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Involved in publishing, market research, business reference and online information systems for over 40 years, Euromonitor International is recognized as a leading provider of global business intelligence and market analysis.

Euromonitor creates global reports for Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia­Pacific, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East. The company creates market reports used for marketing and strategic planning in all sectors of industry.

Country reports look at statistical data and current industry trends for 80 countries globally. Company profiles highlight insights of leading companies regarding operations and strategies. Specializing in market research for consumer goods which includes the following sectors: alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, toiletries, disposable paper products, electrical appliances, packaged foods, hot and cold beverages, household products, OTC healthcare, pet foods, pet care and tobacco. Industry sectors include: financial services, food service, retail, leisure, lifestyles and travel/tourism.
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19661 Reports from Euromonitor International

  • Better For You Beverages in South Korea

    ... of the importance of food safety and consider products very carefully before buying. However, they are unlikely to focus heavily on the sugar content of carbonates and functional drinks, such as sports and energy drinks, ... Read More

  • Fortified/Functional Packaged Food in South Korea

    ... attract consumers. For example, Lotte Confectionery introduced filled biscuits including probiotics targeting young female consumers who are reluctant to eat biscuits by positioning the products as healthy biscuits. After it gained popularity, the company introduced ... Read More

  • Bath and Shower in Japan

    ... the importance of skin moisturising afterwards. This is also stressed by manufacturers, especially during winter, and many companies promote their brands’ moisturising function in their advertisements. Euromonitor International's Bath and Shower in Japan report offers ... Read More

  • Depilatories in Japan

    ... maintenance, older women, who could potentially become the majority of depilatories consumers, continue to show little interest in removing body hair. Euromonitor International's Depilatories in Japan report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and ... Read More

  • Fragrances in Japan

    ... first time in three years, mainly supported by inbound tourists seeking Japanese skin care products. Euromonitor International's Fragrances in Japan report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a ... Read More

  • Gardening in Thailand

    ... in seeds in 2017. With a rising interest in health and wellbeing consumers are placing a greater focus on what they eat, but this is also translating into the home environment with consumers increasingly looking ... Read More

  • Beauty and Personal Care in Kazakhstan

    ... in 2014-15, consumers in 2017 still looked to save money, giving preference to essential beauty and personal care products. However, since 2016, the standard of living in Kazakhstan has improved slightly. In 2017, disposable incomes ... Read More

  • Hair Care in Kazakhstan

    ... attributed to the fact that consumers are starting to follow healthy lifestyles and switch to alternatives in hair care also, with many brands now offering diversified portfolios of naturally positioned products. In addition, consumers have ... Read More

  • Mass Beauty and Personal Care in Kazakhstan

    ... to products which offer the best value, with 1+1 and discounted offers being particularly popular. The importance and popularity of price promotions grew notably in 2017. Over the forecast period, consumer purchasing power is not ... Read More

  • Men's Grooming in Kazakhstan

    ... women remain the key purchasers of products in this area for their partners and family members. It is not expected that this situation will change over the coming years in Kazakhstan. Therefore, for companies in ... Read More

  • Oral Care in Kazakhstan

    ... all ages, gender and income levels continues to help boost sales. Considering the popularity of different toothpaste types, total care/complete care toothpaste led sales in 2017, followed by toothpaste with whitening and fresh breath properties. ... Read More

  • Premium Beauty and Personal Care in Kazakhstan

    ... standards and financial independence, women are looking to display their status and stand out more by purchasing expensive beauty and personal care products, thus boosting demand for premium ranges. Over the forecast period, the growing ... Read More

  • Skin Care in Kazakhstan

    ... amount of skin care products they use due to limited awareness and education, as well as high price sensitiveness. However, with the area still developing from a low base, skin care products continue to develop ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Kazakhstan

    ... in towns, skin care products and colour cosmetics with lower SPF rates are typically used instead of sun care. Therefore, the line between sun care and these areas is becoming more blurred due to the ... Read More

  • Baby and Child-Specific Products in Latvia

    ... of the synthetic ingredients commonly used in mass products. Often recommended by paediatricians and found on pharmacy shelves due to their medicinal characteristics or in specialist baby stores rather than supermarkets, these products offer some ... Read More

  • Bath and Shower in Latvia

    ... the expense of bar soap. This can be attributed to the former’s ease of use, convenience, attractive packaging and wider variety of scents. Liquid soap was thus one of the best performing categories in bath ... Read More

  • Beauty and Personal Care in Latvia

    ... possible economic volatility, with Latvians not having forgotten the 2008 financial crisis and recent ban on exports to Russia. Nevertheless, with volume sales stagnant or rising only slightly, the industry’s value growth is being driven ... Read More

  • Depilatories in Latvia

    ... of waxing, although these products are also being challenged by alternative sugar-based depilatories. Products with organic and natural ingredients were also highly sought after, with manufacturers responding by enriching their new products with green tea, ... Read More

  • Fragrances in Latvia

    ... highlight the cost benefit to consumers. On the other hand, an increasing number of consumers decided to opt for smaller sizes, preferring to acquire a collection of different fragrances for use at different times of ... Read More

  • Oral Care in Latvia

    ... become better educated about the benefits of various products, including dental floss and mouthwashes/dental rinses. Many will add such items to their shopping baskets, not only thanks to their rising disposable incomes but also advice ... Read More

  • Premium Beauty and Personal Care in Latvia

    ... Latvia is anticipated to see its population fall by 4% over 2017-2022 – there will be little opportunity to increase volume sales. However, overall consumer expenditure is expected to be 25% higher in 2022 when ... Read More

  • Skin Care in Latvia

    ... volume growth. Despite higher manufacturing costs being reflected in final retail prices, lower price-sensitivity and strong brand loyalty in these categories meant consumers were not willing to sacrifice their favourite products. Euromonitor International's Skin Care ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Latvia

    ... possible effects of exposure to the sun at all times of the year, in Latvia sun protection tends to be used only during the summer and warm weather. Latvians generally do not pay great attention ... Read More

  • Beauty and Personal Care in Japan

    ... million people visited Japan in 2017, the highest number in history, with records having been beaten for five consecutive years. Furthermore, the Japanese government has set a goal to reach 40 million tourists annually by ... Read More

  • China in 2030: The Future Demographic

    ... and falling birth rates, will be responsible for a continuous slowdown in growth. China will remain one of the oldest countries regionally in 2030 as a result of the rapidly increasing share of older age ... Read More

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