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Involved in publishing, market research, business reference and online information systems for over 40 years, Euromonitor International is recognized as a leading provider of global business intelligence and market analysis.

Euromonitor creates global reports for Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia­Pacific, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East. The company creates market reports used for marketing and strategic planning in all sectors of industry.

Country reports look at statistical data and current industry trends for 80 countries globally. Company profiles highlight insights of leading companies regarding operations and strategies. Specializing in market research for consumer goods which includes the following sectors: alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, toiletries, disposable paper products, electrical appliances, packaged foods, hot and cold beverages, household products, OTC healthcare, pet foods, pet care and tobacco. Industry sectors include: financial services, food service, retail, leisure, lifestyles and travel/tourism.
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24304 Reports from Euromonitor International

  • Jeans in China

    ... premium jeans outperformed economy jeans in terms of value growth in 2017. To appeal to young consumers, manufacturers have launched new ranges of brand collaborations, tailor-made ranges and limited edition ranges, usually priced higher than ... Read More

  • Footwear in the Netherlands

    ... distribution channel, although its share is rapidly declining. This shift poses a significant challenge to smaller retailers, which have seen their margins narrow, with some going bankrupt in recent years. Larger footwear companies, by contrast, ... Read More

  • Polishes in the US

    ... furniture sales and demand for metal polish is coming from sales of ovenware and cookware. In furniture polish, Pledge, which is synonymous with this type of polish, owns nearly half of the subcategory, but below ... Read More

  • Jeans in the Netherlands

    ... years, however. Due to the wider offerings of comfortable dresses and skirts and leggings available, Dutch women have a much greater assortment to choose from, which has negatively impacted sales of jeans. On the other ... Read More

  • Sportswear in the Netherlands

    ... more involved in sports activities as during 2016. While the total number of men active at least once week grew by 3.3% over 2015-2016 to a total of 62%, women are catching up, with 5.4% ... Read More

  • Surface Care in the Netherlands

    ... thanks to this trend. Room-specific products feature trigger spray closure systems that save considerable time for consumers who have less time to clean. On the other hand, decline in multi-purpose cleaners is clearly evident as ... Read More

  • Apparel and Footwear in Nigeria

    ... retailers. Both second-hand and undeclared import sales make up about 80% of total apparel and footwear worn in Nigeria. Second-hand products are generally referred to as “okrika” and sold through informal retailers, frequently called “bend-down ... Read More

  • Home Care in Nigeria

    ... driving sales of lower-priced home care products and brands. Euromonitor International's Home Care in Nigeria market report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides ... Read More

  • Jeans in Nigeria

    ... the forecast period. The majority of the population is under the age of 35 and so the consumer base is still young, and also growing well. Urbanisation and Westernisation has also boosted sales of jeans, ... Read More

  • Laundry Care in Nigeria

    ... bar detergents, which are considered gentle on fabrics and easy on the pocket. Record inflation and the devaluation of the naira further increased price-sensitivity amongst consumers, and it is expected that consumers will remain more ... Read More

  • Menswear in Nigeria

    ... faster than womenswear, both over the review and forecast period as Nigerian men are increasingly paying more attention to their appearance. This is due to rising disposable incomes and growing formal employment, but also due ... Read More

  • Polishes in Nigeria

    ... are also a common sight in Nigeria, and charge NGN20 for polishing a pair of shoes. These mobile shoe shiners are patronised mostly by working-class Nigerians, who are either too busy to polish their shoes ... Read More

  • Sportswear in Nigeria

    ... period. Supporting growth is the increase of the urban population, and people in professional working employment that are more aware of the need to exercise, especially given the rise of sedentary jobs. The emergence of ... Read More

  • Womenswear in Nigeria

    ... economic stagnation in 2016 and 2017 weakened growth in womenswear, it is expected to resume good growth over the forecast period as economic growth recovers. The key drivers of womenswear are the fast growth of ... Read More

  • Footwear in Denmark

    ... of focus on functionality. Functional footwear, such as rubber boots and trainers, with more modern designs, has increased in popularity. Brands such as Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk and Aigle have managed to add value by introducing ... Read More

  • Hosiery in Denmark

    ... trend by focusing on compressionwear and functional hosiery. The athleisure trend, in which individuals seek to portray a healthy and active image, has boosted sales of compression tights in particular. Brands such as Hummel, Hunkemöller, ... Read More

  • Jeans in Denmark

    ... worldwide to be labelled with both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel. Furthermore, there have been several articles in the media highlighting when major brands such as Levi's and Nudie Jeans incorporate more ... Read More

  • Sportswear in Denmark

    ... total apparel and footwear. Sportswear has become increasingly integrated into everyday wear. High street chains, such as Bestseller, H&M Hennes & Mauritz, Zara and DK Company, have all introduced sportswear lines, while international sports giants, ... Read More

  • Womenswear in Denmark

    ... of rising maturity, womenswear manufacturers have faced difficulties in adding value to the category, resulting in negative or stagnant growth for most of the review period. However, the increasing focus on sportswear within womenswear contributed ... Read More

  • Charge Cards in Russia

    ... Card Transactions in Russia report establishes the size and structure of the market for ATMs cards, smart cards, credit cards, debit cards, charge cards, pre-paid cards and store cards. It looks at key players in ... Read More

  • Bleach in Sweden

    ... functionality and usage. Innovation in these other categories is contributing to refinement of consumer demand and the growing perception that bleach is an old-fashioned and crude cleaning product. Moreover, the trend towards multifunctional products in ... Read More

  • Air Care in Estonia

    ... the number of scents offered to consumers. As air care products were used more in other rooms, in addition to bathrooms and toilets, consumers picked products that had more different variations. Euromonitor International's Air Care ... Read More

  • Bleach in Estonia

    ... in Estonia. Additionally, it is used to clean toilets and other surfaces that are hard to clean. With a growing economy, more and more consumers are interested in a better-quality wash for white clothes, enabling ... Read More

  • Dishwashing in Estonia

    ... incomes. All new flats are built with room for an automatic dishwasher in the kitchen. Older apartments being refurbished also mostly received a modern kitchen with an automatic dishwasher installed. For consumers, a good kitchen ... Read More

  • Home Insecticides in Estonia

    ... fly insecticide, the sales of which are strongly seasonal due to flies dying off in the cold winter. The third largest type was universal insecticide, which can be used for multiple types of bugs. Growth ... Read More

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