increasing using of machinery-intensive mining techniques in developing nations. This report covers mining equipment demand by ... Read More

  • White Paper - Single-Use Plastic Bans & Restrictions

    ... Rica with a plastic straw lodged deep in its nostril. The team of researchers carefully removed the straw, which threatened to puncture the creature’s brain, and used the video as a tool to illustrate the ... Read More

  • Global Industrial Silica Sand

    ... Asia/Pacific region and ongoing consumption of frac sand in North America will drive worldwide consumption growth. This report covers industrial silica sand demand by Market, Region, and Country. Data are provided in volume terms, with ... Read More

  • Smart Lighting

    ... building managers,and municipalities upgrade their lighting fixtures to take advantage of the efficiency and energy-saving potential of LED lighting. The growing dominance of LEDs throughout the lighting market will further benefit the lighting fixture market ... Read More

  • Behind the Wall Plumbing

    ... residences will boost demand as more pipe and fittings will be needed to connect bathrooms to water and sewer mains. Additional demand advances will be supported by the rising number of plumbing fixtures in bathrooms ... Read More

  • Global Consumer Water Treatment Systems

    ... a single system can utilize multiple types of filtration technology to achieve higher levels of water treatment. Even so, consumers generally choose a product’s technology type (and whether to purchase a product that uses only ... Read More

  • Global Batteries by Product and Market, 11th Edition

    ... grid storage – will spur strong growth worldwide. The report covers battery demand by product, market, and region. Battery demand and production are presented in US dollars. Markets for batteries include: Automotive, which is further ... Read More

  • Global Hybrid and Electric Vehicles by Type, Vehicle Segment and Region, 4th Edition

    ... and increasingly stringent air and emissions standards in many major markets will contribute to ongoing sales gains. This report covers global hybrid and electric vehicle demand by region and country, as well as vehicle type, ... Read More

  • General Purpose Lighting Fixtures in the US by Product, Market and Region, 14th Edition

    ... activity will drive growth primarily, and sales will be further boosted by the replacement of fixtures as users improve the energy efficiency of their lighting systems. This report covers lighting fixture demand by Product, Market, ... Read More

  • Residential Insulation

    ... will benefit from increasingly stringent building codes, focusing on energy efficiency, green building, and fire safety; government incentives to increase energy efficiency in housing units, which typically includes the addition of more insulation, as well ... Read More

  • Solar Roofing in the US by Application and Region

    ... new and extensively renovated structures in the state to meet zero net-energy requirement going forward will spur advances. Many home and building owners will install solar roofing to meet these code requirements. Demand for solar ... Read More

  • Consumer Air Treatment Systems in the US by Technology, Product and Region

    ... $800 million. Growth will be driven by a healthy economy and increased consumer education on the availability and benefits of air treatment systems. Demand for replacement filters used in consumer air treatment systems is forecast ... Read More

  • Global Water Filtration Equipment by Product, Market and Region

    ... standards for process water, and rising wastewater treatment and reuse rates will support demand. This report covers water filtration equipment demand by Market, Product and Region. Data are given in dollar value. Markets covered in ... Read More

  • Consumer Water Treatment Systems by Technology, Type and Region in the US

    ... billion. Growth will be driven by a continued recovery in the housing market and increased awareness of water quality issues among consumers. Gains for consumables used in consumer water treatment systems will be supported by ... Read More

  • Global Water Disinfection Equipment by Type, Market and Region

    ... of potable water and wastewater will support demand in developing regions. In developed markets, gains will be supported by continued efforts to improve water quality by limiting chemical use whenever possible. This report covers global ... Read More

  • Automotive Aftermarket for Batteries and Ignition System Components in North America by Product and Performer

    ... to US$9.1 billion in 2021. Increases in the size and age of the regional light vehicle park, as well as climatic extremes in the north and south and increased incorporation of electronic components, will boost ... Read More

  • Proppants Market in North America by Type and Location, 3rd Edition

    ... be driven by a continued recovery in completion activity and increasing proppant loads per well. This report covers the North American proppants market by type and location. Data is presented in pounds and US dollars. ... Read More

  • Global Bus Market by Product and Fuel Type, 6th Edition

    ... investment in public transportation systems, rising demand for alternative fuel buses around the world, and the expansion of the global tourism and private transportation industries. This report covers bus demand by product and fuel type, ... Read More

  • Oklahoma Oil and Gas Drilling Outlook: Drilling Activity by Wells and Rigs in STACK, SCOOP & Other Areas

    ... 2016 and 2017. The STACK and the SCOOP, valued for their geology and high production, are expected to drive growth through the forecast. This report covers Oklahoma oil and gas drilling by play. Data is ... Read More

  • Drilling Fluids & Chemicals Market in the US

    ... 2017. US demand for drilling fluid is projected to rise about 11% per year to nearly 1.5 billion gallons in 2021, while demand for drilling fluid additives is expected to grow 13% per year to ... Read More

  • Heating Equipment Market in the US by Product, Energy Source, Market and Region

    ... the end of its operational life will remain the key driver of demand gains. In addition, the use of more efficient and typically higher value heating equipment will support sales increases in value terms. However, ... Read More

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Energy & Resources market research reports by Freedonia Group

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