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Medical Device Leader Series: Top Pre-Filled Injection Device Manufacturers 2018-2028

Medical Device Leader Series: Top Pre-Filled Injection Device Manufacturers 2018-2028

The Pre-Filled Device Manufacturing market is estimated to reach $7.5bn in 2022, growing at a CAGR of 10.5% from 2017 to 2022.

The majority of revenues for pre-filled syringe manufacturers, including component manufacturers and pen injector/autoinjector manufacturers, came from developed markets. In 2017, the US was the largest market for pre-filled injection devices, accounting for 39.9% of global revenues.

How this 213-page report delivers:

  • Provides an overview and revenue forecasts of the global pre-filled injectable devices market from 2018 to 2028
  • Profiles of selected leading companies in the pre-filled injection device manufacturing:
  • Leading pre-filled syringe manufacturers
  • Leading pre-filled injectable component manufacturers
  • Leading pen injector and autoinjector manufacturers
  • Leading pre-filled injectable devices contract manufacturers
  • Companies profiled in this report:
  • Aptar Stelmi
  • Becton, Dickinson, & Co (BD)
  • Bespak Injectables
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Catalent
  • Dätwyler Holding
  • Gerresheimer
  • Haselmeier
  • Laboratorios Farmacéuticos ROVI
  • Nemera
  • Nipro
  • Ompi
  • Owen Mumford
  • Roselabs Group.
  • Schott
  • SHL Group
  • Tip-top
  • Vetter Pharma
  • Weigao Group Pharmaceutical Packaging Products Company
  • West Pharmaceutical Services.
  • Ypsomed
  • Information provided for the selected leading companies, when available:
  • Overview of the company
  • Historical Revenues
  • Revenue forecasts from 2018-2028
  • A SWOT analysis
  • A competitive analysis
  • Products & Services
  • Business Developments: Expansion, new products, mergers, acquisitions, collaborations.
  • This report also discusses the key trends in the pre-filled injection device manufacturing market.
  • 101 charts unavailable elsewhere
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1. Report Overview
1.1 Global Pre-Filled Injection Devices Market Overview
1.2 Pre-Filled Injectable Devices Market Segmentation
1.3 Top Pre-Filled Injectable Devices Market: An Overview
1.4 How This Report Delivers
1.5 Key Questions Answered by This Analytical Report
1.6 Who is This Report For?
1.7 Methodology
1.8 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1.9 Associated Visiongain Reports
1.10 About Visiongain
2. Introduction to Pre-Filled Injectable Devices
2.1 What are Pre-Filled Injectable Devices?
2.2 Classification of Companies in the Pre-Filled Injectable Devices Market
2.2.1 Pen Injectors and Autoinjectors
2.2.2 Benefits and Weaknesses of Pre-Filled Injectors
2.3 The Pre-Filled Injection Devices Market 2017-2028
2.4 Contract Manufacturing as a Sector of the Pre-Filled Injectable Devices Market
2.5 Demand on the Western Market is the Highest
2.6 Key Trends in the Pre-Filled Injection Device Market 2017-2028
2.6.1 Increased Market Consolidation
2.6.2 Increased Development of Biologics and Biosimilars
2.6.3 Rise in At Home Care
2.6.4 Greater Demands for Safety Leading Innovation
2.6.5 Threat from Other Drug Delivery Technologies
3. Leading Companies in the Pre-Filled Syringes Manufacturing Market 2017-2028
3.1 Becton, Dickinson, & Co (BD)
3.1.1 BD: Broad Portfolio of Syringe Products BD Hypak: The First Glass Pre-Filled Syringe Worldwide BD Sterifill BD Neopak BD Hylok for Viscous and Intravenous Drugs BD Uniject on the Emerging Market BD Physioject Autoinjector BD Nano 4mm Pen Needles BD Pen Injectors: BD Liquid Dry Injector and BD Reusable Pen BD Vystra Disposable Pen BD Proprietary Syringe Safety Systems
3.1.2 R&D - New Product Launches Planned
3.1.3 BD Acquires C.R. Bard
3.1.4 BD’s Pre-Filled Injection Historical Revenue 2016-2017
3.1.5 Major Acquisitions and Focus on Core Competencies
3.1.6 BD’s Main Strategic Goals
3.1.7 BD: Trend for Strategic Partnering
3.1.8 BD SWOT Analysis, 2018-2028 Collaboration and Expansion: Strategies for Growth and Rebranding BD Medical Revenue Forecast 2017-2028
3.2 Gerresheimer
