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  • Cigarettes in Egypt

    ... to consume. Moreover, cigarettes are affordable for lower income consumers, who account for the vast majority of smokers in the country, with economy price brands dominating sales. The most popular cigarette is the regular non-slim ... Read More

  • Cigarettes in South Africa

    ... to be healthier. Likewise, increased offerings in terms of glamourised and sophisticated vaping devices will create traction amongst cigarettes smokers in their mid-20s. The trend will be supported by improved economic performance and rising awareness ... Read More

  • Tobacco in Tunisia

    ... increase, a shift from rational attitudes towards premiumisation played an important role in consumers’ purchasing decisions. Compared to the previous year, the share of domestically produced cigarettes decreased in 2017, due to the rising demand ... Read More

  • Shampoo & Conditioners in South Africa (2018) – Market Sizes

    ... unisex products. Market value is based on sales through all retail channels including direct to consumer, but excludes the professional sector including hairdresser sales to the consumer. Market size for Shampoo & Conditioners in South ... Read More

  • Bags and Luggage in South Africa

    ... deeper declines than what was seen during the review period. Demand for bags and luggage is being suppressed by rising prices due to high inflation and pressure on disposable incomes. Indeed, the low-income consumers who ... Read More

  • Make-Up in South Africa

    ... contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market. Synopsis Essential resource for top-line data and analysis covering the South Africa make-up market. Includes market size ... Read More

  • Jewellery in South Africa

    ... manufacturers and retailers are expected to offer better value through more regular price promotions, especially as restrictions on access to credit likely to suppress sales. Spending among foreign tourists is set to continue driving growth ... Read More

  • Watches in South Africa

    ... the adverse economic situation in the country, which is discouraging many consumers from spending money on non-essential items. Although inflation is expected to brought under greater control during the forecast period as the exchange value ... Read More

  • Writing Instruments in South Africa

    ... the use of digital communication technologies gaining traction in schools and workplaces, there is no room for further growth in demand for writing instruments. This places limits on the ability of the companies in the ... Read More

  • Personal Accessories in South Africa

    ... year as the rand rallied against major global currencies during the first half of the year and GDP growth returned to positive ground, discretionary spending continued to slide due to the rising cost of living ... Read More

  • Premium Beauty and Personal Care in Kenya

    ... young urban professionals, who are experiencing rising disposable income and an increase in social exposure both at work and in leisure time. The development of the retail environment is also making such products more readily ... Read More

  • Skin Care in Kenya

    ... and a growing middle class more consumers in Kenya are showing a growing interest in skin care products, with an expanding modern retailing landscape helping to support demand. Although general purpose body care is still ... Read More

  • Mozambique Consumer & Retail Q3 2018

    ... monetary easing policy in H218 as inflation rises. Further, Mozambique's consumer market isdominated by low income households and we expect the rise in inflation to affect the growth in consumer demand for theremainder of 2018. Read More

  • Sun Care in Kenya

    ... the market contain chemical filters. Therefore, consumers are increasingly demanding that manufacturers conduct reliable and credible testing on their sun care products to ensure they are safe and effective in protecting them from harmful UV ... Read More

  • Beauty and Personal Care in Kenya

    ... which delivered value. Urbanisation and massive population growth has also provided a significant boost to beauty and personal care in Kenya. Consumers in the region still trust the offerings of international brands more than those ... Read More

  • Facial Care in South Africa (2018) – Market Sizes

    ... care products. It excludes medicated products such as acne treatments. Market value is based on sales through all retail channels including direct to consumer. It includes mass market and prestige lines but excludes the professional ... Read More

  • Body Care in South Africa (2018) – Market Sizes

    ... Market value is based on sales through all retail channels including direct to consumer. It includes mass market and prestige lines but excludes the professional sector, including beauty salons, to the consumer. Market size for ... Read More

  • Cigarettes in the Ivory Coast, 2018

    ... market. It covers market size and structure along with per capita and overall consumption. Additionally, it focuses on brand data, retail pricing, prospects, and forecasts for sales and consumption. The Ivory Coast has traditionally been ... Read More

  • City Profile - Addis Ababa; Comprehensive overview of the city, PEST analysis and analysis of key industries including technology, tourism and hospitality, construction and retail.

    ... of Africa is of international significance with the presence of headquarters if the African Union (AU), UN Economic Commission for Africa (UN-ECA) and a regional office for a number of international organizations including UNDP, UNESCO ... Read More

  • Beauty and Personal Care Packaging in South Africa

    ... reacting to this trend by introducing new pack sizes in bath and shower, fragrance and colour cosmetics. Polarisation between sizes was observed with some categories seeing travel size packaging and others seeing bigger pack types ... Read More

  • Fragrances in South Africa

    ... and declining disposable incomes contributed to this. Consumers either reduced any purchases that they perceived as non-essential or down-traded to lower-priced products. Within the premium category, entry level offerings are more popular as opposed to ... Read More

  • Toys and Games in South Africa

    ... uncertainty and shrinking average disposable incomes. Despite these challenges, innovation and cross-industry convergence is being witnessed in terms of agreements between leading international brands and local players on distribution rights for streaming services. The opening ... Read More

  • Traditional Toys and Games in South Africa

    ... aware of high average price points for many toys; thus, they expect the product to be of high quality and durability. In turn, retailers are realising this and consequently implementing promotional activities throughout the year ... Read More

  • Video Games in South Africa

    ... retail stores and on e-commerce sites. Both consoles boast technological innovation such as 4K compatibilities and memory space from 500MB to 1GB. Consumers are increasingly monitoring pricing cycles as they have easy access to price ... Read More

  • Pet Care in South Africa

    ... pet food. The reduced purchasing power of the rand and increasing food prices put considerable pressure on consumers’ incomes, decreasing volume growth and driving them to hunt for bargains, whilst still seeking quality and the ... Read More

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