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BCC Research has produced reliable market research reports and forecasts for more than 45 years.The company, founded in 1971 as Business Communications Company (BCC) Inc. by Louis Naturman, quickly proved itself as a leading market information resource,directed by analysts and editors with verified industry experience. 

They began producing research and forecasts reports in the advanced materials and plastics markets. In response to demand in the greater-Boston area for market research in biotech, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and information technology, BCC Research expanded into new markets. Today, BCC Research publishes reports in 19 distinct verticals, from healthcare to nanotechnology. 

For decades, BCC's market sizing, forecasting and industry intelligence have contributed to smart business decisions-especially in markets where scientific and technological advances are at the forefront of improving businesses,economies, public welfare and quality of life. 

What sets BCC Research apart:
  • U.S.-based management team
  • U.S.-based editorial team
  • Globally recognized expert analysts with real industry experience
  • More than 45 years of research focused on markets where science and technology are having the greatest impact
  • Proven and trusted market CAGRs and 5-year forecasts
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1345 Reports from BCC Research

  • Global Markets for Plastics Additives

    ... global and regional markets for all types of plastics additives as well as the plastics additives industry. The report’s in-depth look at the consolidation and globalization of the plastics processing industry may allow additive manufacturers ... Read More

  • Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market: Investments vs Potential

    ... of industries for various applications. The market is broken down by solution, end-user industry, technology and region. Revenue forecasts from 2019 to 2024 are presented for each type, technology, end-user industry, and regional market. The ... Read More

  • Agricultural Biotechnology: Emerging Technologies and Global Markets

    ... and biofuels; biotech seeds; and biologicals. BCC Research analyzes these technologies and products to determine present and future market sizes, and to forecast growth from 2019 through 2024. The report also discusses industry strategic alliances, ... Read More

  • Major Reverse Osmosis System Components for Water Treatment: The Global Market

    ... U.S. dollars, unadjusted for inflation. Water processing capacity is measured in million gallons per day (gpd). These forecasts are further broken down by geographical regions. Individual end-applications are further broken down by components, market sectors ... Read More

  • Smart Biopsy Device Market

    ... from 2018 to 2023 are given for each application with estimated valued derived from the revenue of manufacturers total revenues. The report also includes a discussion of the major players across each regional smart biopsy ... Read More

  • Offshore Decommissioning Markets

    ... include operator project management, post-cessation of production (CoP) OPEX, well decommissioning (plugging and abandonment), facility de-energizing, topside preparation, topside removal, jacket removal, topside and substructure onshore recycling, subsea infrastructure, site remediation and post-decommissioning monitoring. BCC ... Read More

  • 4D Geographic Information System (GIS) Market

    ... for 2018 through 2023 are provided. The 4D GIS market is segmented into three categories - - Components: hardware, software, data, people and methods. - Applications: aerospace and defense, government, healthcare, construction and manufacturing, natural ... Read More

  • High-Temperature Heat Stabilizers: Global Markets

    ... markets. This report organizes technologies into the following segments: detailed market data are presented for each of the following technology categories - - Metallic salts and soaps. - Organometallic heat stabilizers. - Primary antioxidants. - ... Read More

  • Shared Economy: WeWork, Uber, Airbnb and Lyft

    ... like this. Instead, it has focused its research on the seven segments listed below, which account for the bulk of the market at present and in the foreseeable future. - Mobility sharing. - Person-to-person (P2P) ... Read More

  • Cloud Computing in Cell Biology, Genomics and Drug Development

    ... players including a revenue product portfolio and recent activities. The report analyzes trends and dynamics including drivers, limitations, challenges and opportunities. The report discusses strategies adopted by emerging market players with recommendations for new market ... Read More

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Alzheimer's Applications

    ... Introduction to Alzheimer’s and main medical issues - Description of AI tools applications in the diagnosis, therapy, R&D and health management of Alzheimer’s - Information on types of complex algorithms developed for Alzheimer’s - Coverage ... Read More

  • Genomics and Proteomic Tools for Emerging Markets in Asia-Pacific

    ... to be covered includes-China, South Korea and India. The market would cover products or tools for performing genomics and proteomics studies. Technologies and the products that would be covered in the report include- Sequencing technologies-Sangers ... Read More

  • Stabilizing Quantum Bits for Computing

    ... emerging opportunities for quantum computing based on the recent technological advances and commercialization progress - Description of technologies such as quantum bits stabilization and quantum bit entanglement manipulation - Snapshot of quantum bit financing projects Read More

  • 4D Printing: An Emerging Market

    ... Revenue forecasts for 2020 through 2025 are provided at a global level for these segments. The 4D printing market is segmented into three categories - - By material Programmable carbon fiber Programmable custom-printed wood grain ... Read More

  • Biodiesel Feedstocks: Technologies, Synthesis, Efficiency and Policies

    ... straight vegetable oil, animal oil/fats, tallow and waste cooking oil. The process used to convert these oils to biodiesel is called transesterification. The largest possible source of biodiesel comes from oil crops such as rapeseed, ... Read More

  • Regulatory Intelligence Report for Medical Devices in the U.S.

    ... and comprehensive procedures for the registration, renewal or notification of the medical devices, along with the information on timeline and fee required - Knowledge about labelling and advertising regulations for the medical device and details ... Read More

  • Nondestructive Testing Equipment and Services: Ultrasonic, Radiographic, Eddy Current and Others

    ... report includes a detailed study of global and regional markets for various types of NDT technologies and the necessary equipment for these technologies, as well as the market for NDT services offered by companies worldwide. ... Read More

  • Stress Management Industry: Global Trends

    ... the goals and objectives of our intended customers. The projections are verified through intensive primary and secondary research. The report will enable clients to obtain investment in the stress management industry on the basis of ... Read More

  • Asteroid Mining: The Next Frontier in Space

    ... - Basic concept of asteroid mining and look at the future for space mining - Coverage of new ideas and technologies in asteroid mining for extracting the resources from the near-earth objects (NEOs) - A ... Read More

  • Congenital Heart Defect Devices: Focus on the U.S. Market

    ... and projections of market forecast through 2035 - Insight into the congenital heart disease background, understanding the need for specific device codes, market analysis by various product segments, and recent technological advancements - Holistic review ... Read More

  • Impact of Online Convenience Services: Is it convenient for all?

    ... foodtech or food delivery business organizations and information on their business models - Snapshot of the operating systems used by some of the key food delivery players in the U.S - Knowledge about cloud kitchens, ... Read More

  • Latest Development, Product Innovations and Treatments for Diabetes

    ... of diabetes as a disease. - Review of the epidemiology of diabetes. - Data and statistics by region. - Predictions of future incidence and prevalence of diabetes globally and by region. - Review of the ... Read More

  • Social Robots: Emotional Connection and Task Engagements

    ... emotional connection - Discussion of social robots in the use-cases or categories such as human-like, medical/therapeutic, personal/customer services and toys; ethics and risks associated with using this technology - Analyses of global market trends with ... Read More

  • Nanotechnology in Cancer Treatment

    ... compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2024 - Coverage of types of nanostructured materials, nanodevices, and nanotools used for research, diagnosis, and therapy of various types of cancer - Information on evolving trends and patterns, ... Read More

  • Aerographene/Graphene Aerogel Market

    ... through 2024 - Insights into government regulations with respect to power consumption and initiatives for shaping the graphene aerogel market - Evaluation of current market size, market forecast to 2024, and market share analysis of ... Read More

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