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  • Free From in the US

    ... and manufacturers alike than any other segment of the industry. While rates of veganism and vegetarianism have grown, it is the recent uptick in efforts towards meat reduction - so-called “flexitarianism” - that has particularly ... Read More

  • Free From in Canada

    ... influential trend in many packaged food categories, notably baked goods and breakfast cereals. Frank DeMichino, Chief Operating Officer of Italpasta, which offers a gluten-free line including oven-ready lasagne, has observed the slowdown in growth of ... Read More

  • Free From in Mexico

    ... but they do not really see or feel any difference. However, most people with food intolerance are undiagnosed and they do not realise the fact until they change their diets. Over the forecast period, the ... Read More

  • Exercise Trends - US - November 2018

    ... align with being active. Since the majority of consumers are working out at home, fitness equipment brands have an opportunity to appeal to their evolving needs. Fitness brands should focus on technology and new takes ... Read More

  • Hispanics and Healthy Lifestyles - US - December 2017

    ... are not necessarily willing to make changes to ensure a healthier life. A combination of complacency and confidence could prevent Hispanics from implementing new initiatives to makes their lives healthier. There is significant interest in ... Read More

  • Healthy Lifestyles - US - October 2017

    ... standards while weight-related health issues, such as obesity and diabetes, continue to rise. Though many adults say they have made drastic changes and have taken a more proactive approach to their health in the last ... Read More

  • 2015 Spectrums of Healthy Aging in America

    ... the motivations and challenges consumers encounter in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Steve French, NMI Managing Partner, offers "this report reveals how the "health tide" is rising across all generations of the American population ... Read More

  • Healthy Dining Trends - US - July 2015

    ... eat for better health. Since they visit restaurants so often, they seek better-for-you (BFY) restaurant foods. However, foodservice operators still struggle with providing foods that are healthier (and often costlier), while still delivering on taste. ... Read More

  • The Ethical Consumer - US - July 2015

    ... (both positive and negative) can spread quickly through social media. Due to a nearly ceaseless stream of information, consumers are bombarded with issues to care about, and many do feel that they should take a ... Read More

  • Healthy 50+ Americans: Trends and Opportunities in the Emerging Wellness Market

    ... exercise. Anchored by boomers who firmly believe that getting older means getting better, Packaged Facts’ Healthy 50+ Americans: Trends and Opportunities in the Emerging Wellness Market offers marketers a look into the future of an ... Read More

  • Fiber Food Ingredients in the U.S.: Soluble-, Insoluble- and Digestive-Resistant Types

    ... Without help from fiber-fortified foods and beverages, most Americans only consume about half the amount suggested for optimal health. In the past decade, numerous fiber ingredient suppliers have surfaced in the United States, making the ... Read More

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