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  • Free From in Hong Kong, China

    ... years more retailers and foodservice outlets have been introducing new meat substitute products. One notable example is Green Common, a plant-based retail and foodservice chain in Hong Kong. Through collaborating with its partners, it manages ... Read More

  • Free From in Japan

    ... seen in Japanese supermarkets or food specialists, despite the fact that soy-based products have a well-established place in the traditional Japanese diet. Tofu remains popular, but is not widely seen specifically as a meat substitute. ... Read More

  • Free From in Thailand

    ... soy milk. Although sales remain negligible, free from lactose products also continue to become more prominent in dairy categories, with mMilk (Mary Anne Dairy Products), a free from lactose cow’s milk launched in the latter ... Read More

  • Free From in Singapore

    ... their distribution, the retail segment is receiving a strong boost. In addition, the common strategy of penetrating foodservice outlets has resonated with consumers, driving up awareness and interest to try these products in retail after ... Read More

  • Free From in Turkey

    ... growth in the forecast period. Around 10% of the Turkish population is lactose intolerant, and in the last couple of years companies increasingly invested in these products. However, the consumption of free from lactose products ... Read More

  • Free From in Vietnam

    ... even since before it was mass produced in packaged form, Vietnamese consumers are showing more interest in other free from dairy milk products, such as those made from rice and nuts. Sales growth for these ... Read More

  • Free From in the Philippines

    ... population. Indeed, free from dairy milk was the most dynamic free from category in 2019, as well as over the forecast period. Among brands that have made a significant contribution to growth are Vitasoy and ... Read More

  • Free From in Malaysia

    ... are also gaining ground, with meat chilled meat substitutes proving particularly popular among consumers given the widespread acceptance of chilled tofu, which is now widely distributed via most channels at affordable prices. In addition, chilled ... Read More

  • Free From in Indonesia

    ... of these two categories is that they tend to be very familiar to Indonesian people. In particular, products such as soy drinks and mung bean drinks have long been popular among the Indonesian population. Significant ... Read More

  • Free From in Taiwan

    ... are becoming more interested in free from lactose special baby milk formula, even as the country’s already low birth rate continues to decrease. Taiwanese parents are gaining a better understandings of why their babies may ... Read More

  • Free From in China

    ... As such, there are not many consumers following a gluten-free diet, with there remaining a lack of awareness of the possible side effects of gluten intolerance. As such, free from gluten products lack a significant ... Read More

  • Attitudes towards Fitness - China - May 2018

    ... out, people are eager to go with this tide as shown by the fast-growing desire for splurging on sports gear and apparel, going to fitness centres and building home gyms.” - Alina Ma, Associate Director ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Turkey

    ... comfort in using credit cards and personal loans to buy products and services. Younger consumers are driving growth in internet retailing and those that can afford it are forming a new generation of home owners, ... Read More

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