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Changing Dynamics in Business Marketing

Changing Dynamics in Business Marketing

This eBook “Changing Dynamics in Business Marketing” for the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing was prompted by the Academy of Marketing B2B SIG Colloquium at the University of Bournemouth. It includes a Guest Editorial which looks at the contributions from three practitioner commentary articles, four research papers and a book review. All the manuscripts presented in this issue include discussions of the impact of changes created in the marketing environment, such as from the last economic crisis and advances in IT, communication technologies and social media networks. There are insights into how B2B firms, CEOs and CMOs must reconsider their practices in interacting with other businesses, customers and employees to be more vigilant and competitive in their strategies. There are different definitions and perceptions of what the business model concept is and how it is applied, so this eBook starts with a commentary paper to identify those which seem most appropriate in exploring the relationship between business models and their resources, value chains, architecture, organisation and processes supported with a case study explanation from the international logistics industry. The second commentary paper addresses the indecision of B2B Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) in using social media, resulting in their not being ready to meet the challenges the new media poses. The third commentary paper shows how a short-term view of capital investment affects marketing expenditure, often manifested some considerable time after goods have “left the factory”. The four research papers investigate a range of topics from: (a) implications of the use of Mobile Social Media (MSM) on interaction, exchange of information and creation of user-generated content in the B2B firms in the context of the UK advertising and marketing sector; (b) business adoption of Internet banking, in particular, in Tunisia, to highlight the relevance of integrating e-trust dimensions to the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and for Internet banking adoption by businesses; (c) nature of the inter-personal relationship existing between the account managers of UK insurance brokers and their business customers and where mismatches in their perceptions of ‘relationship closeness’ results in role strain for such managers and conflicts; and (d) where a theoretical framework from the business literature can be developed to further a practical examination of an umbrella brand in the hotel sector in Germany and when behavioural characteristics play a significant role in explaining overall alliance success in matters of costs and services. The Book Review of Dr Sharad Sharin’s textbook on business marketing is substantially based on Indian firms, but with contexts from both Western and Indian business cultures. Written at a time when the global economy was still feeling the effects of upheavals from a world-wide recession, the book illustrates the principles of how good business practices using marketing could work. With many case study examples, it makes a strong contribution to books on business marketing. The collection of material in this eBook shows that the dynamism of the business marketing environment can be felt all too keenly and that there are implications for the B2B practices of firms when faced with the need to change to address new developments or challenges in their business environments. The contributions by authors in this issue are found in their discussions, insights and analyses with recommendations. With grateful thanks to all the contributors; to Professor Sharad Sarin for sending his book to be evaluated in the Book Review; to Professor Wesley Johnston (JBIM Editor); and to the Emerald team, particularly, Diane Richardson and Adrian Paylor for the publication of this special eBook.

An analysis of business’ acceptance of internet banking: an integration of e-trust to the TAM,Better together? A Hospitality Case for Umbrella Branding,Book Review,Business models in the business to business and business to consumer worlds – what can each world learn from the other?,Businesses and mobile social media capability,Changing Dynamics in Business Marketing,Marketing in B2B organisations: as it is; as it should be – a commentary for change,Section Header,The impact of social media on the B2B CMO,Understanding the strain of inter-personal relationships on employees

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