Global Outdoor Advertising Market Report: 2015 Edition

Global Outdoor Advertising Market Report: 2015 Edition

Outdoor advertising also called as out-of-home advertising, includes any type of advertising that reaches the consumers when they are outside their homes. This form of advertising works all the seven days of the week and twenty-four hours a day. Outdoor advertising comprises four major segments namely; billboards, street furniture, transit advertising and alternative media. Billboards have been the largest segment in the outdoor advertising market due to the increasing popularity of digital billboards across the world. The global outdoor advertising market is growing at a steady rate and is expected to continue to do so in near future mainly due to increasing popularity of this segment among other segments of the advertising industry.

The key factors which are anticipated to drive market growth include increasing urbanization, global economic development and digital outdoor advertising. Some of the noteworthy industry trends include improved audience measurement, low-cost advertising medium and commuting trends among others. However, the industry remains threatened by certain challenges which include regulatory issues at local level.

The report provides a comprehensive study of outdoor advertising market globally and also provides detailed information for key regional markets. The competition in the global outdoor advertising market is intense among large players like JC Decaux, Lamar Advertising Company, Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. and CBS Corporation. All these companies have been profiled in the present report highlighting their key financials and business strategies for growth.

By combining SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests."

1. Introduction
1.1 Advertising Industry
1.2 Outdoor Advertising
1.2.1 Advantages of Outdoor Advertising
2. Outdoor Advertising Market Analysis
2.1 Global Advertising Industry
-Market Value
-Breakdown by Medium
-Breakdown by Region
2.2 Global Outdoor Advertising Market
-Market Value
2.3 Outdoor Advertising - Regional Markets
2.3.1 Outdoor Advertising Market in US
-Market Value
-Breakdown by Medium
2.3.2 Outdoor Advertising Market in UK
-Market Value
-Market Segments
-Digital Outdoor Advertising
-Top Advertisers
2.3.3 Outdoor Advertising Market in Australia
-Market Value
-Digital Outdoor Advertising
-Breakdown by Medium
2.3.4 Outdoor Advertising Market in New Zealand
-Market Value
-Breakdown by Medium
2.3.5 Outdoor Advertising Market in Japan
-Market Overview
-Breakdown by Medium
2.3.6 Outdoor Advertising Market in Canada
-Market Overview
-Market Value
3. Market Dynamics
3.1 Growth Drivers
3.1.1 Digital Outdoor Advertising
3.1.2 Increasing Urbanization
3.1.3 Global Economic Development
3.2 Challenges
3.2.1 Regulatory Issues
3.2.2 Billboard Operators as Permit Holders
3.3 Market Trends
3.3.1 Outdoor Industry Unaffected During Past Economic Downturns
3.3.2 A Low-Cost Advertising Medium
3.3.3 Improved Audience Measurement
4. Competitive Landscape
4.1 Global Market
4.2 US
4.3 Canada
5. Company Profiles
5.1 JC Decaux
5.1.1 Business Overview
5.1.2 Financial Overview
5.1.3 Business Strategies
-Development through Organic Growth
-Expansion through Acquisitions
5.2 Lamar Advertising Company
5.2.1 Business Overview
5.2.2 Financial Overview
5.2.3 Business Strategies
-High Quality Local Sales and Services
-Pursuing Other Outdoor Advertising Opportunities
5.3 Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.
5.3.1 Business Overview
5.3.2 Financial Overview
5.3.3 Business Strategies
-Promoting Outdoor Media Spending
-Pursuing the Technology of Digital Displays
5.4 CBS Corporation
5.4.1 Business Overview
5.4.2 Financial Overview
5.4.3 Business Strategies
-Expanding Reach Using Multi-media Platforms
6. Market Outlook
6.1 Market Forecast
6.2 Forecast Methodology
6.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
6.2.2 Correlation Analysis
6.2.3 Regression Analysis
List of Charts
Outdoor Advertising Segments
Global Advertising Industry (2012-2016E)
Global Advertising Industry by Region (2013)
Global Advertising Industry by Medium (2014E)
Global Outdoor Advertising Market (2010-2014)
Global Outdoor Advertising Expenditure by Region (2015E)
US Outdoor Advertising Market (2010-2015E)
US Advertising Expenditure by Medium (2013)
US Outdoor Advertising Expenditure by Industry (2014)
UK Outdoor Advertising Market (2010-2014)
UK Digital Outdoor Advertising Market (2009-2013)
UK Outdoor Revenue Share by Environment (2013)
Top 10 Outdoor Advertisers of UK (2014)
Top 10 Outdoor Categories of UK (2014)
Australian Outdoor Advertising Market (2010-2014)
Australian Digital Outdoor Advertising Market (2012-2014)
Australian Advertising Market by Media (2013)
Australian Outdoor Advertising Revenue by Category (2014)
New Zealand Outdoor Advertising Market (2009-2013)
New Zealand Advertising Market by Medium (2013)
Japanese Advertising Expenditure (2009-2013)
Japanese Advertising Expenditure by Medium (2013)
Japanese Advertising Expenditure by Industry (2013)
Canadian Outdoor Advertising Expenditure (2009-2013)
Global GDP (2009-2013)
Global Urban Population (2009-2013)
Global Outdoor Advertising Market Share by Company (2013)
Global Outdoor Advertising Revenue by Company (2013)
US Outdoor Advertising Market Share by Company (2013)
Canada Outdoor Advertising Market Share by Company (2014)
Revenue of JC Decaux by Business Segment (2013)
Revenue of JC Decaux by Region (2013)
Revenue and Net Income of JC Decaux (2009-2013)
Revenue of Lamar by Business Segment (2013)
Revenue and Net Income of Lamar (2009-2013)
Revenue of Clear Channel Outdoor Holding, Inc. by Segments (2014)
Revenue and Net Income of Clear Channel Outdoor Holding, Inc. (2010-2014)
Revenue of CBS Corporation by Segments (2014)
Revenue and Net Sales of CBS Corporation (2010-2014)
Global Outdoor Advertising Market Forecast (2014-2018F)
List of Tables
Dependent & Independent Variables (2010–2014)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output

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