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BCC Research has produced reliable market research reports and forecasts for more than 45 years.The company, founded in 1971 as Business Communications Company (BCC) Inc. by Louis Naturman, quickly proved itself as a leading market information resource,directed by analysts and editors with verified industry experience. 

They began producing research and forecasts reports in the advanced materials and plastics markets. In response to demand in the greater-Boston area for market research in biotech, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and information technology, BCC Research expanded into new markets. Today, BCC Research publishes reports in 19 distinct verticals, from healthcare to nanotechnology. 

For decades, BCC's market sizing, forecasting and industry intelligence have contributed to smart business decisions-especially in markets where scientific and technological advances are at the forefront of improving businesses,economies, public welfare and quality of life. 

What sets BCC Research apart:
  • U.S.-based management team
  • U.S.-based editorial team
  • Globally recognized expert analysts with real industry experience
  • More than 45 years of research focused on markets where science and technology are having the greatest impact
  • Proven and trusted market CAGRs and 5-year forecasts
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1366 Reports from BCC Research

  • Ion Exchange Materials: Water Applications and Beyond

    ... factors in major worldwide markets. The report organizes applicable technologies into segments and includes detailed market data for each category as follows - Ion exchange material applications, 18 total. - See bulleted list under Study ... Read More

  • Breast Cancer Diagnostic and Drug Technologies: Global Markets

    ... updated market estimates for the diagnostics and therapeutics market. This report also highlights current and future market potential for breast cancer therapeutics along with a detailed analysis of the competitive environment, pipeline drugs, blockbuster drugs ... Read More

  • Global Blood Transfusion and Intravenous Equipment Market

    ... market has been segmented by transfusion products into apheresis devices, blood bags and accessories, blood component separators, blood mixers, consumables and supplies, filters, fridges and freezers, and pathogen reduction systems. Revenue forecasts for 2018-2023 are ... Read More

  • Insurtech: Fresh Legs for a Tired Industry

    ... in venture funding for global insurance and insurtech companies - Listing of top insurtech companies (with over 100 employees) and their core business areas - Knowledge about new digital and analytical technology of data and ... Read More

  • Microscopy: The Global Market

    ... Scanning probe microscopes. - Other types of microscope (e.g., focused ion beam, confocal). - Microscope accessories. Report Includes: - 51 tables - An overview of the global market and technology for microscopy - Analyses of ... Read More

  • The Chinese Market for Indoor Air Quality

    ... discuss IAQ issues relevant to heavy industry and manufacturing environments, nor does it cover IAQ issues, practices, equipment and regulations concerning confined spaces or aircraft. It does, however, discuss the equipment and services that are ... Read More

  • 2019 Consumer and Finance Research Review

    ... is increasing innovation in every sector, but it has major applications in the sectors of consumer goods, retail and finance, where organizations deal with high volume of consumer and business-related data. AI technology basically simulates ... Read More

  • Global Markets for Precision Farming

    ... responding to intra-field variability in crops, resulting in better crop management and more effective output. Precision farming includes various hardware technologies such as automated systems, control systems, sensing and monitoring devices as well as software ... Read More

  • Superplastic Alloys: Aerospace, Transportation, Manufacturing and Electronics Applications

    ... of superplastic alloys, including aerospace, transportation, manufacturing and electronics - Snapshot of ongoing activities for superplastic alloys in the global and regional markets - Insights into opportunities and challenges for super-plastic alloy manufacturers and users Read More

  • 2019 Fuel Cell and Battery Research Review

    ... efficient batteries have gained healthy demand in the global market. Automotive is one of the major sectors, where energy efficient batteries are in strong demand due to surge in production of electric vehicles and charging ... Read More

  • Offshoring Opportunities

    ... on specific industries such as IT and ITES, BPO, Medical, Human Resource and Finance while gathering data for availability of skilled workforce and average salary at every level in these industries. Report Includes: - 78 ... Read More

  • 2019 Manufacturing Research Review

    ... surge in automobile and electronics production has elevated the manufacturing industry up to a higher level. The ability to 3D print metal materials is one of the most exciting ongoing development in the field of ... Read More

  • 2019 Membrane and Separation Technology Research Review

    ... introduced remarkable changes in medicine. An increase in life-threatening diseases has created a surge in the development of devices and techniques to provide better and more affordable care. Manufacturers continuously adopt innovative technologies for higher ... Read More

  • Global Water-Soluble Polymers Market

    ... commercially-available water-soluble polymers to derive specific market estimates. The report includes a comparative study between conventional and emerging technology and the importance of technological advancements in the market. The report also discusses strategies adopted by ... Read More

  • Metal Foam: Emerging Opportunities

    ... projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2024 - Discussion of underlying opportunities and progresses made in metal foam technologies and products - Insight into the emerging opportunities for metal foam equipment manufacturers, end-users, ... Read More

  • Implosion Manufacturing: Novel Nanotech Methods for Next Generation Materials

    ... Implosion fabrication. - Surfactant‐assisted multiphoton‐induced reduction. - Spun-wrapped aligned nanofiber (SWAN) lithography. - Ion beam etching redeposition. - Laser scanning holographic lithography. - Proton beam nano-machining. - Others, as appropriate. - Modifications of existing technologies. ... Read More

  • 2019 Healthcare Research Review

    ... in this space, is anticipated to boost this market in the coming years. The BCC market research reports cater to the current and future needs of the healthcare market, with insights drawn from secondary and ... Read More

  • 2019 Biotechnology Research Review

    ... development, Quantitative Cell Based Assay using high content analysis platform and Luciferase based high-throughput screening assay. Such technologies assure the wide adoption of cell line technologies for drug development, simplify the gene editing process making ... Read More

  • Chemical Food Contaminants: Acrylamide, Furan, Ethyl carbamate, Perchlorate and PFAS

    ... at the regulatory guidelines for food safety; and recommendations reflecting new developments in the field of acrylamide reduction - Discussion of new market opportunities and identification of stakeholders best positioned to meet this supply demand ... Read More

  • Fashion Tech Startups

    ... also explores industry structure, noting strategic alliances and acquisitions. The scope also includes analysis of investment in fashion tech start-ups based on regional markets. The start-ups considered for this study started after 2010. Fashion tech ... Read More

  • 2019 Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Review

    ... find their main fields of application in water and wastewater treatment, chemical processing, environmental remediation, oil and energy, food and beverage production, and life science. Particularly in the plastic industry, the use of nanofibers as ... Read More

  • 2019 Chemicals Research Review

    ... to technology and from FMCG to transportation, all most all industries rely on chemicals. Recent developments have shown surged use of specialty chemicals and materials in the industry. Currently, green solvent materials in commercial use ... Read More

  • Chronic Disease Management: Therapeutics, Device Technologies and Global Markets

    ... business tool with the primary purpose of providing a thorough evaluation of the global market for chronic disease management through various therapeutics and advanced device technologies. The format of this study includes the following - ... Read More

  • Hypereutectic Alloy: Emerging Markets

    ... of market trends, with data from 2018, estimates of 2019, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2024 - A look at the key opportunities and challenges for hypereutectic alloy manufacturers and users Read More

  • Cryogenic Treatment: Emerging Markets

    ... market opportunities for cryogenic treatment - Analysis of global cryogenic treatment market based on material type, application, and region - Details about emerging opportunities for metal and alloy manufacturers, and information on their product innovations Read More

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