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  • Baked Goods in Israel

    ... price points when it comes to pastries and other baked goods. However, as bread is a very commonly purchased product locally, there is still positive retail volume growth for 2022, although this has also slowed ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Israel

    ... impacted the packaged food landscape, including breakfast cereals. As the price of making these products has risen, this has been passed on to consumers. This has led to positive current retail value growth for breakfast ... Read More

  • Staple Foods in Israel

    ... increased in 2022, which has had a strong impact on the packaged food landscape, with production costs rising. While local consumers protested when major players announced price hikes, smaller companies, like Neto, increased prices without ... Read More

  • Staple Foods in Jordan

    ... of the economy and resumption of tourists in Jordan. However, now the industry faces a new set of challenges as global inflation and fuel shortages are impacting purchasing powers and prices in the world. Some ... Read More

  • Processed Fruit and Vegetables in Israel

    ... as the country began to open, there was a slight decrease in sales. Although 2022 was predicted to show positive retail volume growth, the increase in unit prices on the back of high inflation meant ... Read More

  • Processed Meat, Seafood and Alternatives To Meat in Israel

    ... raw materials and the rising costs in the supply chain. Neto was one of the first companies to increase prices in 2022, increasing the price of Deli Dag by an average of 10%. Euromonitor International's ... Read More

  • Rice, Pasta and Noodles in Israel

    ... products, even the cheaper brands' prices are rising, leading many to reduce the frequency of their purchases. This caused a fall in volume sales in 2022, while there was a rise in current retail value ... Read More

  • Staple Foods in Iraq

    ... certain level of stability is being seen in the market despite the impact of higher prices on demand. The substantial devaluation of the Iraqi dinar and rising global commodity prices have put pressure on demand ... Read More

  • Cooking Ingredients and Meals in Lebanon

    ... stability seen as a result. The lack of a reliable electricity supply remains a significant issue as this means consumers can no longer store perishable food. Supply chain disruptions related to the Ukraine conflict and ... Read More

  • Staple Foods in Lebanon

    ... reliable electricity supply makes it impossible to store perishable food, which has had a mixed impact on staple foods. Supply chain disruptions due to the Ukraine conflict, the difficult monetary situation in Lebanon and widespread ... Read More

  • Baked Goods in the United Arab Emirates

    ... Food prices are increasing due to the rise in the cost of oil and freight, and the war in Ukraine, which is having an impact on the supply chain. In addition, one of the most ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in the United Arab Emirates

    ... to inflation and supply chain issues. Breakfast cereals featuring natural ingredients are therefore proving particularly popular, as they are perceived as healthier. For instance, second-ranked category player Nestlé has launched new organic breakfast cereals over ... Read More

  • Rice, Pasta and Noodles in the United Arab Emirates

    ... consumers. Even with inflation, rice volume sales are growing in 2022, since many consumers are unwilling to substitute rice for alternative products. This is an improvement for retail volume sales, as demand declined in 2021 ... Read More

  • Staple Foods in the United Arab Emirates

    ... their sources of income, placing pressure on their expenditure. As a result, purchasing power is being increasingly impacted as rising inflation drives up average unit prices across staple foods. Nevertheless, since most staple foods are ... Read More

  • Processed Fruit and Vegetables in the United Arab Emirates

    ... rise in consumption of ready-to-eat frozen food. Cooking from home persists post-pandemic, and given consumers’ increasingly busy schedules as they return to normal lifestyles, frozen processed food, including frozen fruit and vegetables, facilitates convenience. Euromonitor ... Read More

  • Processed Meat, Seafood and Alternatives To Meat in the United Arab Emirates

    ... to record solid growth in 2022, and are expected to sustain robust performances over the forecast period. Meat and seafood substitutes is becoming increasingly popular among younger consumers with an appetite to explore new products ... Read More

  • Cooking Ingredients and Meals in the United Arab Emirates

    ... population has returned to socialising and spending time outside of the home since January 2022 at a pace akin to pre-pandemic levels. Hence, it was anticipated that the market would register stronger volume growth, although ... Read More

  • Edible Oils in the United Arab Emirates

    ... seeds and other ingredients that are sourced from various international markets have been impacted by supply chain issues as a result of the war in Ukraine, combined with the recent fuel price increases, which have ... Read More

  • Sweet Spreads in the United Arab Emirates

    ... often take honey to treat coughs, whilst also using it topically to treat burns and wounds. Following the lifting of social restrictions, local consumers have returned to their pre-pandemic routines in terms of the office ... Read More

  • Edible Oils in Israel

    ... volume growth. The picture is different in 2022, with society having reopened and people eating out more and doing less home cooking. This is expected to lead to negative retail volume growth in 2022. However, ... Read More

  • Sweet Spreads in Israel

    ... items that would boost their immunity. Honey was one of the products they turned to and has helped boost awareness of the product and its health properties. As such, it gained traction, particularly as a ... Read More

  • Cooking Ingredients and Meals in Israel

    ... ingredients and meals industry have started to market themselves as having natural and high-quality ingredients. This is a particularly popular strategy within ready meals, especially frozen meals, where products already benefit from the convenience factor ... Read More

  • Sweet Spreads in Saudi Arabia

    ... forcing retailers such as Lidl to introduce limits on purchases of key products. After a strong year of growth in 2020, as consumers cooked more at home due to lockdowns, retail volume sales of edible ... Read More

  • Cooking Ingredients and Meals in Saudi Arabia

    ... continued to face challenges related to the pandemic, as well as climate change pushing temperature fluctuations, and the war in Ukraine bringing trade with both Ukraine and Russia to an abrupt halt. The latter caused ... Read More

  • Edible Oils in Saudi Arabia

    ... sharp increase in food price inflation is stifling demand and shifting consumer preferences towards cheaper and more affordable products. Price is the dominant deciding factor for the Latvian shopper in cooking ingredients and meals in ... Read More

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