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  • Free From in Brazil

    ... put under the spotlight environmental problems caused by deforestation, which is one of the consequences of livestock production. On top of environmental and ethical concerns, along with increasing health awareness, a new group of consumers ... Read More

  • Free From in Peru

    ... the category achieved positive growth in 2019 as consumers once again reconsidered the importance of consuming cow's milk, with many consumers switching to vegetable milk substitutes, such as soy milk, the only option available in ... Read More

  • Free From in Colombia

    ... yoghurt was the most dynamic category. According to trade sources, there is controversy over the boom seen in free from lactose dairy, as lactose intolerance is still an underdiagnosed condition in Colombia. Nonetheless, manufacturers have ... Read More

  • Free From in Chile

    ... health and wellness category in Chile being particularly popular in milk, yoghurt, butter and cheese. This is mainly because consumers have increasingly shifted towards free from lactose packaged food, driven by the increase in common ... Read More

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