TrendSights Analysis: Blurring Gender Boundaries

TrendSights Analysis: Blurring Gender Boundaries

As a result of the changing landscapes of gender conventions, many brands are adopting a gender-neutral approach in the way they conceive and promote products. This trend is a reflection of the cultural changes that have been defining the concept of what it means to be a man or a woman, as well as their roles in today's society. Blurring Gender Boundaries addresses the new concepts that are defying conventional ideas and values related to the role of products in gender identities.

Key Findings
Nine in 10 global consumers agree that men have an equal responsibility to women when it comes to shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Men are taking more responsibility for household duties, from cleaning to cooking. This trend is partially related to women’s greater participation in the paid workforce and also the fact that Millennials are choosing to marry later. Brands should now take into consideration that men are potential shoppers in a sector that has traditionally been marketed mostly to female consumers.
A number of global shoppers have a neutral opinion (neither agree or disagree) when asked if they are likely to purchase products developed for their gender: 24% of women and 30% of men. Gender conventions no longer define identity and social roles for these consumers, who are now enthusiastic about experimenting with products that before were specifically conceived for one specific gender. The invisible boundaries in male and female stereotypes are encouraging brands to develop gender-neutral concepts in terms of flavors, scents, and packaging.
Millennials are most interested in products customized to their gender, while this subject becomes less relevant for older consumers. While 21% of over-65s completely agree with that they are interested in purchasing products designed for their gender, this percentage is much higher for Millennials at 31%.
Developed European countries reveal the most interest in genderless concepts (France ranks highest).

Blurring Gender Boundaries addresses the new concepts that are defying conventional ideas and values related to the lifestyles associated with men and women. Many brands are investing in products that are challenging the standard consumption patterns of both genders.

Reasons To Buy
Investigate the consumer behaviors driving the Blurring Gender Boundaries trend.
Examine how interest in gender-blurred products varies by region.
Discover how companies are reacting to the trend with their product portfolios.

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