3.2.1 Pre-Filled Syringe Manufacture at Gerresheimer RTF (Ready-To-Fill) Glass Syringes at Gerresheimer ClearJect RTF Plastic Syringes at Gerresheimer New German-made RTF ClearJect Syringe Combines the RTF Concept with Plastic
3.2.2 Pen Injector Manufacture at Gerresheimer
3.2.3 Gerresheimer Historical Revenue 2016-2017
3.2.4 Strategic Acquisitions and Collaborations– Sensile Medical and West Pharmaceuticals
3.2.5 Strategic Sale of Glass Tubing Business: Company Focus on Medical Devices and Primary Packaging
3.2.6 Strong Growth in the Plastics and Devices Division with a Focus on Modernisation
3.2.7 Standardisation as a Strategy
3.2.8 Gerresheimer SWOT Analysis, 2018-2028 Rapid Growth Planned for Emerging Markets Gerresheimer is Well-Placed for Biologics Growth and More Stringent Regulatory Changes Gerresheimer Plastics & Devices Market Revenue Forecast 2017 to 2028
3.3 Schott
3.3.1 Schott Markets Glass and Plastic Pre-Filled Syringes SyriQ BioPure Launch for Sensitive Drugs Glass Syringes at Schott: Forma 3s and syriQ TopPac Polymer Syringes InJentle Syringes for Sensitive Drug Products Other New Innovations at Schott
3.3.2 Schott Historical Revenue
3.3.3 Expansion in Developed and Emerging Markets Growth in the Emerging Market
3.3.4 Schott SWOT Analysis, 2018-2028 Schott’s Emerging Market Strategy
3.4 Nipro Medical Corporation
3.4.1 Overview of Nipro’s Pre-Filled Syringe Portfolio
3.4.2 New Products at Nipro
3.4.3 Nipro is Expanding Globally
3.4.4 Nipro SWOT Analysis, 2018-2028 Responding to Rising Diabetes Incidence
3.5 Stevanato Group/Ompi
3.5.1 Ompi Markets Glass Pre-Filled Syringes and Cartridges EZ-Fill Syringe Extra High Quality (XQ) Syringes Acquisitions Collaborations and Innovations at Ompi
3.5.2 Focused on Growth for Cartridges and Vials Manufacturing Especially in Emerging Markets
3.5.3 Ompi SWOT Analysis, 2018-2028 Ompi’s Products for the Biologics Market Investing to Expand Capacity and Deal with Increasing Demand
3.6 Pre-Filled Syringe Manufacturers: Competitor Analysis 2018 to 2028
3.6.1 The Need for Advanced Safety Systems
3.6.2 Meeting the Demands of Biologics and Biosimilar Developers
3.6.3 Product Portfolio Diversity
3.6.4 What Demand is there in Emerging Markets?
3.7 High Barriers to Market Entry Will Limit Competition to 2028
3.8 Other Manufacturers of Interest in this Market
3.8.1 Weigao Group Pharmaceutical Packaging Products Company Weigao’s Historical Revenue 2015-2017 Weigao Pre-Filled Syringes Revenue Forecast 2017-2028
3.8.2 Roselabs Group
4. Leading Companies in the Pre-Filled Injectable Components Manufacturing Market
4.1 Aptar Stelmi is a Pharma Packaging Specialist
4.1.1 Aptar Stelmi’s Pre-Fillwed Syringe Components Aptar Stelmi’s Rigid Needle Shields
4.1.2 Aptar: Strategically Increasing Market Access to the Autoinjector Market
4.1.3 Aptar Stelmi’s Expansion and Innovations
4.1.4 Aptar Stelmi’s Historical Revenue 2015-2017
4.1.5 Aptar Stelmi SWOT Analysis, 2018-2028 Regional Expansion is Important for Continued Growth
4.1.6 Aptar Stelmi Revenue Forecast 2017-2028
4.2 Dätwyler Holding
4.2.1 Dätwyler’s Pre-Filled Syringe Components Omniflex Coating: An Alternative to Silicone Oil
4.2.2 Demand from Insulin Manufacturers Drives Revenue Growth 2015-2017
4.2.3 Dätwyler is Focused on Strategic Acquisition and Expansion
4.2.4 Growth in Emerging Markets
4.2.5 Dätwyler SWOT Analysis, 2018-2028
4.2.6 Dätwyler Healthcare Revenue Forecast 2017-2028
4.3 West Pharmaceutical Services
4.3.1 West Manufactures Syringes and Syringe Components Daikyo Crystal Zenith: Licensed from Daikyo Seiko MixJect for Lyophilised Drugs West’s Self-Injection Systems West Markets Three Safety Systems Innovation and Investment at West
4.3.2 Recent Financial Performance
4.3.3 Collaborations with Big Pharma for Product Development
4.3.4 Expansion at West
4.3.5 West SWOT Analysis, 2018-2028
4.3.6 West Pharmaceutical Revenue Forecast 2017-2028
4.4 Pre-Filled Syringe Component Manufacturers: Competitor Analysis 2018-2028
4.4.1 How Can Component Manufacturers React to Increased Safety Demands?
4.4.2 Other Manufacturers of Interest in this Market Tip-top: Three Safety Products for Pre-Filled Syringes Nemera: Formed from Rexam’s Sale of Healthcare Division
4.4.3 Entering the Autoinjector Market
