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Strategic Talent Management

Strategic Talent Management

This e-book draws on a series of papers presented at the third EIASM workshop on talent management, which was hosted by ESCP Europe Berlin in October 2014. In briefly presenting the e-book, an introduction also provides a contextual overview of the evolution of strategic talent management as an area of study.

The first paper by Yvonne McNulty and Helen DeCieri considers the under-researched area of the attraction, development and attrition factors that impact on expatriates’ decision-making in relation to international assignment opportunities.

In the second paper in the issue Eva Gallardo-Gallardo and Marian Thunnissen present a review of empirical research on talent management with the aim of providing a comprehensive overview of the topics under investigation, the conceptualization of TM, and underexplored areas.

The third paper by Marian Thunnissen addresses the dearth of information on how TM functions in practice. In order to contribute to the building of a more comprehensive and sensible theoretical framework for TM, the author aims to detect and elucidate what actually transpires in practice when TM activities are employed.

The fourth paper in the issue by Nicole Böhmer and Heike Shinnenburg endeavors to further develop both GTM and the career literature by exploring an important connection between modern career concepts and GTM.

In the fifth paper, Karin King’s purpose is to develop a systematic understanding of the employee response to strategic talent management (STM) activities by introducing the so-called “talent deal”, which the author defines as “the modified psychological contract and exchange expectations of talented employees resulting from perceived talent status”.

The final paper in the issue by Stephen Swailes and Michelle Blackburn aims to contribute to the somewhat limited literature on the effects of talent pool inclusion and exclusion on the employees in an organization.

Employee reactions to talent pool membership,How gender and career concepts impact global talent management,Linking global mobility and global talent management: the role of ROI,Standing on the shoulders of giants? A critical review of empirical talent management research,Strategic Talent Management: Guest Editorial,Talent management: for what, how and how well? An empirical exploration of Talent Management in practice,The talent deal and journey: understanding how employees respond to talent identification over time.

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