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  • Cannabis Packaging Opportunities

    ... packaging demand. Packaging value will also be supported by a continued emphasis on product differentiation through custom packaging, high-quality materials, and eye-catching graphics. This report covers cannabis packaging by packaging type and container type. In ... Read More

  • Cannabis Growing Market in Canada

    ... 2023. Nationwide legalization of adult-use (i.e., nonmedical, recreational) marijuana – combined with expanding hemp output due to rising consumer interest in CBD-infused products – will drive sales, as newly licensed businesses invest in the consumables ... Read More

  • Cannabis Growing Market

    ... growth in hemp cultivation, combined with expanding commercial marijuana industries in an increased number of states, will fuel sales. This report covers US demand for cannabis growing supplies by product, market, growing location, growing system ... Read More

  • Elder Care Services in the US by Service, Provider, Payment Source and Region, 4th Edition

    ... the elderly to age in place, coupled with improvements in remote health monitoring, will encourage the use of a wide variety of elder care services. This report covers elder care services revenues by Service, Provider, ... Read More

  • Infection Prevention Products & Services

    ... on hospitals to meet standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention related to healthcare associated infections. Data is provided in million US dollars. The US infection prevention products and services market is ... Read More

  • Home Medical Equipment

    ... of products such as portable oxygen concentrators, remote telemedicine systems, and home dialysis machines will underlie growth. The introduction of new and improved devices and equipment will expand the number of medical conditions and patients ... Read More

  • Animal Health Products

    ... at least incrementally improved from those during the recession-impacted 2006-2011 period. Preventive care will remain a driving factor in sales of animal health products as owners of commercial and companion animals alike recognize the need ... Read More

  • Elder Care Services

    ... per year through 2016 to $319.5 billion. Advances will be driven largely by demographic changes in light of increasing life expectancy, which is contributing to the rising number of individuals in the older population segments. ... Read More

  • Pet Health: Products & Services

    ... product demand is forecast to increase 4.6 percent annually to $5.6 billion that year. Advances in expenditures will be encouraged by the continuing trend of humanizing companion animals and their perception as family members, as ... Read More

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Healthcare market research reports by Freedonia Group

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