The future of work and the future of unions

The future of work and the future of unions

This eBook of Employee Relations looks back on 150 years of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) as well as the key issues facing the trade union movement today and in the future. Established in 1868 in Manchester, the TUC has continually been at the forefront of campaigning for workers' rights but has surprisingly been the focus of limited academic enquiry in recent years. The articles reflect on: the relationship between the decline in collective bargaining and the rise in wage inequality; the UK's productivity problem and the extent to which this may be resolved through the introduction of the new technologies of artificial intelligence; various new forms of institutional experimentation to regulate the employment relationship and strengthen employment protections; the TUC's efforts to embed organising in the trade union movement.

150 years of the Trades Union Congress – reflections on the past and challenges for the future,The resilience of collective bargaining – a renewed logic for joint regulation?,The Trades Union Congress 150 years on: a review of the organising challenges and responses to the changing nature of work,Towards a new web of rules: An international review of institutional experimentation to strengthen employment protections,Understanding the UK's productivity problems: new technological solutions or a case for the renewal of old institutions?,Unions and equality: 50 years on from the fight for fair pay at Dagenham

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