Digital Transformation of Global Mining Industry

Digital Transformation of Global Mining Industry


This is one of the comprehensive research report published on Digital transformation of Mining industry. Within this research report, VENN Research has covered the key steps to be taken to transform a traditional mining business into Digital Mining Business to differentiate from the competition and drive strong revenue growth to increase market share. The report progresses by highlighting the key industry risks, and challenges, market trends and impact of technology on Mining Industry value chain.

This report has an in-depth focus on:

  • Mining Industry Risks and Challenges
  • Key CIO Perspectives of Mining Industry
  • Global Mining Industry trends and forecast
  • Key Investment Landscape
  • IT Spending Trends of Global Mining Industry, 2014-2020
  • Adoption of Digital Technologies (IoT, IoT Security, Autonomous Vehicles, Cloud Computing, Robotics, Smart Mining, and 3D imaging technologies)
  • Ladder to Digital Transformation
  • Key Profiles of Top Global Mining Companies and their Digital Transformation Efforts

The global metals & mining industry shrank by 2.3% in 2014 to reach a value of $2,425.7 billion. The compound annual rate of change of the industry in the period 2010-14 was -0.1%. In 2019, the global metals & mining industry is forecast to have a value of $2,753.6 billion, an increase of 13.5% since 2014. The compound annual growth rate of the industry in the period 2014-19 is predicted to be 2.6%.

Mining industry value chain is slowly changing to improve the productivity by managing existing assets efficiently but this strategy will go only so far. Despite the industry’s ups and downs, the nature of mining has stayed the same for decades. Achieving a breakthrough on productivity and performance demands altering of how mining industry operates.

Number of digital technologies like internet of things (IoT), cloud, analytics, and robotics have long been in the works and are now available and affordable enough to become operational at scale across the mining industry. Their applications include building a more comprehensive understanding of the resource base, optimizing material and equipment flow, improving anticipation of failures, increasing mechanization through automation, and monitoring performance in real time.

Mining Industry is majorly spending on monitoring their supply chain, premises, products and customers. There is a huge wave of variance when it comes to Digital technologies adoption. On other hand, security demand in Digital age surpass and impact conventional categories of IT security, physical security and IT/operational technology (OT) security. Security now signifies how the various strata’s of security must work simultaneously to secure data, protect devices and users, and provide a privacy, transparency and secure experience.

  • CxOs, Strategy Head, and Digital officers
  • IoT Business Units and IT Department Heads
  • Outsourcing, and Global Business Services Leaders
  • Procurement Professionals, and Sourcing Managers

VENN Research report discusses how global mining industry is struggling with economic slowdown and rising pressure to grow their revenues which is pushing them to lower their operational costs and innovate their portfolio leveraging Digital technologies. Reader will be able to relate their challenges and risks with mainstream risks faced by major global mining companies. It would help them to gauge the peers IT investment trends and IT priority areas to stay competitive. Readers will be able to identify a relevant section which addresses some of the very basic and typical questions which they face while trying to grapple around the opportunities thrown at them by various disruptive technologies.


We have covered following Global Mining players in this report covering their key products and services, acquisitions, partnerships, and their digital transformation investments and focus.
  • BHP Billiton
  • Glencore Plc
  • Rio Tinto Inc.
  • Vale S.A.

