Global Energy Revolution: Understanding Shopper Attitudes and How Their Needs Shift Throughout the Day

Global Energy Revolution: Understanding Shopper Attitudes and How Their Needs Shift Throughout the Day

Energy needs have evolved and people are turning to foods & beverages to provide a wide-range of functional benefits, including mental performance, athletic performance, better sleep, improved mood, relaxation, etc., and these needs shift throughout the day. This comprehensive report from HealthFocus International takes a deeper look at energy globally, regionally, and across 22 individual countries to help companies better understand shopper motivations and attitudes. This allows them to connect more powerfully with their targets and bring market solutions faster and more profitably. Some of the many topics addressed within the report include:

Profiling key energy targets: Hard Core Energy Seekers vs. Balanced Energy Shoppers

How many shoppers are concerned and affected by energy related health issues like tiredness, sleep problems, stress, and lack of mental sharpness/focus?

What is the end goal for more energy? Is it about productivity or feeling good?

Which markets are most active in selecting foods/beverages for functional benefits like more energy, daily performance, mental performance, athletic performance, mood, stress relief, relaxation, and better sleep?

How does energy product use vary by market and demographic groups?

What are the energy benefits shoppers want most (e.g., mental energy, long-lasting physical energy, energy boost later in the day, energy for exercise, etc.)?

How do specific energy needs shift by daypart?

How does the importance of energy level shift during the day? How does it compare to other key needs like nutrition, taste, convenience, indulgence, and hunger?

Introduction and Methodology
Executive Overview & Summary Findings
Profiling Core Energy Targets
Unresolved Afflictions
Core Motivations & Energy Benefits
Food for Function
Approach to Energy Products
Understanding How Energy Needs Change Throughout the Day
Appendix – Individual Country Snapshots
Profiling Core Energy Targets
This section provides an in-depth profile of two key energy targets: Hard Core Energy Seekers (Primary Target) and Balanced Energy Shoppers (Secondary Target) and sizes them across all markets.
Unresolved Afflictions
Level of concern and incidence of energy related health issues including:
Tiredness, lack of energy
Sleep problems
Lack of mental sharpness/focus
Globally, where do energy related health issues fall in comparison to other health problems?
Core Motivations & Energy Benefits
What are shopper’s primary reasons for choosing health foods and beverages? How many shoppers are primarily driven to eat healthy for energy?
What is the greatest need more energy would meet in their life (e.g., feeling better physically, getting more done, better mood, etc.?)
Which energy benefits are shoppers most interested in getting from foods?
Long-lasting physical energy
Mental energy
Energy for exercise
Energy I can draw on as needed to get through the day
Morning energy to get started
An energy boost later in the day
Energy to get you to your next meal or snack
Food for Function
How often do shoppers choose foods/beverages to improve their energy level? Which markets/demographic groups stand out?
Which other energy related functional benefits are they actively seeking from foods/beverages?
to improve my overall daily performance
to improve my mental performance
to help improve/enhance my mood
for relaxation
to reduce feelings of stress
to promote good sleep
to improve my athletic performance
Approach to Energy Products
How many shoppers understand the connection between what they eat/drink and energy level? Do they use specific products (other than coffee) for energy? Do they believe a good diet will provide all the energy they need?
How often do shoppers use the following?
Sports or energy bars
Protein drinks
Sports drinks
Energy drinks
Which markets and demographic groups are the heaviest users of energy products?
Understanding How Energy Needs Change Throughout the Day
How important is energy level throughout the day? Globally, how does energy level compare to other key considerations (e.g., nutrition, taste, convenience, hunger, and reward/indulgence) for deciding what to eat at each daypart?
Which specific types of energy are most important at each daypart?
Higher energy level in general
Better mental concentration/focus
Burst of energy to get through immediate need
Sustained higher energy to last several hours
Energy for a workout/activity
Relaxation/letting go
Individual Country Snapshots
Individual country snapshots for all 22 countries providing a quick overview of shopper attitudes & actions on the country level.

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