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  • Kenya Power Q1 2019

    ... power project to come online in 2021,logistical issues and significant public opposition pose downside risks to its completion. Continued investment in the country's gridis required in order to lower T&D losses alongside the rapidly increasing ... Read More

  • Asia Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... multi-year downtrend in crude oil production, while an upsurge in national clean-energyinitiatives drive growth towards gas. Asia’s still positive demand growth story will gradually shift in India’s favour, as demand growth inChina slows. The successful ... Read More

  • Colombia Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... and gas sector, as lower capital investment weighs on upstreamdevelopment prospects. Private investment will be limited as international firms strengthen their core assets elsewhere. Furtherexpansion of the sector will become increasingly dependent on state-owned Ecopetrol. Read More

  • Indonesia Mining Q1 2019

    ... the mineral oreexport ban. Nevertheless, policy uncertainty, bureaucracy, resource nationalism and regulatory hurdles will increasingly lead toforeign miners divesting their assets and handing them over to locals over our forecast period from 2018 to 2027. Read More

  • Middle East And North Africa Power Q1 2019

    ... try to free up more oil for exports. The UAE stands out in the region, both for being the highest-rankedcountry globally for our Power RRI and being the only country in the region to install ... Read More

  • Namibia Mining Q1 2019

    ... country has substantial unexploited diamond and uraniumdeposits, and we expect production to grow rapidly as a series of high-profile projects comes online. The country is tipped tobecome the world's third-largest uranium producer by the end ... Read More

  • Oman Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... will markedly strengthen Oman'sstanding in the downstream sector over the next few years. In the upstream, Oman's relatively underexplored offshore acreage andattractive business environment offer international oil and gas companies further opportunity in the country. Read More

  • South Africa Power Q1 2019

    ... be the growth outperformer of the country’s power sectoron the back of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme, this growth will be from a low base. Alack of maintenance at power plants and ... Read More

  • United States Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... crude prices recover. In the gasmarket, a ramp-up in production will respond to growing capacity from LNG export facilities and petrochemical plants. Fuelsconsumption growth will decline over the next decade as efficiency gains take root. Read More

  • Libya Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... Q1 2019 Key View: Libyan oil and gas production will remain marred by volatility over our 10-year forecast period as attacks on hydrocarboninfrastructure remain frequent and continued economic and political uncertainty still deter upstream exploration. Read More

  • Uzbekistan Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... to 2027. As a result, the country will be able to boost its natural gasexports to China and the neighboring countries and fuel its gas-based power sector. However, the country's oil sector will continueto suffer ... Read More

  • Global Coal-fired Power Generation Market 2019-2023

    ... in coal-fired power plants. Governments across the world are implementing various measures to control pollution. Efficient ash-handling systems are being developed to comply with such regulations. For instance, MAGALDI offers MAGALDI Ash Recycling (MAR), which ... Read More

  • Ukraine Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... from stateproducer UGV into enhanced recovery will provide a modicum of support to gas output through the medium term. However,weakness in the economic and security environments will continue to pose risks to the upstream sector. Read More

  • United Kingdom Power Q1 2019

    ... 2025. Meanwhile, non-hydropower renewables will be the growth outperformer asa result of continued investment into offshore wind capacity. Continued delays and large cost overruns will result in the HinkleyPoint C nuclear power plant not coming ... Read More

  • Spain Power Q1 2019

    ... capacity coming online. Plans to simultaneouslyphase out coal and nuclear capacity by 2030 will lead to slow growth in electricity generation over the next decade. However,government will need to extend the operating lifespan of most ... Read More

  • Uganda Power Q1 2019

    ... currently underway in several locations throughout the country.However, with the completion of a large amount of new capacity in 2019, Uganda will generate a significant oversupply of electricitycompared to domestic demand. While exports are planned ... Read More

  • Croatia Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... sector are uncertain amid concerns that at least one of the country's refineries could close. One notable developmenton the horizon is a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal; a final investment decision is planned for 2018. Read More

  • U.S. Indoor Air Quality Market

    ... to heavy industry and manufacturing environments, nor does it cover IAQ issues, practices, equipment, and regulations as they pertain to confined spaces or aircraft. However, it does discuss the equipment and services that are most ... Read More

  • Belgium Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... Natural gasconsumption will be weak due growing nuclear and renewable generation in the power sector. Meanwhile, the refining sector willperform well as efficiency improvements and low oil prices increase the competitiveness of its downstream facilities. Read More

  • Iran Power Q1 2019

    ... renewables capacity over the coming decade, albeitsomewhat lower than pre-sanction forecasts. However, sanctions will weigh on Iran's economy, causing a short-term contraction ofits GDP in 2019 leading to increased inflation rates. That said, we anticipate ... Read More

  • Water Heaters and Water Pumps: Global Markets

    ... various end-user applications. The market is broken down by major types, technologies, region and application of water heaters, solar water pumps and domestic water systems with pumps. Revenue forecasts from 2018 to 2023 are given ... Read More

  • South Africa Mining Q1 2019

    ... mining sector will see upside risks to growth ahead as new President Cyril Ramaphosaheralds an improved regulatory outlook. However, high labour costs, an appreciating rand and depleting resources will continue toplague growth levels moving forward. Read More

  • Brazil Mining Q1 2019

    Brazil Mining Q1 2019 Key View: Brazil's mining industry value will stagnate over the coming years, as a strong project pipeline and rising non-ferrousmetal prices struggle to offset declining iron ore prices. Read More

  • Global Electric Vehicle Battery Market (BEV, PHEV, HEV): Industry Analysis & Outlook (2018-2022)

    ... carts, riding floor scrubbers, electric motorcycles, electric cars, trucks, vans, and other electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are of three types: Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV); Plug-in electric vehicles (PHEV); and Battery electric vehicles (BEV). The global ... Read More

  • Oman Power Q1 2019

    ... Growth in renewables capacity will be driven by the development of large-scale solar projects in support of the extractive industries. Oman's electricity grid will require new investment, maintenance andupgrades in order to reduce its high ... Read More

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