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  • Smart Inhalers: Global Markets

    ... the study. The report excludes the revenue of inhalers and sensors that operate independently. The focus of this report is instead the combined product, which consists of an inhaler and sensor and is called a ... Read More

  • Global Diabetic Care Devices Market

    ... continuous glucose monitoring devices, transmitters and receivers. This report does not include other medical devices used in hospitals. The scope of the report includes an overview of the global market for diabetes monitoring devices and ... Read More

  • Disposable Gloves and Materials: Global Markets

    ... the report are descriptions of market forces relevant to the disposable gloves and materials industry and their areas of application. Global markets are presented by type of disposable gloves, along with growth forecasts through 2025. ... Read More

  • Global Capnography Devices Market

    ... and opportunity and trends in market growth. The report also covers market projections to 2024 and market shares for key market players. The capnography devices market is broken down by products, technologies, applications and end ... Read More

  • Outpatient Surgical Procedures: Global Markets

    ... outpatient comes from the fact that the patient leaves the surgery facility and returns to their home on the same day of surgery. It eliminates the need for inpatient hospital admission, reduces the prescribed medication, ... Read More

  • Plastics for Healthcare Packaging

    ... at a CAGR REDACTED over the forecast period. Plastics are one of the major raw materials used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Numerous medical products and packaging products are derived f rom plastic resins ... Read More

  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Devices: Global Markets

    ... will also highlight the current and future market potential of CPAP devices with a detailed analysis of the competitive environment. Drivers, restraints, opportunities, pricing analysis, prevalence or incidence COVID-19 and sleep apnea and a regulatory ... Read More

  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Equipment: Global Markets

    ... devices. This report does not include other medical devices used in hospitals and market sizing is restricted to the product types mentioned above. The scope of the report includes an overview of the global market ... Read More

  • Global Medical Ventilators Market

    ... and opportunity and trends in market growth. The report also covers market projections to 2024 and market rank for key market players. The report details the market share of medical ventilators based on types of ... Read More

  • Healthcare Personal Protective Equipment: Global Markets

    ... type of product: masks and respirators, face shields, goggles, gloves, gowns/aprons and others. The market analysis is also provided by region: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and Middle East and Africa. The report ... Read More

  • Global Sternal Closure Devices Market

    ... provides a detailed analysis of the competitive environment, technological advancements, drivers, restraints, opportunities and trends in the market. The report also covers market projections through 2024 as well as market rankings for key market players. ... Read More

  • Global Market for Pain Management Patches

    ... patch regulations and demand for addressing different types of pain have been included in the scope of the study. The report excludes drugs used in the treatment of hormonal pain. The market size includes both ... Read More

  • OTC Drugs, Medical Devices and Diagnostics: Global Markets

    ... devices and diagnostic kits used for self-care and the management of various common diseases. The report considers only “Western” or modern drugs and excludes any other type of drugs such as alternative therapies. This report ... Read More

  • Medical Devices Industry Competitive Landscape for the year 2019

    ... technologies, and company profiles are discussed in detail. The report also examines recent developments and product portfolios of major players, along with market share analysis and ranking in the market. Regulatory landscape analysis focuses on ... Read More

  • Sensors for Robotics: Technologies and Global Markets

    ... and discussed in-depth. These include agriculture, appliances, automotive, healthcare, industrial, logistics and military. In addition, the overall market and each application area is assessed on a worldwide and regional basis, including North America, Latin America, ... Read More

  • Metallocene Technologies and Global Markets

    ... as polyolefin plastomers (POPs) and polyolefin elastomers (POEs). Important competitive non-metallocene-based resins also are explored. Major global producers are covered in terms of key trade-named products. Applications of metallocene resins/elastomers will be covered, including films ... Read More

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring: The Current State of the Art

    ... includes advances in the technology—both those advances being seen in the market today and advances for which CE mark or FDA approval is pending. There is a section covering the pancreas and diabetes, including the ... Read More

  • Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare

    ... Healthcare market and analyzes market trends. Using 2018 as the base year, the report provides estimated market data for the forecast period, 2019-2025. Revenue forecasts for this period are segmented based on solution, application, connectivity, ... Read More

  • Digital Therapeutics: A New Age Medicine

    ... advanced means offered by digital therapeutics. The report describes the factors driving the market and the challenges the market faces, and it also provides a market analysis at the global level. In addition, the report ... Read More

  • Global Implantable Remote Patient Monitoring Devices Market

    ... This study will enable the audience to understand and gain insights into the current market and will forecast the changing market scenario. The data provided can help users understand which market segments (products and end ... Read More

  • Smart Biopsy Device Market

    ... from 2018 to 2023 are given for each application with estimated valued derived from the revenue of manufacturers total revenues. The report also includes a discussion of the major players across each regional smart biopsy ... Read More

  • Regulatory Intelligence Report for Medical Devices in the U.S.

    ... and comprehensive procedures for the registration, renewal or notification of the medical devices, along with the information on timeline and fee required - Knowledge about labelling and advertising regulations for the medical device and details ... Read More

  • Congenital Heart Defect Devices: Focus on the U.S. Market

    ... and projections of market forecast through 2035 - Insight into the congenital heart disease background, understanding the need for specific device codes, market analysis by various product segments, and recent technological advancements - Holistic review ... Read More

  • Social Robots: Emotional Connection and Task Engagements

    ... emotional connection - Discussion of social robots in the use-cases or categories such as human-like, medical/therapeutic, personal/customer services and toys; ethics and risks associated with using this technology - Analyses of global market trends with ... Read More

  • Latest Development, Product Innovations and Treatments for Diabetes

    ... of diabetes as a disease. - Review of the epidemiology of diabetes. - Data and statistics by region. - Predictions of future incidence and prevalence of diabetes globally and by region. - Review of the ... Read More

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