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  • Central America Food & Drink Q2 2018

    ... region's mass grocery retail sector. Lower income households willcontinue to be price-conscious, but will buy more produce as incomes increase, while tourism will be the main driver ofpremiumisation. We highlight Honduras as the fastest growing ... Read More

  • Concentrates in Guatemala

    ... as white grape and aloe. However, these product launches are usually very small, and do not bring strong dynamism to this category. Liquid concentrates are usually in traditional Guatemalan flavours such as horchata (rice-based drink) ... Read More

  • Energy Drinks in Guatemala

    ... in these drinks, mainly at the lower-end of the market, amongst consumers whose working day usually consists of long hours. A wider variety of pack sizes, ranging from small 350ml bottles to larger sizes of ... Read More

  • Juice in Guatemala

    ... and at the lower-end of the market, and usually buy juice in traditional channels. There are over 115,000 independent small grocers in Guatemala, and it is important for the leading brands to reach as many ... Read More

  • Soft Drinks in Guatemala

    ... economic group has very tight budgets, and such consumers look for affordable soft drinks, which are usually high in sugar. Family pack sizes, as large as 3.3 litres, lower the unit prices of popular drinks ... Read More

  • Sports Drinks in Guatemala

    ... and calories contained in traditional Gatorade. The product was launched in blueberry-pomegranate, fruit punch and Glacier Freeze flavours. Whilst this is an innovative product in Guatemala, it caters to a very small niche of sugar-conscious ... Read More

  • Bottled Water in Costa Rica

    ... of value multipacks, which are mostly targeted for children’s lunchboxes. This marketing trend became even more dynamic over the last year, as the expanding offer of economy private label brands (in particular Walmart’s Great Value) ... Read More

  • Carbonates in Costa Rica

    ... continued to migrate from carbonates (in particular cola carbonates) to more natural and healthier options,. As a result, the main local brands, including Coca-Cola, Pepsi (Florida Bebidas) and Big Cola (Ajecen del Sur) continued to ... Read More

  • Concentrates in Costa Rica

    ... of these products remains their low unit prices, which is a stronger purchasing driver amongst the broad base of low- and middle-income local consumers across the country. Product availability, top-of-mind brand awareness and appealing new ... Read More

  • Energy Drinks in Costa Rica

    ... an efficient way to capture and maintain the attention of younger consumers. This is reflected in constant brand extensions which promote new flavour alternatives and reduced sugar versions. Good examples are provided by the local ... Read More

  • Juice in Costa Rica

    ... children’s lunchboxes) and family size presentations (which range between 1l and 2.5l pack sizes). In both cases, affordability and different natural fruit juice content claims tend to be the main selling points of the main ... Read More

  • RTD Coffee in Costa Rica

    ... both iced and hot coffee specialities continue to expand awareness of their RTD versions amongst a broader base of potential consumers. Younger millennial consumers in particular look for indulgent and convenient alternatives capable of providing ... Read More

  • RTD Tea in Costa Rica

    ... suits different types of consumption occasions. New brand extensions continued to leverage flavour innovation and the use of functional herbal ingredients, whilst using larger and more affordable packaging presentations to incentivise family consumption. On the ... Read More

  • Soft Drinks in Costa Rica

    ... rise amongst local consumers from all socioeconomic segments. This continued to boost the demand for different health and wellness-oriented categories, particularly RTD tea, bottled water and juice, which continued to leverage the rising availability of ... Read More

  • Sports Drinks in Costa Rica

    ... usually unconcerned about ingesting added-sugar drinks on a regular basis. Major players such as Coca-Cola FEMSA (Powerade) and Florida Bebidas (Gatorade) kept using sports events and the sponsorship of recognised local athletes as the best ... Read More

  • Bottled Water in Guatemala

    ... municipal water is not usually trusted by consumers, and for this reason people consume bottled, filtered or boiled water. 2017 showed deceleration in the growth rate, especially compared with the very strong year in 2016. ... Read More

  • Carbonates in Guatemala

    ... Guatemala, with two new flavours of H2OH!, Limoneto and Narancelo. These beverages are slightly less carbonated than regular carbonates, which made them a new type of product in Guatemala. Euromonitor International's Carbonates in Guatemala report ... Read More

  • RTD Coffee in Guatemala

    ... tradition of drinking cold coffee. This is the main reason why RTD coffee remains such a small category in the country. However, the appearance of new brands which target different markets has been able to ... Read More

  • RTD Tea in Guatemala

    ... However, the category is showing signs of maturity. RTD tea was perceived by consumers as being a healthy alternative to juice and carbonates, but the majority of brands are now recognised as containing high levels ... Read More

  • Hot Drinks in Guatemala

    ... of a wider range of products also contributed to this trend, with consumers being able to choose from many different options and flavours. Over the review period premium products which offer special attributes, such as ... Read More

  • Tea in Guatemala

    ... teas at home rather than buying packaged products. Those with low disposable incomes even use fruit skins and herbs to prepare tea. Tea is largely consumed to relieve common ailments such as flu symptoms or ... Read More

  • Coffee in Costa Rica

    ... mid-income buyers in regards to higher quality pure and gourmet coffee options, moving away from mixed preparations (which often include sugar), which still remain popular amongst lower-end buyers due to their milder taste and their ... Read More

  • Other Hot Drinks in Costa Rica

    ... mature consumers. The vast amount of functional benefits attributed to pure/dark chocolate ingestion on a regular basis are partially responsible for the ongoing sales stability, and continues to affect high sugar content beverages across all ... Read More

  • Tea in Costa Rica

    ... coffee drinkers are now consuming tea, in particular herbal infusions. Energizing and relaxing herbal formulations remain the fast-growing categories, leveraging on a wide assortment of imported and local brands capable of reaching different groups of ... Read More

  • Hot Drinks in Costa Rica

    ... of the rising availability of higher quality hot drinks alternatives. Hot drinks demand also kept leveraging on the further development of new consumption occasions for these beverages, given the overall increase in snacking habits amongst ... Read More

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