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  • Israel Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... onthe Tamar expansion and Leviathan will accelerate. A final investment decision was reached on the Leviathan Phase 1 developmentin early 2017. The Tanin and Karish project also reached a final investment decision in March 2018. Read More

  • Yemen Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... prospect of improvement in the near term. Most upstream and downstream activities aresuspended or minimised thus subjecting Yemen to imports of crude oil and refined products and a suspension on LNG exports.Investor confidence is likely ... Read More

  • Israel Power Q4 2018

    ... capacity and generation will be modest over the forecast period, Israel'sposition is boosted by superior outlooks for Country Risk and risks within the power sector. After an estimated 0.9% rise ingeneration to 70.6TWh in 2017, ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Renewables Q4 2018

    ... delays to project commissioning will result in the Saudi government not reaching its targetof 9.5GW of renewables by 2023. Plans to increase gas power output and construct nuclear capacity will lessen the focus onrenewable investments. Read More

  • Kuwait Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... 2018 Key View: Kuwait's crude exports will grow strongly during the next 10 years as the country engages in an aggressive drillingcampaign. Kuwait will fall short of their stated target of 4mn b/d by 2020. Read More

  • Kuwait Power Q4 2018

    ... often combined with desalination facilities, provide the vast majorityof electricity generated in the country and both sectors are set for further expansion through the use of public private partnerships(PPPs). The country has also committed to ... Read More

  • Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Co - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    ... the company’s key employees, key competitors and major products and services. This up-to-the-minute company report will help you to formulate strategies to drive your business by enabling you to understand your partners, customers and competitors ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Power Q4 2018

    ... to 2027. The slow uptake of renewables and continueddelays on nuclear power plans makes us bearish on the prospect of either power source becoming a prominent component of thecountry’s power mix over the coming decade. Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Power Q4 2018

    ... this fuel source starting to contribute to the grid from 2020, at an initial rate of 9TWh, before incrementalincreases as the second phase comes online to an eventual 35.9TWh (or 21.2% of the UAE’s total ... Read More

  • Middle East And North Africa Power Q4 2018

    ... will beunderpinned by the large reserves in the region as well as countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran looking to increase the amount ofoil available for exports by switching to more gas power output. Read More

  • Qatar Power Q4 2018

    ... the country's power project pipeline indicates very limitedcapacity additions over the coming decade, which will be mostly concentrated in the solar sector. Despite this, Qatar's powergeneration will remain almost entirely dependent on natural gas-fired facilities. ... Read More

  • Iran Renewables Q4 2018

    ... deal in May and vowed to re-introduce sanctions.Hawkish comments by American officials indicate little wriggle room for European firms to continue engaging with Iran withoutcutting off access to the US market, and a decision by ... Read More

  • MENA Mining Q4 2018

    ... of politicalinstability and tight government control over the industry. Mining investment in the region will gradually accelerate over the comingyears, supported by rising mineral prices and government-driven efforts to diversify economic growth away from oil. Read More

  • Middle East And North Africa Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... with oil prices expected to continue appreciating and regional oilproduction set to return to growth. The outlook on demand is also positive, as economic performance improves and consumptionnormalises in the wake of wide-ranging subsidy reform. Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Renewables Q4 2018

    ... two to three year view, with predicted growth in generation of 47.9% in 2018 and 281.4%in 2019, taking output to 4.1TWh by the end of next year, compared to just 0.7TWh in 2017, as a ... Read More

  • Oman Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... offer international oil and gas companieslucrative opportunities in the country's upstream sector. Large infrastructure projects, including a new refinery and midstreamconnections, will markedly strengthen Oman's standing in the downstream sector over the next few years. Read More

  • Iran Power Q4 2018

    ... completely. High inflation and low real GDP growth rates further strainIran’s ability to afford large-scale power projects. The country will bolster its power security through regional interconnections whichallow for electricity imports during peak demand. We ... Read More

  • Bahrain Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... the country willbe the refining capacity expansion at the Sitra refinery, the kingdom's centrepiece. An LNG import facility planned for 2019 will alsoenable a continuation of the strong gas consumption growth over the coming years. Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... brings more of its substantial spare capacity into play. We are also very optimisticabout gas production, with the continued rise in capital committed to expand domestic capacity. The downstream sector is alsoperforming well and will ... Read More

  • Assessment of Opportunities in Iraq, an Untapped Market, 2018

    ... of healthy foreign international reserves, limited restrictions on cross-border fund transfers as well as an attractive legal framework that provides greater protection and incentives for foreign investors, investments in the country is expected to generate ... Read More

  • Hi-tech Goods in Saudi Arabia

    ... Arabian electricity industry with power generators, transformers, cables and related equipment. Saudi Arabia is building numerous power plants to cope with rapidly rising power consumption, driven by the growing population and developing industrial sector. Furthermore, ... Read More

  • Energy in Saudi Arabia

    ... a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing the ... Read More

  • Non-metallic Mineral Products in Saudi Arabia

    ... the end of the year, partly due to continuous weakness in country’s economic growth, and recovered yet still low oil prices. Moreover, delays in project timelines, long payment periods, the rising cost of capital, and ... Read More

  • Utilities and Recycling in Saudi Arabia

    ... up by 1.7% over the previous year. While figures for the 2017 summer peak suggested consumers may be curbing usage in anticipation of forthcoming tariff changes, electricity demand from industrial users continued to rise at ... Read More

  • Iraq Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... will raise production capacity to near 5mn b/d by the endof 2018. New associated gas processing facilities and imports from Iran will boost gas supply and use in the power sector,supporting fuel and oil exports. Read More

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