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  • Thailand Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... levels of unemployment and wage growth will continue to buoy consumer spending whilehousehold debt steadily falls from its high. Meanwhile, high frequency indicators of consumer confidence picking up and retail salesrising in tandem will further ... Read More

  • Japan Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... on Japanese consumption. The bright spot to our consumer outlook for Japan is the tightlabour market, driven by low levels of unemployment, wage growth and job security. Over our medium-term forecast to 2022,favourable market conditions ... Read More

  • Turkey Consumer & Retail Q4 2018

    ... Turkish lira will continue to drive inflation, while high interest rates will raise borrowing costsfor households. Consumer confidence has also dropped to multi-year lows which will feed through to weaker, and likely negative,retail sales growth ... Read More

  • Indonesia in 2030: The Future Demographic

    ... strong population growth, it will continue to decelerate over this period due to falling birth rates, increasing death rates and negative net migration. Despite strong gains in older age groups, the population will remain relatively ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in India

    ... tastes. The nuclear family is becoming the norm and that is changing traditional household spending patterns. Demand for family-related items continues to grow in line with an increase in the number of households. Online shopping ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Taiwan

    ... Adults facing low wage growth and high house prices and older consumers looking to fund their retirement. Well-connected consumers continue to drive growth in online shopping. Although dubbed Asia’s fattest consumers, growing health awareness is ... Read More

  • Hi-tech Goods in Indonesia

    ... for the industry’s expansion. During the year Indonesian GDP growth accelerated, thanks to recent government measures to deregulate the economy and invest more in public infrastructure. The deregulation measures have significantly simplified business procedures, enabled ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Brazil

    ... remain wary, and a return to robust spending may be some time off. Many price-conscious consumers have turned to internet retailers to satisfy their desire for lower prices. Despite the recent economic downturn, demand for ... Read More

  • China Economic Outlook: Q3 2018

    ... to 31.4% for investment. Strong consumption growth is supported by record high consumer confidence. Fixed urban assets investment growth declined to 5.5% year on year in the first seven months of 2018, driven by the ... Read More

  • Drinking Milk Products in Russia

    ... volume, since flavouring additions are perceived as unnatural ingredients. Russians have some doubts about milk quality, since a significant share of milk is produced from powder milk – a key reason for the decline in ... Read More

  • China Demographics: With Challenges Come Opportunities

    ... ageing and increased health risks undermine labour and consumer market potential, while rapid urbanisation weighs heavily on resources. Nevertheless, businesses that can cater to the needs of China’s increasingly-urbanised households and expanding elderly segment will ... Read More

  • White Paper - US & China: Tariff Impact Report

    White Paper - US & China: Tariff Impact Report Analysts from The Freedonia Group contemplate the current realities and future possibilities of trade relations between the US and China. Read More

  • Leisure Time - China - August 2018

    ... leisure products and services. Brands should provide opportunities for consumers to express their personalities even publicise their beliefs within brand contexts. What can be shared on social media and wow their social circle will serve ... Read More

  • Convention & Exhibition Services in China - Industry Market Research Report

    ... for arts, science and culture are not included in this industry. This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth of the industry including the key sensitivities and success factors. Also included are five year ... Read More

  • Media in India

    ... including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market. Synopsis Essential resource for top-line data and analysis covering the India media market. Includes market size and segmentation data, textual and graphical analysis ... Read More

  • Attitudes towards Fashion - China - July 2018

    ... they want to feel smart, relaxed and fun in the process. Despite the fast-growing e-commence market, in-store services and interaction with store clerks are crucial in generating brand favourability and purchase intention.” - Alina Ma, ... Read More

  • Attitudes towards Comfort Foods - China - July 2018

    ... by Chinese consumers and there is a wide acknowledge of the impact of food on people’s mood. Businesses, especially snack brands, can communicate on the mental benefits to impress consumers and build high brand awareness.” ... Read More

  • Success Case Study: Suntory Craft Boss - Craft-style ready-to-drink coffee resonates with Japan's Millennials

    ... and reasons behind the success of Craft Boss bottled ready-to-drink coffee. It delivers the critical what?, why?, and so what? analysis to teach you crucial lessons that increase your chances of launching successful products. Craft ... Read More

  • Free From in Turkey

    ... food intolerance and rising awareness of product availability. In line with growing consumer demand, manufacturers are investing in new product launches and distribution. Increasing urbanisation and rising education also play important roles, since consumers diagnosed ... Read More

  • Free From in Vietnam

    ... example, Vinasoy’s Soymen (Vietnam Soy Milk) launched in December 2015 is claimed to be developed with the formula BCAAs 2:1:1 to help maintain and build muscle, especially for men. Its packaging promotes benefits “for men’s ... Read More

  • Free From in the Philippines

    ... retail value sales. Free from dairy soy milk held the largest value share in 2017 and was also a key driver of growth. Soy milk is popular among adults as it is actively promoted by ... Read More

  • Free From in Thailand

    ... new entrants over the review period. Rivon Soygurt, launched in late 2015 (Sahapathanapibul) is one example. This soy-based yoghurt, priced similar to traditional dairy yoghurt, also advertised other properties such as being gluten-free, fortified with ... Read More

  • Free From in Singapore

    ... births per woman, a further decline from the 1.24 in 2015. Consumers choosing to postpone marriage plans and focus on their careers continued to restrict the birth rate in 2017 and will last through to ... Read More

  • Free From in Indonesia

    ... free from allergens are popular options among parents looking for baby milk formula that caters to infants with specific dietary requirements. For example, Nestlé Indonesia is one of the key players in free from packaged ... Read More

  • Free From in Hong Kong, China

    ... As a result, the free from category continues to record steady growth as consumers learn more about their bodies. Organic soy milk posted the strongest growth in 2017 as organic products are often viewed as ... Read More

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