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BCC Research has produced reliable market research reports and forecasts for more than 45 years.The company, founded in 1971 as Business Communications Company (BCC) Inc. by Louis Naturman, quickly proved itself as a leading market information resource,directed by analysts and editors with verified industry experience. 

They began producing research and forecasts reports in the advanced materials and plastics markets. In response to demand in the greater-Boston area for market research in biotech, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and information technology, BCC Research expanded into new markets. Today, BCC Research publishes reports in 19 distinct verticals, from healthcare to nanotechnology. 

For decades, BCC's market sizing, forecasting and industry intelligence have contributed to smart business decisions-especially in markets where scientific and technological advances are at the forefront of improving businesses,economies, public welfare and quality of life. 

What sets BCC Research apart:
  • U.S.-based management team
  • U.S.-based editorial team
  • Globally recognized expert analysts with real industry experience
  • More than 45 years of research focused on markets where science and technology are having the greatest impact
  • Proven and trusted market CAGRs and 5-year forecasts
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904 Reports from BCC Research

  • Industrial Furnaces: Global Markets to 2023

    ... provides an overview of relevant incentives and regulations in major global markets. This study will be of interest to current and potential manufacturers and suppliers of industrial furnaces, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies interested in entering ... Read More

  • Global Markets for Food Processing and Food Packaging Equipment

    ... this equipment and its applications in various segments of food processing and packing, including the following - - Bakery. - Beverages. - Fruits and vegetables. - Grains. - Meat, fish and poultry. - Milk. The ... Read More

  • Digital Transaction Management (DTM): Global Markets to 2023

    ... market size, compounded annual growth rates (CAGR) and revenue prospects for various segments and sub-segments through 2023. The DTM market is segmented based on service type: e-signatures, workflow automation, document sharing and archiving, and security ... Read More

  • Methane Hydrates: Applications and Global Markets Through 2023

    ... application: transportation fuel application, industrial application and other applications. - By region: North America is segmented into the U.S., Canada and Mexico; Europe is segmented into U.K., Germany, France, Russia and Rest of Europe; Asia-Pacific ... Read More

  • Insect Repellent: The Global Market to 2023

    ... This report is segmented by insect repellent ingredient type, method of application, distribution channel and demography. These segments are discussed at length, including plausible opportunities available in the market. The global regions covered include North ... Read More

  • Cell Separation and Characterization in Solid Tumors: Global Markets Through 2023

    ... market and product types. The report will serve as a source for 360-degree analysis of the market, thoroughly integrating different models. The solid tumor products in clinical trials and current products available on the market ... Read More

  • Bioprocess Optimization and Digital Bio-manufacturing: Global Markets

    ... well as meet the growing pressure to control costs from consumers, insurance companies and governments has led many biopharmaceutical manufacturers to resort to innovative methods of production. Implementation of process intensification (continuous manufacturing) and use ... Read More

  • Metamaterials: Technologies and Global Markets

    ... all artificial materials with characteristics usually not found in nature, and they owe these characteristics to their structure rather than to their constituent element or elements. - Artificial dielectrics. - Negative-refraction media. - Active terahertz ... Read More

  • Global Markets for CT Scanners

    ... increase in the aging population and incidence of diseases worldwide, along with the recent research and development (R&D), the demand for advanced technology for diagnostics has significantly increased. Technological developments in computed tomography have brought ... Read More

  • Ceramic Capacitors: Technologies and Opportunities

    ... the current market status for ceramic capacitors, defines trends and presents growth forecasts for the five-year forecast period from 2018 through 2023. The market is analyzed based on the following segments: capacitor type, material type, ... Read More

  • Medical Imaging Instrumentation: Global Markets and Technologies Through 2022

    ... sectors across various industries. The medical imaging instruments market is broken down into product types such as X-ray systems, ultrasound devices, MRI, computed tomography and nuclear imaging. Revenue forecasts from 2017 to 2022 are given ... Read More

  • Global Market for Contract Research Organization (CRO) Services

    ... and by geographic region. Additionally, all major therapeutic areas covered by CROs in the clinical trial process are detailed. The service areas provided by CROs are extensively covered as well. The phases of the clinical ... Read More

  • Biomarker Deals: Terms, Value and Trends, 2008-2018

    ... geographic scope of this study covers the U. S. and companies worldwide. The report identifies the main elements in licensing, acquisitions and partnership deals in the biomarker industry. Report Includes: - 43 data tables and ... Read More

  • Opioid Drugs: Global Markets to 2023

    ... heroin, which are sold in illegal market for illicit usage, are not included. The market estimation includes all branded and generic opioid drugs indicated for different therapeutic application such as pain management and opioid use ... Read More

  • Embedded Systems: Technologies and Asia-Pacific Markets

    ... software. The hardware components considered under the report scope include: Processor IP, MPU/MCU (microcontrollers and microprocessors), RAM, flash memory, digital signal processors (DSP), application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC), field processing gate arrays (FPGA), embedded boards and ... Read More

  • Sol-Gel Processed Ceramics and Glass: U.S. Markets to 2023

    ... year. Market forecasts are provided through 2023 with a projection of compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for 2018-2023. Market data values are provided at global and regional levels for all applications of sol-gel processing. Estimated ... Read More

  • Industrial Coatings: Technologies, Applications and Global Markets

    ... as the base year and estimates for 2018–2023 with projection of CAGR in the forecast duration. The sales values are presented in U.S. dollars, while volumes are presented in kilotons. Estimated values used are based ... Read More

  • Lubricants: Global Markets to 2023

    ... provides estimates from 2018 to 2023 with projections of CAGR in the forecast duration. Market data is provided in terms of volume (kilotons) and value ($ millions) at global and regional levels by product and ... Read More

  • Mining Automation: Technologies and Global Markets

    ... Ore extraction, ore transport, crushing and sorting. - Automated mining controls. The study also considers - - Remote control mining technologies. - Driver-assist systems. - Teleoperated mining technologies. - Fully automated mining technologies. Market breakdowns ... Read More

  • Industrial Boilers: Technologies and Developing Markets

    ... an overview of relevant incentives and regulations in major worldwide markets. This study will be of interest to current and potential manufacturers and suppliers of industrial boilers, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies interested in entering or ... Read More

  • Merchant Hydrogen: Industrial Gas and Energy Markets

    ... markets, lists company profiles and discusses patent trends and industry trends. Cutting-edge developments, research priorities and potential business opportunities are a key focus. The report includes the following - - Investigation and assessment of the ... Read More

  • Cyber Security: North American Markets

    ... solutions to derive specific market estimations. It discusses a comparative study regarding the ways in which technology has improved the cyber security of enterprises and alleviated their vulnerability towards internet threats. The North American cyber ... Read More

  • Smart City Technologies: North American IT Markets

    ... and analyzes the market on the basis of application segment, including energy management, water management, transportation management, assisted living, e-government and waste management. The report also provides in-depth analysis of the North American smart cities ... Read More

  • Wireless Sensors: Technologies and Americas Markets

    ... and end applications. The technology/standard is further segmented into Zigbee and RF4CE, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi and 6LoWPAN, RFID, and Other 802.15.4 based standards/technologies. The end applications are classified into home automation and other ... Read More

  • Antibiotics: Global Markets to 2023

    ... - Comprehensive overview of the global markets for antibiotics - Analyses of the global market trends with data from 2014 to 2018, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2023 - Regional dynamics ... Read More

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