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  • Philippines Power Q3 2018

    ... the government focuses on mobilisinginvestment into the market, in order to keep up with rapidly rising demand. Coal will remain the dominant fuel for power generation,accounting for nearly 56% of total electricity generation in 2027. Read More

  • Papua New Guinea Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... existing PNG LNG project will more than double PNG's total export capacity to 16.0mtpa in the latter half ofour 10-year forecast period, based off additional gas from the P'nyang and Elk-Antelope gas and condensate fields. Read More

  • Asia Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... both natural gas production and consumption. Gas demandgrowth will be increasingly led by Asia’s emerging markets, many of which will start importing LNG for the first time within the nextfive years, capitalising on lower prices ... Read More

  • China Power Q3 2018

    ... to the sector'simportance to China's energy security and meeting rising power demand, with the sector having surged over 2017/18 in responseto accelerating power consumption. That said, coal generation growth will slow substantially relative to historic ... Read More

  • Turkey Power Q3 2018

    ... we expect that pent-up demand will continue to support consumption as the countryboosts its capacity. Attempts to lower reliance on gas-fired power amid lira depreciation remain prominent, but the technologycontinues to play a critical role. Read More

  • China Renewables Q3 2018

    ... Chinese government's continued strong support forpower mix diversification, in an attempt to reduce air pollution and stimulate cleaner sources of energy, as well as the importance ofdomestic demand for sustaining a vast equipment supply chain. Read More

  • Indonesia Mining Q3 2018

    ... the mineral oreexport ban. Nevertheless, policy uncertainty, bureaucracy, resource nationalism and regulatory hurdles will increasingly lead toforeign miners divesting their assets and handing them over to locals over our forecast period from 2018 to 2027. Read More

  • Global and China Power Battery Management System (BMS) Industry Report, 2018-2025

    ... unit (BCU), with the former being responsible for collecting current, voltage and temperature data of battery and transmitting them to BCU and the latter for information exchange with other control units. BMS has three core ... Read More

  • Singapore Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... particularly for middle distillates, will provide some respite. Growingnatural gas consumption, alongside the implementation of stricter environmental policies, across the region is positive forSingapore's recently expanded LNG sector, due to its potential to create more ... Read More

  • India Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... exploration blocks up for auction in 2018. However, foreign participation will likely remainmuted over the coming years, as the global sector continues its slow recovery from the collapse in oil prices. Commitment to majorgas projects ... Read More

  • Global and China Ternary Cathode Materials (NCA, NCM) and Battery Industry Report, 2017-2023

    ... 95.1% and 29.53%, respectively. Specifically, the country produced 86kt of NCM, 45kt of LCO and 22kt of LMO, up 58.6%, 26.8% and 43.9% over the same period of the previous year separately. LFP output fell ... Read More

  • Asia Pacific Process Oil Market Forecast 2018-2026

    ... and 4.13% in terms of demand, generating a total revenue of $ xx million by the end of 2026. The advancement in technology and rise in the throughput of process oil, along with the strategy ... Read More

  • India Power Q3 2018

    ... focus on power sector reform. Coal will remain the dominant fuel for the powergeneration mix, accounting for around 75% of the total over our forecast period, despite strong growth in renewable energy andgas-fired electricity generation. Read More

  • Kyrgyzstan Power Q3 2018

    ... at the Bishkek thermal plant will hamper plans toincrease thermal electricity output, while overall lack of funding will delay new power plants coming online. Security risks facing theCASA-1000 interconnector project will threaten the project's volatility Read More

  • Vietnam Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... and rising demand. Notably, the country will begin importing LNG for thefirst time from 2020, reversing years of self-sufficiency in gas and paving the way for stronger consumption growth across thepower, petrochemicals, transportation and residential ... Read More

  • Mongolia Mining Q3 2018

    ... major export markets such as China. Projects suchas Rio Tinto's Oyu Tolgoi mine will significantly increase the country's mining output over the coming years. Recent increases ingovernment intervention, however, poses significant risks to our forecasts. Read More

  • Bangladesh Power Q3 2018

    ... and 2027, totalling 22.8GW in 2027. Theramp-up in capacity is in line with the government’s ‘Power Sector Master Plan’, to improve access to electricity and improve powersupply, reducing the ongoing electricity deficit that the country ... Read More

  • Russia Mining Q3 2018

    ... from the construction and steel sectors. Unfavourable regulation and inadequateinfrastructure will continue to limit the sector's production growth during our forecast period from 2018-2027, while a potentialrenewal of Western sanctions will present further downside risks. Read More

  • Japan Mining 2018

    ... than 0.1% of GDP. Activity is focused almost exclusively on goldmining at the Hishikari mine, which is owned and operated by Sumitomo Metal Mining. At present we maintain a relatively healthyview regarding growth in gold ... Read More

  • Electric Power Industry in Russia 2016-2027

    ... a beating in recent years and in the coming years, a weakened Rouble and overcapacity in the industry are likely to continue to affect the growth prospect of the industry. A weakened demand for electricity ... Read More

  • India Renewables Q3 2018

    ... forecast period, totalling just over167GW by 2027, underpinned by the government’s continued support for the expansion of the sector. That said, risks facingprospective investors remain high and we expect capacity deployment to undershoot government projections. Read More

  • India Mining Q3 2018

    ... reforms, vast mineralreserves and improving commodity prices. Despite this, the sector will continue to face challenges due to the country's inadequateoperating environment, mining royalties and the decision to cancel iron ore mining permits in Goa. Read More

  • South Korea Renewables Q3 2018

    ... capacity more than doubling between 2017 and 2027 to over 20GW. This will be predominantly made up from solar andwind power. There is also scope for offshore wind and floating solar technology to be deployed. Read More

  • Uzbekistan Power Q3 2018

    ... undertakenby President Shavkat Mirziyoyev's administration as well as improving prospects for closer cooperation among Central Asian statespose a notable upside risk over the medium to long term. We expect gas-fired generation to remain dominant in ... Read More

  • Oil & Gas BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) Industry Guide 2013-2022

    ... forecast to 2022). The profile also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market. Synopsis Essential resource for top-line data and analysis covering the BRIC ... Read More

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