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  • Global Markets for Telemedicine Technologies

    ... given for components, applications and end-users with estimated value derived from the revenues of manufacturers. The report also includes a discussion on the major players in each regional telemedicine market. Further, it explains major drivers ... Read More

  • The Soaring and the Falling in 2020: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed the Business World

    ... Highlights of some of the lessons that can be learnt from pandemics - Market positioning and future outlook of the listed companies who have grown the most, changing investment strategies of venture capitalists and how ... Read More

  • Patient Safety and Risk Management Software: Global Markets

    ... Claims management solutions. - Governance, risk and compliance solutions. By deployment mode: - Private cloud. - Public cloud. - Hybrid cloud. By end use: - Hospitals. - Ambulatory care centers. - Long-term care centers. - ... Read More

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil: Global Markets

    ... The data provided can help users understand which market segments are expected to grow at the highest rates, along with factors driving growth and limiting growth, key opportunity areas, and more. Discussion and analysis cover ... Read More

  • Outpatient Surgical Procedures: Global Markets

    ... outpatient comes from the fact that the patient leaves the surgery facility and returns to their home on the same day of surgery. It eliminates the need for inpatient hospital admission, reduces the prescribed medication, ... Read More

  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Equipment: Global Markets

    ... devices. This report does not include other medical devices used in hospitals and market sizing is restricted to the product types mentioned above. The scope of the report includes an overview of the global market ... Read More

  • The COVID-19 Fallout: BCC Research Report on the R&D, Economic Impact and Future Implications

    ... development, and the pandemic's impact on the global economy and healthcare industry. Report Includes: - An overview of the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus disease) pandemic outbreak and its impact on the R&D, global economy and overall ... Read More

  • Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare

    ... Healthcare market and analyzes market trends. Using 2018 as the base year, the report provides estimated market data for the forecast period, 2019-2025. Revenue forecasts for this period are segmented based on solution, application, connectivity, ... Read More

  • Digital Therapeutics: A New Age Medicine

    ... advanced means offered by digital therapeutics. The report describes the factors driving the market and the challenges the market faces, and it also provides a market analysis at the global level. In addition, the report ... Read More

  • Global Markets for Animal Therapeutics and Diagnostics

    ... The geographical scope of this study is worldwide, with special interest for markets, trends and statistics by key geographical regions such as the United States, European countries, and Brazil, Japan and Australia. The report identifies ... Read More

  • Medical Affairs: The Roadmap to 2025

    ... the current scenario, structure, cross-functioning role and importance of medical affairs is provided in the report. The report also focuses on the importance of medical affairs in communicating and collecting the medical evidence with the ... Read More

  • How Healthcare Uses Blockchain

    ... analysis of the competitive environment, technological advancement and market dynamics such as market drivers and factors restraining the market growth. The report also covers market projections to 2023, and company profiles. The report details the ... Read More

  • Global Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Market

    ... provides in-depth qualitative and quantitative insights of the report which align with the goals and objectives of our intended customers. The market has been segmented on the basis of deployment mode, application and end user. ... Read More

  • Chronic Disease Management: Therapeutics, Device Technologies and Global Markets

    ... business tool with the primary purpose of providing a thorough evaluation of the global market for chronic disease management through various therapeutics and advanced device technologies. The format of this study includes the following - ... Read More

  • Cannabis Market: Products, Technologies and Applications

    ... study covers the U. S. and companies worldwide. The report identifies the main elements of cannabis products and trends in different type of industries. Report Includes: - 72 data tables and 17 additional tables - ... Read More

  • Digital Pathology: Technologies and Global Markets

    ... market dynamics, competitive intelligence, and regional trends are discussed. There is a detailed discussion on market dynamics and the level of impact, key geographies and respective trends, and competitive scenarios that will form the base ... Read More

  • GxP/GMP Regulation Testing, Services Market in Food, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Cosmetics

    ... analysis on GxP/GMP regulations, testing services, the current market and future prospects. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of trends in the GxP/GMP testing service market in a global context, including market forecasts and sales ... Read More

  • Medical Marijuana and the Opioid Crisis

    ... for cancer patients - Approved products on the market containing medical marihuana/cannabinoids - Current manufacturers of medical marijuana - Information on medical marijuana in drug development market (examples of some companies) - How medical marijuana ... Read More

  • Laboratory Animal Models, 3D Cultures and Organoids

    ... detail in a separate chapter of the report. Report Includes: - 49 data tables 16 additional tables - Comprehensive overview of the global markets for laboratory animal models, 3D cell cultures and organoids - Analyses ... Read More

  • Emerging Jobs in Life Sciences and What You Should Be Training for Now

    ... in Cancer Treatment CRISPR: Technology, Ethics and Potential Expanding Market Genomic Data Sequencing and Data Management Artificial Intelligence, New Direction in Drug Discovery Nanotechnology and 3D Printing Nanotechnology 3D Printing Neurobiology, a Market with Unmet ... Read More

  • North American E-cigarette and Legal Cannabis Markets

    ... stakeholders, from manufacturers to researchers. The report analyzes key companies operating in the North American e-cigarette and legal cannabis markets. The North American e-cigarette market is mainly divided into five major segments: type, sales channel, ... Read More

  • Laboratory Automation Systems and Processes: Global Markets and Technologies Through 2023

    ... various product types into various parts of the market will be a focus of the report, given that usage and scale of similar technologies will vary widely among different sectors of the market. Also, regulatory ... Read More

  • Hospital Supplies: Global Markets to 2023

    ... transportation equipment, which includes wheelchairs (manual and powered wheelchairs) and stretchers (manual and motorized stretchers); disposable hospital supplies (gowns, drapes, gloves, procedure kits and trays, and feeding tubes); and patient examination devices (thermometers and stethoscopes). ... Read More

  • Global Markets for Blood Plasma Products

    ... qualitative information related to the mode of delivery for blood plasma. The report includes key blood plasma products used in various therapeutic treatments as well as an examination of the supply chain from research to ... Read More

  • Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence Systems Market in Healthcare

    ... application, end users and geographic markets. The report includes key factors driving growth of cognitive computing and artificial intelligence systems in healthcare. The report discusses the role of supply chain members ranging from manufacturers to ... Read More

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