1. Top 10 Mining Industry Risks
2. Global Mining Industry Trends and Challenges
2.1. Key Industry Challenges
3. Global Metals and Mining Industry – An Overview
3.1. Global Mining Industry, By Metal Types
3.2. Global Mining Industry, By Geographic Breakdown
3.3. Global Mining Industry – CIO Perspectives
4. Global Mining Industry - Investment Landscape
4.1. Industry Prospects for Next 2 Years
4.2. Seeking Growth Opportunities
4.3. Investments on R&D and Innovation
4.4. Capex Investments in Mining Sector
4.5. Technology Investments in Mining Sector
4.6. Investments around Smart Mining
5. Global Mining Industry - IT Spending 2014-2020
6. Digital Innovation Critical for Mining Industry
6.1. The Productivity Imperative
6.2. Digital Technologies Unlock Productivity
6.3. Impact on Mining Value Chain
6.4. Economic Impact of Digital on Mining Industry Applications
7. Digital Transformation Aspects of Mining Industry
8. Internet of Things (IoT) and Mining Industry
8.1. IoT Opportunities and Challenges
8.2. IoT Implementations for Safety
8.2.1. Autonomous Equipment
8.2.2. Location and Proximity Sensors
8.2.3. On-Demand Ventilation Systems
8.3. IoT Implementations for Efficiency
8.3.1. Equipment Sensors for Predictive Maintenance
8.3.2. Fleet Management and Tracking Capabilities
8.3.3. Visualization Software
8.4. Impact of IoT on Mining Business Models
8.5. IoT Use Cases in Mining Industry
8.5.1. Rio Tinto—Pilbara & Perth, Western Australia
8.5.2. Dundee Precious Metals—Chelopech, Bulgaria
8.5.3. Goldcorp—James Bay, Quebec
8.5.4. Vale—Worthington, Ontario
8.6. IoT Spending on Innovation
8.7. Internet of Things (IoT) Security – a Soaring Concern Far Behind the Reality
8.7.1. Quick Glance
8.7.2. Privacy Concerns
8.7.3. Insufficient Authentication and Authorization
8.7.4. Lack of Transport Encryption
8.7.5. Insecure Web Interface
8.7.6. Insecure software and firmware
8.7.7. Key Recommendations
8.8. Connected Mines
9. Cloud and Mining Industry
10. Robotics and Mining Industry
11. Smart Mining
11.1. Quick Glance
11.2. Overview
11.3. Application Segmentation
11.4. Geographic Segmentation
11.5. Digital Mining Network
12. 3D Imaging Technologies and Mining Industry
13. Autonomous (Driverless) Haul Trucks in Mining Industry
13.1. Significance of Autonomous Vehicle Technology in Mining Industry
13.2. Cost of Autonomous Haul Trucks
13.3. Fuel Savings by Autonomous Vehicles in Mining Industry
13.4. Lower Tire Replacement Cost
13.5. Competitive Landscape
13.6. High Switching Costs
13.7. Recent Developments
14. Steps Towards Digital Transformation of Mining Industry
14.1. Developing an Integration Strategy for IT and Operational Technology
14.2. Overhauling of Mining Industry
15. Regulations - Diverse Trends across the Global Mining Industry
15.1. New Regulatory Frameworks For India & Chile
15.2. Peru To Deregulate Mining Sector
15.3. Deteriorating Regulatory Environments - Key Developments
16. Global Mining Industry - Competitive Landscape
16.1. BHP Billiton
16.1.1. Digital Transformation Focus
16.2. Glencore Plc.
16.2.1. Digital Transformation Focus
16.3. Rio Tinto plc
16.3.1. Digital Transformation Focus
16.4. Vale S.A.
16.4.1. Digital Transformation Focus
17. Mining Technology Supply Leaders 2015
18. Key Recommendations
List of Figures:
Figure 1: Top 10 Mining Industry Business Risks
Figure 2: Top 10 Mining Industry Risks
Figure 3: Global Metals and Mining Industry ($ Billion) 2010-2019
Figure 4: Global Metals and Mining Industry, Volume (Metric Tons) 2010-2014
Figure 5: Global Mining Industry, By Metal Types, (%) 2014
Figure 6: Global Mining Industry, By Geographic Breakdown (%), 2014
Figure 7: Confidence Level in Mining Industry Prospect for Next 2 Years
Figure 8: Mining Industry's Priority - Cost Cutting
Figure 9: Metals and Mining Industry Business Priorities for Next 12-24 months
Figure 10: Metals and Mining Industry Spend on R&D Innovation for Next 2 Years
Figure 11: metals and Mining Industry Technology Investment Areas for Next 2 Years
Figure 12: Mobile Mining Equipment Capex
Figure 13: Mobile Equipment Capex 2015
Figure 14: Capital Equipment Maintenance Spend
Figure 15: Budgeted Greenfields / Brownfields Exploration
Figure 16: Biggest Threats to Smart Mining Era
Figure 17: Relevancy of Wearables in Mining Workers Safety Improvement in next 1-3 years
Figure 18: 2016 Innovation/ Technology Spending in Mining Industry
Figure 19: Relevant Use Cases of IoT in Mining Industry
Figure 20: Top Three Productivity Improvement Steps
Figure 21: Global Mining Industry Productivity Index
Figure 22: Areas of Digitalization of Mining Industry
Figure 23: In-Depth and Connected Knowledge Base around Mining Resources
Figure 24: Leveraging Data to Reduce Maintenance Cost and Equipment Availability
Figure 25: Economic Impact of Digital on Mining Industry Applications ($ Billions) 2025
Figure 26: Internet of Things (IoT) in Mining Industry
Figure 27: Capex By Mining Firms - Annual Change (%) & Select Minerals Cash Cost Annual Change (%)
Figure 28: Projected IoT Spending on Innovation
Figure 29: IoT Security Challenges
Figure 30: Open Automotive Alliance Members
Figure 31: KPIs to Measure Digital Transformation
Figure 32: Integration Strategy for Mining Companies
Figure 33: Global Mining Regulation - Highest & Lowest Scoring Countries
Figure 34: Select Commodities - Average Prices Historic & Forecast
Figure 35: Mining Jurisdictions - Regulatory Changes Since Q414, Total Positive, Negative & Neutral
Figure 36: Mining Technology Supply Leaders 2015
List of Tables:
Table 1: Highest Capex per Commodity 2016
Table 2: Technological Impact on Mining Industry
Table 3: Global Mining Industry - IT Spending 2014-2020 (US $ Million)
Table 4: Mining Players Innovation Initiatives
Table 5: Autonomous Haul Truck Infrastructure Cost Assumptions
Table 6: Fuel Consumption Savings
Table 7: Manufacturers of Autonomous Haul Trucks and the Mines Trialing Them
Table 8: Global Mining Regulation - Positive Developments
Table 9: Global Mining Regulation - Negative Developments
Table 10: Global Mining Regulation - Remaining Neutral

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