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  • Homewares in South Africa

    ... homewares. Coupled with poor economic conditions and rising costs of living, this all contributes to added pressure on consumer spending for homeware products. However, despite these challenges, demand continues to be sustained for these goods, ... Read More

  • Angola Consumer & Retail Report Q2 2018

    ... pressures in Angola will continue to weigh consumer spending, particularly with domesticincome levels relatively low. Gradual improvements are expected over 2018, stemming from the oil sector investment, which willsustain a higher level of economic growth. Read More

  • Ethiopia Consumer & Retail Q2 2018

    ... -will be the key hindrance to private consumption growth in 2018. Low income levels, which are closely related with structuraleconomic and labour market issues, will continue to weigh on Ethiopian consumers over the medium term. Read More

  • Ghana Consumer & Retail Q2 2018

    ... policy and gradually falling inflation, while consumer confidence remains at multi-year highs. That said, variousstructural issues, such as high youth unemployment, income inequality and still relatively high poverty rates, will keep consumerspending below its potential. Read More

  • Cigarettes in Ethiopia, 2018

    ... tax increases driving up prices, and increased restrictions on public smoking, the smoking prevalence rate has continue to rise, smoker numbers has increased each year where a upward shift has occurred. There are currently 2.42 ... Read More

  • Kenya Consumer & Retail Report Q2 2018

    ... consumers and simmering political unrest. Towards the end of 2018 and into theremainder of our forecast period to 2022, the structural factors that make Kenya such a strong long-term consumer growth storywill reassert themselves and ... Read More

  • Gabon Consumer & Retail Q2 2018

    ... GDP growth will peak in 2019 before ticking downwards in subsequent years, aseconomic diversification efforts only partially make up for declining oil production. Real private consumption growth will outperformheadline economic growth, while inflation will remain ... Read More

  • South Africa Consumer & Retail Report Q2 2018

    ... to the market for consumers and businesses, with the potential for greater private investmentfrom a more business-friendly environment and growing economy. High unemployment will take time to come down, however,putting a cap on spending growth. Read More

  • Tanzania Consumer & Retail Report Q2 2018

    ... food sector. As a result, we expect growth in real private consumption to pick up to7% in 2018, up from 5% registered in 2017. However, overall incomes will remain low - even by Sub-Saharan African ... Read More

  • Uganda Consumer & Retail Report Q2 2018

    ... interest rates forecast to remain low and stable, along witha favourable economic outlook. However, weak financial institutions and dominant low-income households remain a key downsiderisk to robust growth for big-ticket purchases in the short-to-medium term. Read More

  • Egypt Consumer Electronics Q2 2018

    ... purchases in what was already a price sensitive market. Thisdoes, however, mean there is potential for particularly strong medium-term spending growth because vendors can benefit frompent-up demand and the ongoing process of device ownership proliferation ... Read More

  • Cigarettes in DR Congo, 2018

    ... been widespread, tax increases driving up prices, and increased restrictions on public smoking, the smoking prevalence rate continued to decline, smoker numbers changed little, but a downward shift has occurred. There are currently 2.25 million ... Read More

  • Household Products in South Africa

    ... profile also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market. Synopsis Essential resource for top-line data and analysis covering the South Africa household products market. ... Read More

  • Paper Products in South Africa (2018) – Market Sizes

    ... based on sales for household use through all retail outlets including directly to consumer. Market size for Paper Products in South Africa is given in ZAR with a minimum of five years' historical data. Market ... Read More

  • Hypermarkets in South Africa

    ... continued to be aggravated by increases in personal income tax, sluggish wage growth, slowing credit growth and a high level of unemployment. Despite this, hypermarkets recorded growth in the face of the challenging environment; the ... Read More

  • Warehouse Clubs in South Africa

    ... an attractive positioning and affordable retail prices. Over the review period, the channel also continued to see an increase in product lines, due to investment in food retailing, resulting in an increasing flow of customers ... Read More

  • Mobile Internet Retailing in South Africa

    ... coupled with the falling cost of internet subscriptions. As a result, value sales via internet retailing continued to increase over the review period. Sales via mobile internet retailing also increased, in tandem with growth in ... Read More

  • Retailing in South Africa

    ... under significant pressure, which weighed heavily on the performance of retailers. Many retailers, such as those selling furnishings, apparel and footwear, closed non-performing stores. Despite this trend, retailing continued to perform strongly, attracting new players ... Read More

  • Internet Retailing in South Africa

    ... dynamic channel within retailing in the country in 2017. Growth can be attributed to the increasing number of internet users in the country, due to the consistent improvements being made to the internet infrastructure and ... Read More

  • Apparel and Footwear Specialist Retailers in South Africa

    ... such as apparel and footwear, driven by the challenging economic climate, aggressive discounting, the expansion of international players, declining disposable incomes and stringent credit lending regulations. In addition, sales were affected by the volatile and ... Read More

  • Convenience Stores in South Africa

    ... chained retailers operating in other channels, such as supermarkets, continued to invest in rolling-out smaller store formats to cater for consumers’ increasing demand for convenience. Despite the channel’s growing presence, it faces competition from other ... Read More

  • Department Stores in South Africa

    ... retailers in South Africa. This can be attributed to the presence of such outlets in strategic locations. They have gained a strong foothold in South Africa and are now widespread across the country, particularly in ... Read More

  • Discounters in South Africa

    ... their living expenses. The country’s high unemployment rate of 27% in 2017 also led to a lack of disposable income, which had a severe impact on the retail environment, resulting in competition to attract consumers. ... Read More

  • Home and Garden Specialist Retailers in South Africa

    ... affected by the tough economic environment. The country was affected by persistent labour market volatility, rising utility and fuel costs and a volatile exchange rate during the review period. As a result, many home and ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in South Africa

    ... local consumers of ordering products via catalogue. In addition, catalogue homeshopping is seen as useful way to track products, and allows consumers to shop at their convenience. Euromonitor International's Homeshopping in South Africa report offers ... Read More

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