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  • Latin America Tissue and Hygiene

    ... declining, and has even lost its spot as the biggest category regionally to toilet paper. Retail adult incontinence was seeing dynamic growth in 2023, helped by growing awareness of the condition and the products as ... Read More

  • Argentina Home Furnishings

    ... is one strong subcategory of note, driven by the expansion of the real estate industry (more houses) and higher living standards when it comes to home décor and aesthetics. Similarly, these trends are also supporting ... Read More

  • Argentina Gardening

    ... pandemic, there was a noticeable increase in people's enthusiasm for gardening, prompting many to actively participate in gardening activities, as gardening offers individuals a therapeutic outlet to connect with nature, alleviate stress, and maintain a ... Read More

  • Argentina Homewares

    ... in line with the trend for elegant kitchens. Moreso, this is further supported by the increasing number of hotels and restaurants in the country, contributing to the enhanced desire for stylish and functional dining products. ... Read More

  • Argentina Home and Garden

    ... gardens since the lockdowns of the pandemic era, when out-of-home spending was curbed and, instead, people made the best of their home environments while confined. This trend is also continuing in the post-pandemic landscape. Euromonitor ... Read More

  • Argentina Home Improvement

    ... focus investments on their homes and gardens, with a strong emphasis on home improvements. Added to which, this is further supported by the surge in construction activities in the country. Euromonitor International's Home Improvement in ... Read More

  • Home Appliance Repair Service Market - Global Size, Share, Trend Analysis, Opportunity and Forecast Report, 2019–2030, Segmented By Service Type (Repair, Maintenance, Installation); (Appliance Category (By Major Appliances (Large Appliances, Refrigerators, Freezers, Ovens, Dishwashers, Washing Machines & Dryers), Small Appliances (including Microwaves, Toasters, Blenders, Coffee Makers)); By Application (Residential, Commercial); By Distribution Channel (Independent Service Providers, Manufacturer Warranty Services, Retailer Service Programs); By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), Latin America (LATAM), Middle East and Africa (MEA))

    ... Washing Machines & Dryers), Small Appliances (including Microwaves, Toasters, Blenders, Coffee Makers)); By Application (Residential, Commercial); By Distribution Channel (Independent Service Providers, Manufacturer Warranty Services, Retailer Service Programs); By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific ... Read More

  • Brazil Home Furnishings

    ... operating reductions, led to abundant inventories and diminished sales. Despite positive macroeconomic indicators, such as declining unemployment and stable inflation, local consumers continued to grapple with pandemic-induced debt burdens. Euromonitor International's Home Furnishings in Brazil ... Read More

  • Brazil Gardening

    ... notably on gardening-related products. Despite the return to pre-pandemic lifestyles, the enduring allure of home gardening, cultivated during the pandemic, continued to resonate strongly with local consumers. This sustained interest was propelled by the therape... ... Read More

  • Brazil Home and Garden

    ... drop in inflation from 9.2% in 2022 to 4.5% in 2023, alongside a steady increase in consumer expenditure on household goods and services, contributed to industry growth. Increased disposable incomes and consumer confidence further fuelled ... Read More

  • Brazil Homewares

    ... of eco-friendly practices within the category. The brand Brinox, through its Botanicals range of homewares, started using regenerated materials to craft its products. To create the line, it entered into partnerships with NGOs that actively ... Read More

  • Brazil Home Improvement

    ... tiles and wall tiles remained resilient due to affordability, diverse product offerings, widespread availability, and suitability for Brazil's warm climate. However, other segments such as hand and power tools experienced setbacks. These tools, crucial in ... Read More

  • Away-From-Home Tissue and Hygiene in Brazil

    ... severe blow to the category as businesses shuttered and consumer activity shrank. However, as Brazil gradually emerged from the crisis, AFH tissue and hygiene regained momentum, experiencing a notable resurgence of volume and current value ... Read More

  • Retail Tissue in Brazil

    ... in its evolution. Preceded by years of economic uncertainty compounded by the global pandemic and currency fluctuations, players in retail tissue faced formidable challenges, particularly smaller players struggling to maintain margins in a fiercely competitive ... Read More

  • Wipes in Brazil

    ... 2023. As the pandemic instilled a heightened sense of awareness regarding health and hygiene practices, wipes transcended their traditional uses and became indispensable tools for maintaining cleanliness and mitigating health risks. Consumers increasingly rely on ... Read More

  • Tissue and Hygiene in Brazil

    ... revenue and volume sales in some categories, the industry in Brazil outpaced that in other nations, positioning itself amongst the top-ranking countries in terms of retail value sales, and is set to go from fifth ... Read More

  • Esterquats Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2031 - By Product, Technology, Grade, Application, End-user, Region: (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East and Africa)

    ... a novel category of cationic surfactants, have emerged as pivotal ingredients in fabric care and personal care industries. These compounds, synthesized from long-chain fatty acids and substituted quaternary ammonium compounds, possess softening and conditioning properties, ... Read More

  • Tissue and Hygiene in Uruguay

    ... The gap between the official exchange rate and the informal market exchange rate in Argentina widened considerably in 2023 and so Uruguayans travelling with Uruguayan pesos or the US dollar found the neighbouring country very ... Read More

  • Retail Tissue in Uruguay

    ... tissue sales by value. Small-scale smuggling has negatively impacted sales of both paper towels and toilet paper purchased in Uruguay. Locals have been keen to stock up on these essential goods at substantially cheaper prices ... Read More

  • Wipes in Uruguay

    ... the relatively high unit price and small easy-to-carry format. As a result, they were one of the most smuggled products in tissue and hygiene. Large numbers of Uruguayans purchased wipes in supermarkets across the border ... Read More

  • Away-From-Home Tissue and Hygiene in Uruguay

    ... companies located in border cities, such as Salto and Paysandu. Overall, the industry managed to generate positive results in 2023, aided by the improved economic climate and inflation coming under control. The increased number of ... Read More

  • Home Care in Latin America

    ... seen in the next two years. However, home care enjoyed a stronger performance in 2023, in spite of the high inflation impacting the region. Positive growth is expected over the forecast period, when increasing usage ... Read More

  • Home Products Specialists in Chile

    ... above pre-pandemic levels. Independent players in the channel, which dominate in terms of outlet numbers, struggled to remain competitive during the year, with many entrepreneurs present. Euromonitor International's Home Products Specialists in Chile report offers ... Read More

  • Appliances and Electronics Specialists in Chile

    ... This scenario encouraged many leading players to aggressively adopt promotional activities and to focus on higher renewal items on categories such as smart wearables, speakers, and other smaller electronics. Euromonitor International's Appliances and Electronics Specialists ... Read More

  • Appliances and Electronics Specialists in Brazil

    ... sales of air treatment products. However, the channel has also had to contend with challenges, such as the drop in the purchasing power of the working population, and changing consumer preferences, with more consumers needing ... Read More

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