4.4.4 Component Manufacturers Following Pre-Filled Syringe Manufacturers to Emerging Markets
5. Leading Companies in the Pen Injector and Autoinjector Manufacturing Market 2018-2028
5.1 Haselmeier
5.1.1 Haselmeier Markets Six Injection Systems Axis Pen Systems i-Pen: Haselmeier’s Insulin Pen Injector
5.1.2 Company Growth in Germany and India
5.1.3 Haselmeier SWOT Analysis, 2018-2028
5.2 Owen Mumford
5.2.1 Autoinjector and Pen Injector Overview Autoject Autopen SimpleJect: Designed for RA Patients
5.2.2 Innovative Products to Drive Growth
5.2.3 Expanding in Established and New Markets
5.2.4 Owen Mumford SWOT Analysis 2018-2028
5.3 SHL Group
5.3.1 SHL Manufactures a Broad Range of Injection Devices DAI Autoinjectors
5.3.2 SHL Group Continues to Grow in Taiwan
5.3.3 SHL Group SWOT Analysis, 2018-2028
5.4 Ypsomed
5.4.1 Product Portfolio YpsoPen ServoPen UnoPen LyoTwist Injectors for Lyophilised Drugs Ypsomed Markets Two Autoinjectors Expansion at Ypsomed: Current and Future Plans
5.4.2 Ypsomed: Financial Performance 2015-2017
5.4.3 A Focus on Diabetes
5.4.4 Ypsomed SWOT Analysis, 2018-2028
5.4.5 Ypsomed Revenue Forecast 2017-2028
5.5 Pen Injector and Autoinjector Manufacturers: Competitor Analysis 2017-2028
5.5.1 A Competitive Market 2018-2028
5.5.2 Other Manufacturers of Interest in this Market Bespak Injectables
5.5.3 How Are Companies Differentiating Their Autoinjectors?
5.5.4 Rising Demand in At-Home Care Specific Demands in RA and MS
5.5.5 Contract Manufacturing for Autoinjectors
6. Leading Companies in the Contract Pre-Filled Injectable Devices Manufacturing Market 2017-2028
6.1 Catalent is the World’s Largest CMO
6.1.1 Pre-Filled Syringe Contract Manufacturing Capabilities
6.1.2 Catalent Offers an Autoinjector
6.1.3 Innovations at Catalent
6.1.4 Catalent Pharma Solutions: Financial Performance 2015-2017
6.1.5 Expanding Filling Capacity for Clinical Trial Materials
6.1.6 Acquisitions and Collaborations
6.1.7 Catalent SWOT Analysis 2018-2028
6.1.8 Catalent Biologics and Speciality Drug Delivery Revenue Forecast 2017-2028
6.2 Vetter Pharmaceutical
6.2.1 Vetter is an Injectable Manufacturing Specialist
6.2.2 Vetter’s Ten-Year Expansion Plan
6.2.3 New Services and Collaborations
6.3 The Competitive Outlook for Leading CMOs in the Market 2018-2028
6.3.1 Biologics, Lyophilisation, and Dual-Chamber Syringes
6.3.2 An Increasingly Competitive Market
6.3.3 Important of Keeping Up with Regulations
6.4 Other Pre-Filled Syringe Contract Manufacturers 2016
6.4.1 Laboratorios Farmacéuticos ROVI ROVI CM’s Pre-Filled Syringe Capabilities
6.4.2 Boehringer Ingelheim
7. Conclusions
7.1 Outlook for the Pre-Filled Injection System Market 2018-2028
7.2 Outlook for Leading Pre-Filled Injection System Manufacturers 2018-2028
7.2.1 How Will Leading Companies’ Revenues Grow to 2028?
7.3 The Future of the Pre-Filled Medical Devices Market
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List of Tables
Table 2.1 Total Pre-Filled Device Manufacturing Market Forecast: Revenues ($m), AGR (%) and CAGR (%), 2017-2028
Table 2.2 Pre-Filled Injection Device Market by Region, 2017
Table 2.3 Pre-Filled Injection Device Market: STEP Analysis, 2017-2028
Table 2.4 Selected Recent Acquisitions in the Pre-Filled Injection Devices Industry, 2014-2018
Table 3.1 BD Overview, 2018
Table 3.2 BD Revenue by Division ($m), 2017
Table 3.3 BD Historical Revenue by Division ($m), AGR (%), 2016-2017
Table 3.4 Medical Division Revenue ($m), 2016-2017
Table 3.5 BD: Pharmaceutical Systems Revenue ($m), AGR (%), CAGR (%), 2015-2017
Table 3.6 BD Pre-Filled Injection Devices: SWOT Analysis, 2018-2028
Table 3.7 BD Pharmaceutical Systems Revenue Forecast ($m), AGR (%), CAGR (%), 2017-2028
Table 3.8 Gerresheimer: Employees by Region, 2017
Table 3.9 Gerresheimer Overview, 2018
Table 3.10 Gerresheimer: Revenue by Division ($m), AGR (%), 2016-2017
Table 3.11 Gerresheimer Pre-Filled Injection Devices: SWOT Analysis, 2018-2028
Table 3.12 Gerresheimer Plastics and Devices: Revenue Forecast ($m), AGR (%), CAGR (%), 2017-2028
Table 3.13 Schott Overview, 2018
Table 3.14 Schott Revenue ($m), AGR (%), CAGR (%), 2015-2017
Table 3.15 Schott Pre-Filled Injection Devices: SWOT Analysis, 2018-2028
Table 3.16 Nipro Overview, 2018

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