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India Video Surveilance-Estimation & Forecast-2015-2022

India Video Surveilance-Estimation & Forecast-2015-2022

A growing need for safe and secure living while ensuring the protection of belongings, assets, and infrastructure has propelled a global demand for surveillance measures. India, being on a path of becoming a developed nation, needs to guarantee the safety of its people, resources, private properties, and to be aware of internal and external threats; hence, the need for such video surveillance measures is increasing more than ever.

The market is currently dominated by the traditional analog based video surveillance systems, however, the recent events of crimes and terrorist attacks have spurred the demand of more advanced video surveillance systems, i.e. the IP video/ network video surveillance systems. IP based video surveillance systems have entered the market with compelling features such as high resolution, easy expansion of number of cameras (scalability), lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a higher Return on Investment (ROI). Although in the current market scenario, IP cameras are strongly challenged by the legacy of analog systems, but it is expected that the demand of IP cameras will surpass those of traditional analog cameras in the forecast years.

The report deals with investigation of the driving factors, restraints, and opportunities with respect to Indian video surveillance market, which contribute in identifying trends and key success factors for the industry. The development in infrastructure, increase in spending on security and growing awareness of people have been identified as the key drivers that could escalate the market growth in the coming years.

However, the lack of governmental support for manufacturing of security system components and unstructured Indian market are posing to be some of the challenges in expansion of the market. Moreover, by streamlining the market and applying schemes introduced by the government, the potential opportunities for the video surveillance market can be efficiently tapped. The report also formulates the entire value chain of the market with the description of the supply chain from raw material to the end user.

The report further throws some light on the market of video surveillance according to the camera type used, i.e., analog and IP cameras. Subsequently, the ecosystem of the market is explained with a detailed description of the different types of equipments used in the video surveillance system. The camera types are categorized on various basis such as by technology, by resolution and by product type. The video surveillance system uses software like video analytics and video management software which are also explained with the future scope of this software.

The Northern part of India, being the political hub, requires more surveillance and so has the largest hold on the video surveillance system market. The Southern and the Western parts of India also has a considerable share in the market. Eastern parts including Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and others are still in the developing phase.

1 Report Scope
1.1 Scope of the study
1.2 Report Coverage
1.3 Research Methodology
1.4 Report Description
2 Executive Summary
3 Market Overview
3.1 Market Dynamics
3.1.1 Market Drivers
3.1.2 Market Challenges
3.1.3 Market Opportunities
3.2 Porter’s Five Forces
3.3 Value Chain Analysis
3.4 Supply Chain Analysis
4 Video surveillance systems market
4.1 Market Statistics
4.2 Analog Video Surveillance Systems
4.2.1 Market Statistics
4.3 IP/ Network Video Surveillance Systems
4.3.1 Market Statistics
4.4 Hybrid System for Video Surveillance
4.5 Video surveillance systems market - Geographical Coverage
5 Indian Video Surveillance Market Ecosystem
5.1 Video Surveillance Equipment Market
5.1.1 Cameras Market Statistics Camera Market By Technology Analog camera IP Camera Types of Connectivity Camera Market by Resolution Standard resolution Megapixel Network Camera High Definition Camera Camera Market By Product Type Fixed Cameras Dome Cameras Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras Thermal Network Cameras Covert Network Cameras
5.1.2 Monitors Market Statistics
5.1.3 Storage Market Statistics Market By Storage Media Market Statistics Storage Media Type Market by Storage Technology Market Statistics Direct Attached Storage Market Statistics Storage Area Network Market Statistics Network Attached Storage Digital Video Recorders Network Video Recorders Market Statistics Unified Storage/Hybrid Storage
5.2 Video Surveillance Software & Services Market
5.2.1 Video Surveillance Software Video Analytics Market Statistics Video Analytics, Aplication Type Video Management System Market Statistics
5.2.2 Video surveillance as a service Market Statistics
6 Video Surveillance Market,By Application
6.1 Infrastructure Application
6.1.1 Market Statistics
6.2 Commercial Application
6.2.1 Market Statistics
6.3 Institutional Application
6.3.1 Market Statistics
6.4 Industrial Application
6.4.1 Market Statistics
6.5 Residential Application
6.5.1 Market Statistics
6.6 Expenditure by Stakeholders
7 Company Profiles
7.1 Hikvision
7.1.1 Hikvision: Key Market Developments
7.2 CP Plus
7.2.1 CP Plus: Product Snapshot
7.3 Algo Vision
7.3.1 Algo Vision: Key Market Developments
List of Tables
1 Sectors included under each Video Surveillance Application
2 Analog Video Surveillance Systems, Advantages & Disadvantages
3 Key features of an IP based surveillance system
4 Comparison of Analog and IP Video Surveillance Systems
5 Geographical video surveillance requirement overview
6 Indian Cameras Market For Video Surveillance,By Application, 2014-2022 ($Million)
7 Reasons for the use of analog system
8 Advantages and Disadvantages of different camera types
9 Features & benefits of a unified system
10 Key Features a Unified/Hybrid storage system
11 Indian Video Analytics Market, By End Use ($MILLION), 2014-2022
12 Challenges & role of video analytics in entertainment & hospitality platform
13 Camera type with their application specifications
14 Recent Development
15 Product used for City Surveillance
16 New product launches
List of Figures
1 Video Surveillance Market Coverage
2 Research Methodology
3 Research Methodology
4 Indian Video Surveillance Market Value ($Million)and Year-on-Year (Y.o.Y) growth %
5 Snapshot Of The Video Surveillance Ecosystem Market Share, 2014
6 Indian Video Surveillance Equipment market value, 2014-2022 ($Million)
7 Indian video surveillance software & services market value ($Million), 2014-2022
8 Market Drivers
9 Market Challenges
10 Porters five forces analysis for Indian video surveillance market
11 Video Surveillance Ecosystem Value Chain
12 Video Surveillance Ecosystem Supply Chain
13 Type of Video Surveillance
14 Indian Camera Market For Video Surveillance, By Product Type, 2014-2022 ($Million)
15 Analog Video Surveillance Systems
16 Indian Analog Camera Market For Video Surveillance, 2014-2022 ($Million)
17 IP video surveillance system components
18 – IP-Cameras Market For Video Surveillance, By Connectivity, 2014-2022 ($Million)
19 Video surveillance equipments
20 Video surveillance cameras segmentation
21 Indian Camera Market For Video Surveillance, 2014-2022 ($Million)
22 India-Cameras Market For Video Surveillance, By Technology, 2014-2022 ($Million)
23 India- IP Cameras Market For Video Surveillance, By Technology, 2014-2022 ($Million)
24 Types of Connectivity
25 Indian IP Cameras Market For Video Surveillance, By Resolution, 2014-2022 ($Million)
26 Types of cameras in video surveillance systems
27 Indian Camera Market For Video Surveillance, By Product Type, 2014-2022 ($Million)
28 Different models of Fixed cameras
29 Types of dome cameras
30 Different Models of PTZ Cameras

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