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  • Global Markets for Automotive Sensor Technologies

    ... development and deployment of numerous sensing technologies support and enable the introduction of advanced electronic systems, although there are challenges regarding robustness, reliability, quality and cost. New sensors are emerging to improve system functionality and ... Read More

  • Global Market for Semiconductor Batteries

    ... batteries (NiMH), lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion polymer batteries, sodium-ion batteries and others. - By application: laptops, notebooks, mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, camcorders, wearable devices and others. - By region: North America is segmented into the ... Read More

  • Global Markets and Technologies for Nanofibers

    ... the current market status for nanofiber-based products, defines trends, and presents growth forecasts for the next five years. The market is analyzed based on the following segments: material, application, and region. In addition, technological issues, ... Read More

  • Portable Gas Detection Systems: Global Markets

    ... major types and further by sub-types, applications, regional markets and major players in each of these sub-markets. The revenue forecasts from 2018 to 2023 are explained for each of these major types of portable gas ... Read More

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Security: North American Markets to 2023

    ... end-user application and country. It discusses the different segments of IoT security solutions to derive specific market estimations. The type segment includes hardware and software components. Type of securities includes device layer security, network layer ... Read More

  • Inkjet Printing Technologies: Applications and Asia-Pacific Markets

    ... of consumer printer; the technology works by finely distributing ionized ink droplets on a sheet of paper. When the paper is fed through the printer, the ionized ink drops are directed in the path of ... Read More

  • Ceramic Capacitors: Technologies and Opportunities

    ... the current market status for ceramic capacitors, defines trends and presents growth forecasts for the five-year forecast period from 2018 through 2023. The market is analyzed based on the following segments: capacitor type, material type, ... Read More

  • Embedded Systems: Technologies and Asia-Pacific Markets

    ... software. The hardware components considered under the report scope include: Processor IP, MPU/MCU (microcontrollers and microprocessors), RAM, flash memory, digital signal processors (DSP), application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC), field processing gate arrays (FPGA), embedded boards and ... Read More

  • Cyber Security: North American Markets

    ... solutions to derive specific market estimations. It discusses a comparative study regarding the ways in which technology has improved the cyber security of enterprises and alleviated their vulnerability towards internet threats. The North American cyber ... Read More

  • Smart City Technologies: North American IT Markets

    ... and analyzes the market on the basis of application segment, including energy management, water management, transportation management, assisted living, e-government and waste management. The report also provides in-depth analysis of the North American smart cities ... Read More

  • Wireless Sensors: Technologies and Americas Markets

    ... and end applications. The technology/standard is further segmented into Zigbee and RF4CE, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi and 6LoWPAN, RFID, and Other 802.15.4 based standards/technologies. The end applications are classified into home automation and other ... Read More

  • Sensors for Robotics: Technologies and European Markets

    ... application areas are sized, forecast and discussed in-depth. These include agriculture, appliances, automotive, healthcare, industrial, logistics and military. In addition, the overall market and each application area is assessed on country basis, including Germany, Italy, ... Read More

  • Sensors: Technologies and North American Markets

    ... sensor technologies to derive specific market estimations. It features a comparative study of the ways this technology has improved people’s lifestyles and industrial automation. The report also discusses strategies adopted by major players in the ... Read More

  • Ultrafast Lasers: Technologies and Asia-Pacific Markets

    ... of ultrafast lasers to derive specific market estimations. In addition to industry and competitive analyses of the ultrafast lasers market, this report includes patent analyses, as well as company profiles of key market players. The ... Read More

  • LED Phosphors: Materials, Technologies, and Global Markets

    ... phosphors have different characteristic colors of emission and period of time during which light is emitted after excitation ceases. Phosphors are a key material in the manufacture of white LEDs, and white LEDs are usually ... Read More

  • Semiconductor Machinery Manufacturing: Global Markets to 2023

    ... - 78 data tables - An overview of the global market and future demand growth for semiconductor machinery manufacturing - Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2014-2018, and projections of compound annual growth ... Read More

  • RFID: Technologies, Applications and North American Markets

    ... provides a snapshot of the North American RFID market and the share of principal applications and end-use industries that constitute it. It also provides an overview of RFID technologies (tags, printers/encoders and software). For this ... Read More

  • Sensors for Trace Contaminant Detection in Water: Technologies and Global Markets

    ... 2022 are provided by application, sensor technology segment and regional market, with estimated values derived from manufacturers’ total revenues. The report covers sensors used for the detection of trace metals, biologics, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) ... Read More

  • Ultrafast Lasers: Technologies and Global Markets

    ... diode lasers (type). - Biomedical, materials processing, spectroscopy and imaging, science and research, consumer electronics, automotive, etc. (application). - Picosecond and femtosecond (pulse duration). - North American, European, and rest of Commonwealth Independent States (CIS), ... Read More

  • Global Markets for 3D Printing

    ... 2023 with projection of CAGR in the forecast duration. The report includes discussion of technological factors, competitive factors and economic trends affecting the market. Furthermore, it explains the major drivers and regional dynamics of the ... Read More

  • Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM): Global Markets to 2022

    ... current market status for DRAM, trends and growth forecasts for the next five years are provided. Supply and sourcing issues, including pricing trends and the latest developments, are also discussed. Manufacturers and suppliers of different ... Read More

  • Printed Circuit Boards: Technologies and Global Markets

    ... and aviation, energy, consumer electronics, computing and storage, industrial, automotive and transportation, and retail. Market estimates are classified on the basis of PCB types and geographic regions. Various types of PCBs covered in this report ... Read More

  • Smart Home Technologies: European Markets to 2023

    ... smart home technology and provides specific market estimations. It discusses a comparative study of how the technology has improved people’s lives and saved energy. The report also discusses strategies adopted by major players in the ... Read More

  • Software-Defined Networking: North American Markets to 2023

    ... SDN configuration, hardware, software and services. End users include cloud providers, carriers and enterprises. Revenue estimates are provided for 2017. Using 2017 as base year, forecasts are provided for 2018 and 2023. Market trends are ... Read More

  • Transparent Displays: Technologies and Global Markets

    ... Research delineates the current market status for transparent displays, defines trends, and presents growth forecasts for the next five years. The market is analyzed based on the following segments: device category, application, and region. In ... Read More

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Computer Hardware & Networking market research reports by BCC Research

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