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  • Phenylketonuria Treatment Market: A BCC Research Perspective

    ... advancements and dynamics such as market drivers and factors restraining market growth. The report also covers market projections through 2025 and includes company profiles. The report details segments such as treatment type and geographical region. ... Read More

  • Smart Inhalers: Global Markets

    ... the study. The report excludes the revenue of inhalers and sensors that operate independently. The focus of this report is instead the combined product, which consists of an inhaler and sensor and is called a ... Read More

  • The Soaring and the Falling in 2020: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed the Business World

    ... Highlights of some of the lessons that can be learnt from pandemics - Market positioning and future outlook of the listed companies who have grown the most, changing investment strategies of venture capitalists and how ... Read More

  • Global Diabetic Care Devices Market

    ... continuous glucose monitoring devices, transmitters and receivers. This report does not include other medical devices used in hospitals. The scope of the report includes an overview of the global market for diabetes monitoring devices and ... Read More

  • Disposable Gloves and Materials: Global Markets

    ... the report are descriptions of market forces relevant to the disposable gloves and materials industry and their areas of application. Global markets are presented by type of disposable gloves, along with growth forecasts through 2025. ... Read More

  • Acne Drugs: Global Markets

    ... the competitive environment, regulatory scenario, drivers, restraints, opportunities and trends in the market. The report also covers market projections through 2025 as well as key market players. This report details market shares for acne drugs ... Read More

  • Global Markets for Vaccine Technologies

    ... potential entrants. Broadly speaking, depending on whether they prevent diseases or treat pre-existing ones, vaccines can be divided into prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines. In contrast, animal vaccines are categorized by food-producing animals (porcine, bovine, poultry, ... Read More

  • Global Market Opportunities and Competitive Landscape for CDMO

    ... a review of the global CDMO market by-service type, drug molecule type and end use. This report limits the CDMO market landscape to the US and European regions, and analyzes their regulatory policies, standards and ... Read More

  • Pharmaceuticals for Women's Health: Global Markets

    ... not focus on drugs for infertility, diagnostic and drug technologies for breast cancer or therapies and diagnostics for ovarian cancer. Report Includes: - 54 tables - Detailed overview of the global markets for pharmaceuticals for ... Read More

  • Plastics for Healthcare Packaging

    ... at a CAGR REDACTED over the forecast period. Plastics are one of the major raw materials used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Numerous medical products and packaging products are derived f rom plastic resins ... Read More

  • Next Generation Cancer Diagnostics: Technologies and Global Markets

    ... many countries continue to grow. As a result, there is an increasing demand for noninvasive, diagnostic assays that can detect cancers earlier, molecularly subtype tumors to guide therapy decisions and monitor cancer recurrence in treated ... Read More

  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Devices: Global Markets

    ... will also highlight the current and future market potential of CPAP devices with a detailed analysis of the competitive environment. Drivers, restraints, opportunities, pricing analysis, prevalence or incidence COVID-19 and sleep apnea and a regulatory ... Read More

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HIV/AIDS

    ... image processing, and speech recognition -- and their practical healthcare applications which include diagnosis, therapy, R&D, and health management in the field of HIV/AIDS - Data corresponding to global AI markets and their employability in ... Read More

  • COVID-19 Diagnostics: Global Markets

    ... lungs. This report highlights the current and future market potential for COVID-19 diagnostics and provides a detailed analysis of the competitive environment, regulatory scenario, drivers, restraints, opportunities and trends in the market. The report also ... Read More

  • Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement: Global Markets

    ... over the last decade and how this has impacted mergers and acquisitions and venture capitalist investment in the sector. It reviews pricing and reimbursement policies and processes in the U.S. and Europe and the ways ... Read More

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cancer

    ... health management of cancer - Information on types of complex algorithms developed for cancer - Discussion of major issues related to the utilization of AI for diagnosis and treatment of cancer - Analysis of the ... Read More

  • Global Medical Ventilators Market

    ... and opportunity and trends in market growth. The report also covers market projections to 2024 and market rank for key market players. The report details the market share of medical ventilators based on types of ... Read More

  • Healthcare Personal Protective Equipment: Global Markets

    ... type of product: masks and respirators, face shields, goggles, gloves, gowns/aprons and others. The market analysis is also provided by region: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and Middle East and Africa. The report ... Read More

  • Global Sternal Closure Devices Market

    ... provides a detailed analysis of the competitive environment, technological advancements, drivers, restraints, opportunities and trends in the market. The report also covers market projections through 2024 as well as market rankings for key market players. ... Read More

  • Global Market for Pain Management Patches

    ... patch regulations and demand for addressing different types of pain have been included in the scope of the study. The report excludes drugs used in the treatment of hormonal pain. The market size includes both ... Read More

  • OTC Drugs, Medical Devices and Diagnostics: Global Markets

    ... devices and diagnostic kits used for self-care and the management of various common diseases. The report considers only “Western” or modern drugs and excludes any other type of drugs such as alternative therapies. This report ... Read More

  • Pandemic Outbreaks in the Past Decade: A BCC Research Overview

    ... impact, R&D efforts, treatment and diagnostics, clinical trial landscape, and regulatory and reimbursement landscape - Data corresponding to number of confirmed cases and reported deaths (globally and country wise) due to various pandemics, including novel ... Read More

  • Cyber Security: Technologies and Global Markets

    ... Applications for the market are segmented into banking and financial services institutions, defense and intelligence, healthcare, retail, IT and telecommunications, government, and others, which includes the education and manufacturing sectors. The present cyber security market ... Read More

  • Sensors for Robotics: Technologies and Global Markets

    ... and discussed in-depth. These include agriculture, appliances, automotive, healthcare, industrial, logistics and military. In addition, the overall market and each application area is assessed on a worldwide and regional basis, including North America, Latin America, ... Read More

  • Antifungal Drugs: Technologies and Global Markets

    ... and review some of the latest developments of new and innovative antifungal drugs, their technologies and their intended clinical applications. The key objective is also to conduct and provide an analysis of the market value, ... Read More

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