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  • The Soaring and the Falling in 2020: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed the Business World

    ... Highlights of some of the lessons that can be learnt from pandemics - Market positioning and future outlook of the listed companies who have grown the most, changing investment strategies of venture capitalists and how ... Read More

  • Water Purifiers: Global Markets

    ... By Sales Channel: Retail Stores, Direct Sales, Online, B2B Sales and Rent-Based. - By End Use: Healthcare, Household, Hospitality, Educational Institutions, Industrial, Offices and Others. In addition to surveying the industry and providing a competitive ... Read More

  • Merchant Hydrogen: Industrial Gas and Energy Markets

    ... markets, lists company profiles, and discusses patent trends and industry trends. Cutting-edge developments, research priorities and potential business opportunities are key foci. The report includes the following - - Investigation and assessment of the future ... Read More

  • Plastics for Healthcare Packaging

    ... at a CAGR REDACTED over the forecast period. Plastics are one of the major raw materials used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Numerous medical products and packaging products are derived f rom plastic resins ... Read More

  • Future Cars

    ... world and come to define us as a species in that short moment is precisely why they win this checkered flag. Consider the speed: The early history of what we call cars is endlessly argued ... Read More

  • Sustainable Erosion Control, Sediment Management, and Stabilization: Global Markets

    ... factors in major worldwide markets. This report organizes technologies into the following segments, presenting detailed market data for each - - Erosion control blankets. - Jute. - Blown straw. - Hydromulch. - Hydroseed. - Wattles ... Read More

  • Ion-conducting Ceramics: Global Markets

    ... market status for Ion-conducting ceramics, defines trends, and presents growth forecasts for the next five years. The ICC market is analyzed based on the following segments: material category, material chemistry, composition, configuration, application, and region. ... Read More

  • Climate Resilient Cities: Resilient Building Design and Planning

    ... worldwide markets. This report organizes technologies into the following segments - - Cladding and insulation. - Resilient windows. - Structural upgrades. - Low-impact development. - Improved flood management. - Urban heat island management technologies. - ... Read More

  • Environmental Sensing and Monitoring Technologies: Global Markets

    ... phenomena and convert that information into measurable data. Environmental sensor monitoring networks represent the aggregation of large numbers of individual sensors into large networks. Environmental sensors can be in thousands of forms and types based ... Read More

  • Nuclear Plant Operations, Nuclear Fuel, and Nuclear Instrumentation: Global Markets

    ... market factors in major worldwide markets. This report organizes technologies into the following segments; detailed market data are presented for each of the following operations and technology categories; national and regional level splits are provided ... Read More

  • Battery and Other E-waste Recycling

    ... status of the recycling industry, public and private investment strategies, commercialization and legislative initiatives, stakeholders’ activities, and also present growth forecasts for the period 2019-2024. The analysis highlights the latest developments and upcoming opportunities during ... Read More

  • Protective Relays and Circuit Breakers: Global Markets

    ... directional relays, phase sequence or differential relays, distance or impedance relays, Buchholz relays, pilot relays and others. - Relays by product type: electromagnetic relay, static relay and numerical relay. - Relays by load-operating range: high ... Read More

  • Future Cities

    ... rates (CAGRs) through 2024 - Discussion of technologies deployed for improving climate resiliency for buildings and/or cityscapes and their climate resilience related applications - Underlying the benefits of intelligent waste management system (IWMS) and intelligent ... Read More

  • Wastewater Treatment: Coagulants, Flocculants, Corrosion Inhibitors, Biocides, and Antifoaming Agents

    ... treatment facilities could be standalone or integral parts of manufacturing and processing organizations as part of their final byproduct treatment facilities. Depending up on the end-user category, the wastewater treatment facilities are a mandatory component ... Read More

  • Intelligent Waste Management Systems Market

    ... waste. - By source of waste: Industrial, healthcare, domestic, hospitality, electronics, others. - By type of treatment: Chemical treatment, biological treatment, landfill, others. - By type of component: Hardware—sensors, bins, machinery; software - waste notification ... Read More

  • Large and Advanced Battery Technology and Markets

    ... battery systems. Lead-acid batteries. Nickel-cadmium batteries. Next-generation large and advanced battery systems. Nickel metal hydride batteries. Lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-polymer batteries. Specialty large and advanced battery systems. Silver-zinc secondary batteries. Silver-cadmium secondary batteries. Nickel-hydrogen secondary batteries. ... Read More

  • Biofuels: Global Markets

    ... North America, Europe, South America, Asia-Pacific, and Africa and the Middle East. Each regional evaluation includes estimates of market size for sales of ethanol, biodiesel, and other fuel types, and a forecast for growth to ... Read More

  • Major Reverse Osmosis System Components for Water Treatment: The Global Market

    ... U.S. dollars, unadjusted for inflation. Water processing capacity is measured in million gallons per day (gpd). These forecasts are further broken down by geographical regions. Individual end-applications are further broken down by components, market sectors ... Read More

  • Offshore Decommissioning Markets

    ... include operator project management, post-cessation of production (CoP) OPEX, well decommissioning (plugging and abandonment), facility de-energizing, topside preparation, topside removal, jacket removal, topside and substructure onshore recycling, subsea infrastructure, site remediation and post-decommissioning monitoring. BCC ... Read More

  • Biodiesel Feedstocks: Technologies, Synthesis, Efficiency and Policies

    ... straight vegetable oil, animal oil/fats, tallow and waste cooking oil. The process used to convert these oils to biodiesel is called transesterification. The largest possible source of biodiesel comes from oil crops such as rapeseed, ... Read More

  • Asteroid Mining: The Next Frontier in Space

    ... - Basic concept of asteroid mining and look at the future for space mining - Coverage of new ideas and technologies in asteroid mining for extracting the resources from the near-earth objects (NEOs) - A ... Read More

  • Water Meters, Water Quality Sensors and Water Leak Detection: Global Markets

    ... Chapter 1 also details the contribution of the study, the audience, the scope and format, and methodology. The analyst’s credentials are presented and the related BCC Research reports listed. Chapter 2 presents the report’s summary ... Read More

  • Onshore Wind Turbine Market

    ... for 2020 and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2025 - Insight into how technology and market development will create additional revenue and new product categories or bring new life to existing products Read More

  • Space-Based Solar Power: Market Opportunities

    ... solar energy and their geostationary orbit trajectories - Information on estimated initial investments, spacecraft launch costs (market value), and comparative market statistics for solar energy and its growth on earth - Data corresponding to solar ... Read More

  • Recycled Ocean Plastics Market

    ... rates (CAGRs) through 2024 - Insight into the Top 20 countries ranked by mass of mismanaged plastic and input of plastic to the oceans from most polluting rivers across the World - Information on opportunities ... Read More

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Energy & Resources market research reports by BCC Research

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