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With consumers across the world embracing a healthier lifestyle, it is more important than ever for food retailers and wholesalers to know where they stand in the global marketplace. compiles detailed, accurate health food trend research on numerous subjects affecting the health food industry. Our reports feature information on national habits, spending patterns, lifestyle choices, and other factors impacting the global health food market, to provide a precise health food industry outlook for your business.
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Healthy Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Free From in Italy

    ... category suffered from an average unit price decline in 2019, as the offer is expanding, but the shelves are overcrowded with different brands, including private label, so the competition is fierce. Meanwhile, free from gluten ... Read More

  • Free From in Spain

    ... aim is to align the criteria within the EU. FACE has already launched the internationally recognised barred spike (Espiga Barrada) gluten-free symbol, which coexisted with the new label until 31 December 2019. Such developments are ... Read More

  • Free From in the United Kingdom

    ... of health-conscious consumers, plant-based consumers, flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans increased significantly in the review period, and continues to grow. Nowadays, free from gluten and free from lactose products target not only consumers with health issues, ... Read More

  • Free From in Denmark

    ... Danes, to an increasing degree, want to decide what they put into their bodies all the way to the last detail. Free from lactose products continue to gain popularity. This is also a result of ... Read More

  • Free From in Ireland

    ... the review period, with further positive development expected over the forecast period. For example, Ireland has one of the highest rates of coeliac disease in the world and many Irish consumers are therefore regularly consuming ... Read More

  • TrendSights Analysis: Health & Wellness - 360-Degree Wellness

    ... the evolving notion of wellness, and consumers’ growing inclination to incorporate a broad range of considerations beyond explicit individual benefits, when assessing a product’s health credentials. Health-conscious, proactive, and informed consumers are recognizing that routes ... Read More

  • Tea Extracts Market by Application (Food, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, and Cosmetics), Category (Organic, Conventional), Form (Liquid and Powder), Type (Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea), and Region - Global Forecast to 2025

    ... market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.9% from 2019 to 2025. The global tea extracts market is estimated to be valued at USD 2.5 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach ... Read More

  • Attitudes towards Healthy Eating - UK - February 2019

    ... lack of awareness of which foods provide this benefit. Products with EFSA-approved claims in this area should therefore look to flag this up clearly on-pack, with plenty of scope for more innovation in this area. ... Read More

  • Exercise Trends - US - November 2018

    ... align with being active. Since the majority of consumers are working out at home, fitness equipment brands have an opportunity to appeal to their evolving needs. Fitness brands should focus on technology and new takes ... Read More

  • Managing a Healthy Lifestyle - UK - November 2018

    ... time and expense. Encouragingly consumers are very open to guidance and advice, helping them to cut through the all the noise around health and steering them towards healthier choices.” – Emma Clifford, Associate Director, UK ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Sweden

    ... been at the forefront of the sustainable living movement, driving demand for a range of clean foods and eco-friendly products. Nevertheless, an influx of low-skilled migrants and a growing housing crisis are creating a bigger ... Read More

  • Mate and the Rise of Plant-Based Natural Energy Alternatives

    ... a handful of countries. As consumers all around the world look for naturally healthy sources of energy, mate and drinks from related plants are attracting increasing interest outside their historical core markets and traditional consumption ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Norway

    ... incomes are avid consumers, but, in contrast, many younger Norwegians are struggling to save to buy their first homes. Most Norwegians are internet users and this has spurred growth in online shopping. High net migration ... Read More

  • The Leisure Outlook - Quarterly Update - UK - June 2018

    ... priorities appear to be shifting. A quality over quantity mind-set is still apparent but intention to spend on drinking and dining out is on the rise. Leisure events such as theatre and sports are also ... Read More

  • Update on Our Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2018: Clean Lifer Profile

    ... 2018. This update digs deeper into Euromonitor’s Lifestyle Survey to give a better profile of 20-29 behaviour patterns. Strategy Briefings offer unique insight into emerging trends world-wide. Aimed squarely at strategists and planners, they draw ... Read More

  • New Consumer Values Foster Disruptive and Novel Concepts in Beauty

    ... as well as more authentic experiences. With consumers adopting more mindful consumption patterns, as well as seeking further transparency and meaningful stories behind brands, quality credentials by both disruptive and established brands seek to align ... Read More

  • Attitudes towards Fitness - China - May 2018

    ... out, people are eager to go with this tide as shown by the fast-growing desire for splurging on sports gear and apparel, going to fitness centres and building home gyms.” - Alina Ma, Associate Director ... Read More

  • 19th Annual Consumer Report - 2018 Health & Wellness Trends In America

    ... A comprehensive consumer research report of consumer attitudes and behaviors related to diet, nutrition, general health and wellness Summary Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) is pleased to present its 2018 Health and Wellness in America Consumer ... Read More

  • Hispanics and Healthy Lifestyles - US - December 2017

    ... are not necessarily willing to make changes to ensure a healthier life. A combination of complacency and confidence could prevent Hispanics from implementing new initiatives to makes their lives healthier. There is significant interest in ... Read More

  • Healthy Lifestyles - US - October 2017

    ... standards while weight-related health issues, such as obesity and diabetes, continue to rise. Though many adults say they have made drastic changes and have taken a more proactive approach to their health in the last ... Read More

  • 12th Edition Consumer Report - 2016 Healthy Aging Across Generations

    ... commentary, and more! Summary NMI (Natural Marketing Institute), a leading global research, strategic consulting and intelligence provider, is pleased to release its 12th Edition Consumer Report: 2016 Healthy Aging Across Generations. This report seeks to ... Read More

  • Healthy Lifestyles - UK - October 2016

    ... are hard to adopt, and even harder to sustain. The perceived higher cost of healthy food is also a significant barrier. Brands and retailers must now do more to make it easier for people to ... Read More

  • Global Smart Wearable Lifestyle Devices and Services Market 2016-2020

    ... and well-being helping them to take a proper decision regarding them. For instance, a wearable lifestyle device used to measure the quality of sleep helps in analyzing a user’s sleeping habits and taking precaution accordingly. ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Turkey

    ... comfort in using credit cards and personal loans to buy products and services. Younger consumers are driving growth in internet retailing and those that can afford it are forming a new generation of home owners, ... Read More

  • Healthy Lifestyles - UK - November 2015

    ... would increasingly benefit from emphasising how their products and services help consumers improve their appearance/look younger for their age and help improve mood and emotional wellbeing.” – Ina Mitskavets, Senior Consumer and Lifestyles Analyst This ... Read More

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