Journal rankings and the notion of "relevance" within business research

Journal rankings and the notion of "relevance" within business research

Imagine two very different situations. One situation where research aims at mirroring practices as it is; and another situation where research is aiming at doing research for its own sake. How would research be in those situations? And what would the contribution to society and business look like?

Research must include analytical, critical and creative thinking and this should be another essential benchmark of valid research. Analytical thinking or analysis is about consistency, coherence and application of rigorous methods. Yet it is important to keep in mind that mainstream research is quite reductionist and asks for increasingly "rigorous" methods.

This ebook contains seven papers that do address various aspects of conducting research with practical relevance and through this raises the impact for business and society.

Bridging the Relevance-Ranking Chasm: Mission Impossible?,EBR Special Issue on: Journal rankings and the notion of "relevance" within business research,Knowledge exchange and management research: Barriers and potentials,Questionable research practices in academia: antecedents and consequences,Rigor, relevance, and the knowledge "market",RIGOROUS AND RELEVANT- Introducing a critical discourse analysis to the relevance debate,The fallacy of impact without relevance- Reclaiming relevance and rigor,To what is the Review Process Relevant? What's Right and What's Wrong with Peer Review for Academic Business Journals

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