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With consumers across the world embracing a healthier lifestyle, it is more important than ever for food retailers and wholesalers to know where they stand in the global marketplace. compiles detailed, accurate health food trend research on numerous subjects affecting the health food industry. Our reports feature information on national habits, spending patterns, lifestyle choices, and other factors impacting the global health food market, to provide a precise health food industry outlook for your business.
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Healthy Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Free From in the Philippines

    ... population. Indeed, free from dairy milk was the most dynamic free from category in 2019, as well as over the forecast period. Among brands that have made a significant contribution to growth are Vitasoy and ... Read More

  • Free From in Saudi Arabia

    ... – especially amount those consumers who have dietary intolerances. Euromonitor International's Free From in Saudi Arabia report tracks the developments of health-associated product types and the healthy-option positioning of competing brands across different food sectors. ... Read More

  • Free From in Malaysia

    ... are also gaining ground, with meat chilled meat substitutes proving particularly popular among consumers given the widespread acceptance of chilled tofu, which is now widely distributed via most channels at affordable prices. In addition, chilled ... Read More

  • Free From in Peru

    ... the category achieved positive growth in 2019 as consumers once again reconsidered the importance of consuming cow's milk, with many consumers switching to vegetable milk substitutes, such as soy milk, the only option available in ... Read More

  • Free From in Finland

    ... from various allergies and intolerances and require the wider range of free from dairy, lactose or gluten products that continue to enter the category, but also appeals to increasing numbers of Finns who are becoming ... Read More

  • Better For You Packaged Food in New Zealand

    ... their nutritional intake. In response, manufacturers have introduced better for you (BFY) variants of established brands, focusing on sugar-free and gluten-free options. This robust new product development pipeline has driven consistent growth over the review ... Read More

  • Better For You Beverages in New Zealand

    ... to the drinks they consume, mainly soft drinks and fruit juices. As sugar consumption continues to receive negative press, players are focusing on producing better for you beverages with either less or no sugar. This ... Read More

  • Free From in Indonesia

    ... of these two categories is that they tend to be very familiar to Indonesian people. In particular, products such as soy drinks and mung bean drinks have long been popular among the Indonesian population. Significant ... Read More

  • Free From in Sweden

    ... These products are now available in more forms and there is therefore a wider assortment of free from meat products, so choosing free from meat has been made easier for consumers. Larger players and private ... Read More

  • Free From in Bulgaria

    ... detrimental effects. For example, earlier in the review period, lactose intolerance was not a popular diagnosis in Bulgaria. However, in 2019, medicine and technology advancement make it easy to identify such problems. While the incidence ... Read More

  • Free From in Mexico

    ... but they do not really see or feel any difference. However, most people with food intolerance are undiagnosed and they do not realise the fact until they change their diets. Over the forecast period, the ... Read More

  • Free From in Colombia

    ... yoghurt was the most dynamic category. According to trade sources, there is controversy over the boom seen in free from lactose dairy, as lactose intolerance is still an underdiagnosed condition in Colombia. Nonetheless, manufacturers have ... Read More

  • Free From in Greece

    ... both the variety and distribution of free from products available in Greece. While such products were mainly found in specialist health food stores at the beginning of the review period, by 2019 they were widely ... Read More

  • Free From in the Czech Republic

    ... gluten, lactose) and diabetic sufferers remain the main purchasers of free from packaged food in the Czech Republic in 2019. However, demand is expanding beyond these consumers to capture health-conscious ones looking to avoid gluten, ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Beverages in New Zealand

    ... been to the detriment of traditional tea, particularly black tea. NH fruit/herbal tea products are perceived as being naturally healthy with natural ingredients associated with health benefits. For instance, herbal ingredients have historically been used ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Packaged Food in New Zealand

    ... ingredients. Naturally healthy packaged food has become increasingly mainstream in 2019, with private label beginning to feature prominently – which is expected to place downward pressure on value sales growth over the forecast period. New ... Read More

  • Free From in Austria

    ... conventional ones. According to the Austrian Nutrition Society (ÖGE), only 10-15% of the Austrian population is affected by lactose intolerance. The Austrian Committee for Coeliac Disease claims that merely 1% of the total Austrian population ... Read More

  • Free From in Romania

    ... dairy, often during religious fasts. The evolution of free from gluten and free from lactose continued to increase in the country – which is not only due to allergies but also fashionable food trends, particularly ... Read More

  • Free From in France

    ... growing health and wellness category over the forecast period. Firstly, French consumers are becoming more aware of the ingredients in packaged food and the potential for ingredients to cause adverse dietary reactions. In addition, the ... Read More

  • Free From in South Africa

    ... available to them when diagnosed with certain allergies or intolerances such as suffering from coeliac disease or being lactose-intolerant. However, sales are also being driven by mid- and higher-income consumers who are increasingly concerned about ... Read More

  • Free From in Slovakia

    ... driven not only by those with intolerances but by those who simply want to increase wellness and aid digestion. The reduction of gluten is also due to a belief in the country that bread, and ... Read More

  • Free From in Belgium

    ... relatively stable, free from packaged food sales increased rapidly in 2019, as many consumers sought to limit the negative impact of choosing unhealthy alternatives. Extensive media coverage continues to highlight the detrimental effects of certain ... Read More

  • Free From in Chile

    ... health and wellness category in Chile being particularly popular in milk, yoghurt, butter and cheese. This is mainly because consumers have increasingly shifted towards free from lactose packaged food, driven by the increase in common ... Read More

  • Free From in Taiwan

    ... are becoming more interested in free from lactose special baby milk formula, even as the country’s already low birth rate continues to decrease. Taiwanese parents are gaining a better understandings of why their babies may ... Read More

  • Free From in China

    ... As such, there are not many consumers following a gluten-free diet, with there remaining a lack of awareness of the possible side effects of gluten intolerance. As such, free from gluten products lack a significant ... Read More

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