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Involved in publishing, market research, business reference and online information systems for over 40 years, Euromonitor International is recognized as a leading provider of global business intelligence and market analysis.

Euromonitor creates global reports for Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia­Pacific, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East. The company creates market reports used for marketing and strategic planning in all sectors of industry.

Country reports look at statistical data and current industry trends for 80 countries globally. Company profiles highlight insights of leading companies regarding operations and strategies. Specializing in market research for consumer goods which includes the following sectors: alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, toiletries, disposable paper products, electrical appliances, packaged foods, hot and cold beverages, household products, OTC healthcare, pet foods, pet care and tobacco. Industry sectors include: financial services, food service, retail, leisure, lifestyles and travel/tourism.
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  • Pet Care in the Netherlands

    ... key factor for consumer spending on pet care rising again. Value growth was primarily achieved through greater demand for higher-priced products as disposable income growth picked up; meanwhile, retail volume sales continued to struggle against ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks in Norway

    ... usual summer, increasing cross-border trade with Sweden and more international travelling resulting in duty-free shopping. There is also a recurring overall consumer trend of drinking less, but better, which restricts volume growth but benefits value ... Read More

  • Beer in Norway

    ... and wheat beer had the strongest growth although lager remained the most consumed beer type and, despite losing share over the review period to dark beer, remained popular due to the frequent launch of new ... Read More

  • Premium Beauty and Personal Care in Norway

    ... specialist retailers. This trend continued to intensify in 2017, with pure online player opening its first physical stores, along with new discount players such as Normal and Loco entering the market. The focus of ... Read More

  • Rtds/High-Strength Premixes in Norway

    ... trade with Sweden limited growth, not unique to RTDs/high-strength premixes but having an overall effect on alcoholic drinks in Norway. Lastly, more competition from a new wave of liqueur products that have a similar target ... Read More

  • Beer in Bolivia

    ... penetration. The traditional consumer segments that drank beer are showing a growing preference for alternative products such as liqueurs or spirits. Similarly, new generations are looking for differentiated and innovative products. RTDs or liqueurs such ... Read More

  • Spirits in Bolivia

    ... to change the consumer profile associated with this drink, and one strategy has been to approach millennials with contemporary, simple and direct language. By holding events exclusively aimed at this young segment, and being present ... Read More

  • Wine in Bolivia

    ... Unico, Origen and Esther Ortiz. The favourable response to these awards has increased the consumption of wine in the country, especially of national wines in the medium- to high-end price ranges. Euromonitor International's Wine in ... Read More

  • Cider/Perry in Cameroon

    ... products and thus not within reach for most consumers. Euromonitor International's Cider/Perry in Cameroon report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides the latest ... Read More

  • Wine in Cameroon

    ... Indeed, the number of middle-income consumers has been increasing significantly in recent years and this has encouraged consumers to trade up to higher-priced and/or better-quality products. In addition, as many of those consumers embark on ... Read More

  • Beer in the Czech Republic

    ... on-trade suffered negative consumption figures in 2017. Foodservice outlets began officially using the online cash register system in December 2016 and, consequently, many smaller establishments, mainly pubs in small villages, closed. The smoking ban became ... Read More

  • Rtds/High-Strength Premixes in the Czech Republic

    ... the ingredients and relaunched Frisco as a cider in spring 2017. The company reduced the flavours and Frisco Cider was introduced in variants of Pineapple and Lemongrass, Cranberry, Apple and Lemon and extended with Forest ... Read More

  • Wine in Norway

    ... within alcoholic drinks in Norway during the review period. This is closely linked to the natural food trend, with consumers becoming increasingly concerned about natural ingredients and ABV content. This supported the sales of still ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks in Latvia

    ... domestic alcoholic beverages production environment, consumers from Estonia and Finland have had a significant effect upon the alcoholic drinks market in Latvia. Their presence has not only increased the otherwise stagnant aggregate demand, but also ... Read More

  • Beer in Latvia

    ... GDP, beer sales will be negatively impacted by decreasing demographics. However, during the forecast period, beer is still expected to display positive growth dynamics as cross-border sales from neighbours – Estonia and to a smaller ... Read More

  • Cider/Perry in Latvia

    ... mid-priced products such as Somersby and Sheerwood. Growth of cider/perry is also expected to rise in the future as the category continues to redefine itself as the alternative to consumers that are not fans of ... Read More

  • Spirits in Latvia

    ... power, consumers were moving between spirits segments, preferring more premium categories during the process. Categories like gin, whiskey and cognac largely gained in the process. This movement took a toll on economy-priced segments, such as ... Read More

  • Wine in Latvia

    ... lifestyle trend, people are putting more emphasis on lighter nutrition, which is better complemented by white wines. Additionally, people are more inclined towards trying out various foreign cuisines, such as Italian, Greek and Spanish cuisines ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks in New Zealand

    ... years. Over the review period the craft and premiumisation trends continued to impact the market, leading to a fall in volume sales alongside positive current value growth as consumers opted for quality over quantity. In ... Read More

  • Baby and Child-Specific Products in New Zealand

    ... falls below replacement level, there will be fewer births over the forecast period. Women are waiting longer to have children, leading to the likelihood of having fewer children. Social and financial factors are impacting these ... Read More

  • Beauty and Personal Care in New Zealand

    ... that the economy remained buoyant, which contributed to annual retail price rises across the board for both mass and premium brands, with the economy being able to sustain the price movement. In value terms, both ... Read More

  • Depilatories in New Zealand

    ... to their affordability, and the difficulty finding the right blades to fit withdrawn razor systems. However, razor systems have evolved, using better technology and more compatible blade systems. The main developments were in the flexibility ... Read More

  • Fragrances in New Zealand

    ... are great for manufacturers, as they provide an opportunity for consumers to experiment with various fragrances, finding one they particularly like, which they then purchase in a bigger bottle. Mini fragrances also are great for ... Read More

  • Oral Care in New Zealand

    ... particularly pre-schoolers, due to poor oral care habits and the consumption of a diet high in sugar. It was found that the number of pre-school children having teeth extracted was on the rise. In 2016, ... Read More

  • Premium Beauty and Personal Care in New Zealand

    ... through local retail stores but well-known through media attention. When the Mac brand (Estée Lauder (NZ)) was introduced in New Zealand, the strategy was to introduce both stand-alone stores and make-up counters in department stores. ... Read More

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