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  • North America Digital Substation Market Forecast 2019-2027

    ... in order to promote renewable energy projects, and to upgrade the infrastructure with regards to smart city, are driving the market growth. MARKET INSIGHTS The North American digital substation market is assessed based on the ... Read More

  • United States Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... crude prices recover. In the gasmarket, a ramp-up in production will respond to growing capacity from LNG export facilities and petrochemical plants. Fuelsconsumption growth will decline over the next decade as efficiency gains take root. Read More

  • Environmental Consulting Services

    ... Services North America, as well as the environmental and consulting divisions of engineering and construction firms such as AECOM, Bechtel, and Jacobs. Other major companies include Arcadis (the Netherlands), Environmental Resources Management (the UK), Golder ... Read More

  • H2 2019 Global Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook for LNG Liquefaction Terminals - North American Companies Dominate Global Liquefaction Capacity Additions

    ... the outlook period, 2019-2023. Among regions, North America accounts for most of the global liquefaction capacity growth from planned and announced projects (new-build projects). Among countries, the US leads globally with 157 mtpa of liquefaction ... Read More

  • Mexico Power Q4 2019

    ... thermal power and hydropower sectors. Thecountry will meet strong power demand growth with robust electricity generation growth, primarily in the natural gas-fired powersector. As a result, Mexico will remain a net power exporter over our ... Read More

  • Kaolin

    ... at over 5.3%. The shifting dynamics supporting this growth makes it critical for businesses in this space to keep abreast of the changing pulse of the market. Poised to reach over US$2 Billion by the ... Read More

  • Liquids Storage Industry Outlook in North America to 2023 - Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook with Details of All Operating and Planned Terminals

    ... Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook with Details of All Operating and Planned Terminals, is a comprehensive report providing information on storage terminals that store crude oil, petroleum products and chemicals in North America. The report ... Read More

  • Surge Suppressors in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... fluctuations in electrical currents. Additional electric power is channeled into an outlet's grounding wire, preventing it from flowing through to the electronic device. Common buyers include power generation firms, manufacturers, healthcare providers and technology solutions ... Read More

  • Global Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook for Gas Processing Plants - The US Leads Global Gas Processing Capacity Additions

    ... next four years from the current 586.2 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd) in 2019 to around 657.4 bcfd in by 2023. Among regions, the Middle East and North America lead in terms of new-build ... Read More

  • Water Disinfection Equipment: United States

    ... equipment; ultraviolet (UV) equipment; ozone generation equipment; and other products such as thermal equipment, ultrasonic equipment, and electrolytic equipment. Total demand is also segmented by market as follows: municipal; commercial and residential; manufacturing; and other ... Read More

  • Renewable Power in Canada - Industry Market Research Report

    ... has benefited from an improving economy industrial output has only risen weakly. Hydroelectric generation has been the dominant source of renewable power for decades. Over the past five years, advancements in wind, solar and biomass ... Read More

  • Waste Treatment & Disposal Services in Canada - Industry Market Research Report

    ... other types of disposal facilities for hazardous or nonhazardous waste. While demand for recycling has been a long-term trend, waste production has continued to grow. The industry has experienced some consolidation over the past five ... Read More

  • Natural Gas Distribution in Canada - Industry Market Research Report

    ... despite highly volatile world and domestic prices of natural gas. Industry revenue has fluctuated in line with changes in natural gas prices, although the rates paid for industry products by downstream consumers have not been ... Read More

  • Electrical Conduits in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... conduits are used extensively in wire installations and are commonlymade of steel, aluminum or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Common buyers are electrical equipment manufacturers and wholesalers, construction companies and home improvement stores.Suppliers include manufacturers, wholesalers and ... Read More

  • Seismic Data Processing Services in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... geophysical data for research purposes and examine chosen areas for the presence of natural resources such as crude oil. Providers of seismic data processing services specialize in data preprocessing, depth imaging, land and marine processing, ... Read More

  • Air Quality Monitoring Services in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... using a variety of air analysis equipment. Specific services include ambient air quality monitoring, atmospheric and dispersion modeling, carbon footprint measurement, compliance management and emissions measurement and characterization. Air quality monitoring services are commonly conducted ... Read More

  • Water Well Drilling Services in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... install pumps for wells and drill geothermal boreholes for heating and cooling systems. These services are purchased by a wide range of buyers, including municipalities, agricultural businesses, construction firms and consumers. This report does not ... Read More

  • Panelboards in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... distributes an electrical current throughout a structure and protects electrical systems from overcurrent and faults. Common buyers include construction companies, facility administrators and electrical service companies. Suppliers of panelboards include electrical equipment manufacturers and distributors. ... Read More

  • M&A Activity in US - August 2019

    ... the oil and gas industry in the US. The report provides detailed comparative month-on-month data, on the number of deals and their value, sub-divided into deal types by geographies. The report also highlights big ticket ... Read More

  • Environmental Remediation Services in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... chemical manufacturing facilities, commercial and industrial building construction sites, and mines. Providers of remediation services specialize in removing, neutralizing or destroying a variety of harmful substances found in water as well as the abatement of ... Read More

  • Inflow Control Devices in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... screens, such as direct-wire-wrapped sand screens, wire-wrapped sand screens, premium-mesh sand screens and other specialty screens. These products are designed to work together to balance fluid flow rates, reduce the amount of gas and water ... Read More

  • Nuclear Power in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... consumers and businesses tends to result in stable demand for industry operators. However, nuclear power generation has grown sluggishly due to growing public concerns regarding nuclear safety. Furthermore, public concerns regarding nuclear safety have grown ... Read More

  • Mexico Renewables Q4 2019

    ... impact upon the sector'sgrowth potential, particularly as the government clearly favours the expansion of thermal power and hydropower capacity overgrowing renewables capacity. Nonetheless, a robust project pipeline, including numerous wind and solar power projects, will ... Read More

  • Electric Utilities

    ... as EON (Germany), EDF (France), Enel (Italy), and TEPCO (Japan). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Although deregulation has altered power markets in many nations, electric utilities often continue to operate as unofficial monopolies in a given service territory. ... Read More

  • Electric Power Generation

    ... into electrical energy. Major companies include American Electric Power, AES, Dominion Energy, Duke Energy, Exelon, and Tennessee Valley Authority (all based in the US), along with China Huaneng Group and Datang Power (both in China), ... Read More

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