Diversity, Diversity Management and Identity in Organizations

Diversity, Diversity Management and Identity in Organizations

This e-book offers important suggestions for future study of diversity and identity as well as diversity management practices. In many ways they represent the two spectrums of diversity management scholarship: an evolving critical diversity management and identity dialogue and the more conventional, managing diversity policy driven practices of human resource management.

In terms of empirical studies of diversity management practices, there is certainly room for more research regarding other dimensions of diversity than gender and ethnicity/race such as disability, sexual orientation and religion. Here we nevertheless have to recognize that the lack of empirical studies stems not from the lack of interested scholars but mainly from the lack of actual work for change directed towards other dimensions of diversity.

The contributions also remind us that there is indeed much important knowledge generated by diversity scholars, in particular with critical and post-structuralist approach, that is not incorporated in more mainstream diversity management discourse or practice. This is most unfortunate since it is this kind of knowledge that can help avoid diversity mismanagement. This, however, requires scholars to further engage with practice.

Given the fact that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion attracts a wide readership, the editors hope that this e-book will inspire not only further to dialogue but also collaboration between scholars and practitioners in the promotion of equality and diversity in organizations.

(Mis) managing diversity: exploring the dangers of diversity management orthodoxy,Diversity, diversity management and identity in organizations,Grounded intersectionality: key tensions, a methodological framework, and implications for diversity research,Identity, diversity and diversity management: on theoretical connections, assumptions and implications for practice,Obstacles to socioeconomic integration of highly-skilled immigrant women: lessons from Quebec interculturalism and implications for diversity management

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