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  • Middle East and Africa Tissue and Hygiene

    ... real value terms at a regional level in 2023. Inflation remained a problem in this year, as did devaluations of the local currencies in some countries. However, increased hygiene awareness, expanding populations and more women ... Read More

  • South Africa Mass Beauty and Personal Care

    ... became stricter with their budgets, and reduced their shopping list for their beauty and personal care needs. As an increasing number of consumers struggled financially, sales of mass beauty and personal care brands grew as ... Read More

  • South Africa Colour Cosmetics

    ... However, sales promotions on colour cosmetics encouraged some South Africans to spend discretionally. Euromonitor International's Colour Cosmetics in South Africa report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a ... Read More

  • South Africa Hair Care

    ... from potentially harmful chemicals in their hair care products and are switching to options containing more natural elements. The likes of shea butter, aloe, jojoba oil, and argan oil increasingly feature in hair care. Local ... Read More

  • South Africa Skin Care

    ... Africa, new skin care brands continued to emerge as many consumers’ skin care routines have remained consistent. South Africans are increasingly interest in new skin care products accompanied by specific claims, which may be suitable ... Read More

  • South Africa Deodorants

    ... extremely strategic in terms of where to purchase deodorants. Some frequently visited drugstores such as Dischem and Clicks to identify which store offered the best promotions, resulting in stockpiling deodorants when they were offered at ... Read More

  • South Africa Sun Care

    ... that offer sun protection properties, thereby reducing the need to purchase separate items. For example, some face moisturisers include SPF (sun protection factor), to both moisturise and offer sun protection. As an increasing number of ... Read More

  • Ghana Beauty and Personal Care

    ... fashion trends due to widening internet access are supporting demand for a wider range of products, including sophisticated items and premium brands, but only amongst a limited consumer group. Euromonitor International's Beauty and Personal Care ... Read More

  • South Africa Beauty and Personal Care

    ... a result, South Africans prioritised their expenditure and where they shopped, including favouring chained drugstores such as Clicks due to frequent price promotions, thereby supporting volumes. On the other hand, value sales growth remained more ... Read More

  • South Africa Premium Beauty and Personal Care

    ... also recording a more dynamic growth performance. As many local consumers struggled with the cost of living in South Africa towards the end of the review period, they had to prioritise certain categories over others. ... Read More

  • South Africa Baby and Child-Specific Products

    ... the category. This ongoing positive performance resulted in the entrance of several independent Clicks Baby stores and Mr Price Baby, which offer items from major brands such as Pampers, Huggies, Purity, Nuk Avent and even ... Read More

  • South Africa Bath and Shower

    ... as essential and tends to be included in most consumers’ monthly shopping baskets. In South Africa, bar soap remains the most popular product in bath and shower due to its affordability, with a bar of ... Read More

  • South Africa Fragrances

    ... essential beauty and personal care products. Fragrances are deemed a discretionary purchase for many South Africans. Euromonitor International's Fragrances in South Africa report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market ... Read More

  • South Africa Oral Care

    ... struggle with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. Although oral care was added to consumers’ monthly shopping baskets, South Africans prioritised certain distribution channels, buying these products in bulk when they were on promotion or special sales ... Read More

  • South Africa Men's Grooming

    ... routines, including a greater shift towards using face masks. Men are not only focused on their grooming habits, but also the preparation before grooming, with face masks becoming an essential step in their skin care ... Read More

  • South Africa Depilatories

    ... consumers, depilatories are essential, as shaving is a vital step in their showering and grooming routines. Despite depilatories being an important category, some South Africans continued to seek the most affordable options at the end ... Read More

  • Nigeria Bath and Shower

    ... retail volume for all categories of bath and shower. While bath and shower posted a moderate increase in retail value (constant 2023 prices) sales in 2023, this was solely due to the dominant category, bar ... Read More

  • Nigeria Fragrances

    ... fragrances, with consumer purchasing power under severe pressure. Rises in unit prices led to growth in retail current value terms in 2023, but real value sales decreased. Nonetheless, fragrances remain very essential for much of ... Read More

  • Nigeria Skin Care

    ... (constant 2023 prices) sales. Like other categories, skin care was hit by the poor economic situation in the country, with high inflation limiting consumer purchasing power as unit prices increased. Nonetheless, skin care can be ... Read More

  • Nigeria Oral Care

    ... inflationary pressure. By contrast, retail volume and value (constant 2023 prices) sales of oral care declined as consumer spending power weakened. The major oral care categories, toothpaste and manual toothbrushes, continued to be regarded as ... Read More

  • Nigeria Premium Beauty and Personal Care

    ... particularly the effects of high inflation on prices and consumer spending power. Moreover, most categories of premium beauty and personal care are quite niche in Nigeria. As consumers focused on essentials and spending on luxuries ... Read More

  • Nigeria Mass Beauty and Personal Care

    ... especially for perceived essential categories like skin care. Mass beauty and personal care saw strong growth in retail current value sales in 2023. However, tough economic conditions significantly weakened retail volume sales for all mass ... Read More

  • Nigeria Deodorants

    ... in retail current value sales was due to high inflation, which exerted strong upward pressure on prices, but limited consumer spending power and, therefore, the demand for deodorants. Euromonitor International's Deodorants in Nigeria report offers ... Read More

  • Nigeria Baby and Child-Specific Products

    ... was followed by a double-digit decline in 2023. In particular, an even higher rate of inflation in 2023 led to weaker consumer spending power and strong price rises for all brands. This drove strong retail ... Read More

  • Nigeria Colour Cosmetics

    ... rises in unit prices drove strong retail current value growth. However, all categories recorded declines in retail volume and value (constant 2023 prices) terms. With most colour cosmetics imported into the country, products were heavily ... Read More

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