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2015 NBJ Clean Label Report

2015 NBJ Clean Label Report

“Clean label” is a funny term. No one in the industry seems to agree on an exact definition, yet suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers are increasingly responding to and driving the movement. Few consumers have even heard of the term, yet more and more of them are demanding food, supplement, personal care, and household products that adhere to its strictures of fewer synthetic ingredients, fewer ingredients overall, “free-from” formulations, and transparent supply chains.

While what precisely qualifies a product as “clean” shifts from person to person, there are certain things that clearly place a product squarely in the “unclean” camp. These are obvious things like high-fructose corn syrup, GMO ingredients, parabens, and artificial flavors and colors, and lesser knowns like carrageenan, soy lecithin, and sodium phosphates.

So while only 23 percent of consumers surveyed say they have heard the term “clean label” and have at least some idea what it might mean, 83 percent say they actively try to avoid high-fructose corn syrup, and 71 percent say “no” to artificial colors and flavors. And, indeed, as the data on the following pages shows, those and other ingredients are quickly on their way out of the natural channel, with mass retail following suit.

In this first-ever Nutrition Business Journal Clean Label Report, we use data and insights from NBJ, New Hope’s NEXT Trend Tool, and other sources to detail where those label villains show up, the shelves they’re disappearing from, how suppliers and manufacturers are replacing them, and how smart brands are leveraging consumer demand to their advantage.

This report includes sales and growth estimates for natural and organic foods and beverages, dietary supplements, ingredients, and person-care products. Additionally, you will find:

Qualitative and quantitative consumer data, including sentiment, purchase intent, and weighted values for label claims
Analysis and discussion of trends driving the clean label movement, including product innovation and marketing strategies
Detailed sections for ingredient and product categories like non-GMO, ancient grains, organic, and gluten-free
Sales figures for the top ingredient-supply companies
A spreadsheet with all included data for presentations and reports

Executive Summary
Coming Clean: Challenges and opportunities in the clean-label movement
No definition, but clear direction
Top 10 marketing claims at Natural Products Expo West 2014
All non-GMO sales and growth
Functional food sales and growth
Problem ingredients for clean label, and where they show up
Percentage of consumers who prioritize avoidance of certain ingredients
Natural flavor
Potassium carbonate
Soy lecithin
Caramel color
Citric acid
Disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate
Protein spiking and the law
Nonfat dry whey prices
Protein powders and formulas sales and growth
Protein powders and formulas by protein source
Industry voices weigh in on the challenges of clean label
U.S. corn prices per bushel, 2012–2014
U.S. still lagging other countries on non-GMO
The true costs of non-GMO
Raw material price differences
All non-GMO sales growth by category
Clean label on the label
Top clean-label marketing claims
Top additive claims
Gluten-free label sales and growth
“Free-from” sales
Meeting the demand for non-GMO
Top 10 certifications in diet and nutrition aisle at all Natural Product Expos
U.S. sales of foods specified as “free from,” by product category
Non-GMO in supplements: Kinks in the supply chain
Growth of whole food supplements and overall supplement category
Whole food sales by supplement category
Whole food suppmement sales by product category share
Does nature identical fit on a clean label?
Consumer sentiment on nature-identical ingredients
Global astaxanthin supply shortage
The challenge of whole food supplements
Whole-food supplement sales and growth
Whole-food supplement sales by channel share
Whole-food supplement sales by channel
Using packaging to tell the clean-label story
Processing challenges in clean label
Natural and organic sales and growth
Natural and organic sales by channel
Natural and organic sales by product category share
Non-GMO sales of fruit and vegetables
Non-GMO snack food sales
Ancient grains
Dry cereal sales and growth
Bread and grains sales and growth
Natural and organic sales and growth vs. total food sales and growth
Gluten-free label sales and growth
Cleaning up in personal care
Natural and organic skin care sales and growth
Natural and organic hair care sales and growth
Top drivers of personal care transparency
Natural and organic oral hygiene sales and growth
Natural and organic cosmetics sales and growth
The clean consumer: what do shoppers look for in clean label?
Consumer knowledge of clean label, and its impact on buying decisions
Percentage of respondents avoiding specific ingredients
Consumer avoidance of certain ingredients by age
Consumer sentiment of bio-identical ingredients
Confidence in countries of origin
Nutrition Industry Supply Overview
Nutrition Industry Value Chain, 2014
Nutrition Industry Value Chain, 2004–2014
Herbs and botanicals sales and growth
Nutrition industry value chain by supply sector
Supply Chain
Raw material and supply sales
Raw material and supply sales by product, 2014
Raw material and supply sales by product, 2003–2014
Raw material and supply sales and growth by product
Top companies
Growth and forecast
Raw material sales by product, 2015–2020
Raw material sales and growth, 2000–2020
Wholesale manufacturing
Product Category
Wholesale sales by product category, 2014
Wholesale sales by product category, 2003-2014
Wholesale sales and growth by product category, 2003–2014
Growth and forecast
Wholesale sales by product category, 2015–2020
Wholesale sales growth by product category, 2015–2020
Nutrition industry wholesale ales and growth, 1997–2020
By product category, 2014
By product category, 2003–2014
Sales and growth by product category, 2002–2014
Consumer sales by product category as percent of total, 2002–2014
Sales and growth, 2000–2020
Sales by product, 2015–2020
Sales growth by product, 2015–2020
Sales by product as percent of total, 2015–2020

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