Canada Beer and Cider Market Insights to 2026 - Market Overview, Category and Segment Analysis, Company Market Share, Distribution, Packaging and Consumer Insights

Canada Beer and Cider Market Insights to 2026 - Market Overview, Category and Segment Analysis, Company Market Share, Distribution, Packaging and Consumer Insights


Following 1.8% growth in 2019, the Canadian economy entered a recession in 2020, with the country’s real gross domestic product (GDP) shrinking by 5.4%. This was the country’s worst economic performance on record. The contraction can mainly be attributed to the implementation of lockdown restrictions in response to the outbreak of COVID-19. These restrictions had a huge impact on the economy, primarily affecting the tourism, aviation, foodservice, hospitality, and manufacturing industries. However, in 2021, the Canadian economy is expected to perform strongly with the reopening of the economy after the third wave of COVID-19. It is expected to record growth of 6.1% following the efficient vaccination roll out, provided there are no further COVID-19 outbreaks, which would once again restrict mobility.

Canada Beer and Cider Market Insights to 2026 report provides a complete overview of the Canada Beer and Cider industry structure offering a comprehensive insight into historical background trends, 2020 performance and 2021 outlook.


Covering total market (On and Off-Premise) the report details -

  • 2016-2020 actual detailed Beer Consumption Volume data by Segment, Brand, Brewer, Packaging and Distribution (On and Off-Premise), with 2021 forecasts.
  • Value by distribution channel 2016-2020, with 2021 forecasts.
  • Overview of the competitive landscape in the Beer and Cider market, with analysis of key company performance.
  • Insightful and valuable analysis of the drivers behind both current and emerging trends in the Beer and Cider market.
Reasons to Buy
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the dynamics and structure of the Canada Beer and Cider industry, from the latest competitive intelligence of both historical and forecast trends to enhance your corporate strategic planning.
  • Evaluate the current emerging trends and future growth opportunities in the Canada Beer and Cider market to support your brand development and marketing initiatives.
  • Understand volume vs. value trends and identify the key growth opportunities across the super-premium, premium, mainstream and discount segments to best target profitability.
  • Analyze domestic and imported beer brand performance and determine the key trends driving consumption preference to develop a competitive advantage.
  • Interrogate the unique granularity of our data to analyze the market on a variety of levels to make well-informed decisions on future threats and growth prospects in the marketplace for your company.

  • Introduction
    • Executive Summary
    • COVID-19 Beer & Cider Recovery
    • Industry Snapshot - Forecast
      • Table Top Five Performing Alcohol Categories, Volume (000's HL), 2020
    • Industry Snapshot - Share & Per Capita Consumption
    • Beer & Cider Volume and Value Growth Projections
      • Table Value sales of beer are expected to outpace volume sales over 2021–2026
    • Enablers and Inhibitors of Beer & Cider Growth
  • Category and Segment Insight
    • Beer & Cider Winners and Losers
    • Beer Category Overview
    • Beer - Beer Type Evolution
    • Flavor Segment Dynamics - Beer
    • Craft Beer Segment Dynamics
    • Cider Category Overview
    • Cider - Cider Type Evolution
    • Flavor Segment Dynamics - Cider
    • Brand vs. Private Label Dynamics
    • Price Segmentation
    • Alcoholic Strength Segment Dynamics
    • Beer Emerging Trends & Opportunities
    • Cider Emerging Trends & Opportunities
  • Company and Brand Insight
    • Leading Company Volume and Value Performance
    • Labatt
    • Molson
    • Sleeman
    • Tier 2 Companies - Key Callouts
    • Beer - Brand and Private Label Trends
    • Cider - Brand and Private Label Trends
    • Brand Spotlight Case Studies - How To Win
    • Mergers & Acquisition Activity 2020
    • Job Analytics - Themes Evolution
      • Table Job Postings by Theme & Company
    • Job Analytics - Total Jobs
  • Distribution Insight
    • On- vs. Off-Premise Evolution in Beer & Cider
    • On-Premise Snapshot
    • Off-Premise Snapshot
    • Sub-Channel Evolution in Beer & Cider
    • On-Premise Channels - Key Winner & Loser
    • Off-Premise Channels - Key Winner & Loser
  • Packaging Insight
    • Packaging Material Snapshot
    • Packaging Type Snapshot
    • Influences on Packaging
  • Consumer Insight
    • Key Drivers Influencing Beer & Cider Consumption
    • Moderation & Avoidance
    • Novel and Experimental
    • Sustainability
    • Localism
    • Strategic Issues Summary Map
  • Recommendations
    • Actionable Insights
  • Appendix
  • Category Definitions
    • Beer & Cider Sector Definitions
    • Category Definitions: Beer
    • Category Definitions: Cider
  • Packaging Definitions
  • Channel Definitions
  • Research Methodology
    • Research Methodology - Overview
    • Primary Research
    • Industry Research
    • Intelligence Tools
    • Pricing Sources
    • Value Methodology
    • Forecast Methodology - Introduction
    • Forecast Methodology - Process
    • Forecast Methodology - Price Elasticity
    • Forecast Methodology - Technical USPS
    • Forecast Methodology - Review Process
    • Forecast Methodology - Case Study
      • Table Below is a case study of the soft drinks market in 10 major global markets where forecasts were undertaken blind for the years 2018–2020. This showcases the 1% variance

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