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  • Equatorial Guinea Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... Ophir's Fortuna FLNG project provides the most important boost to the country's gas production and net exports over the coming years. While the company targets a FID by the end of 2017, it has achieved ... Read More

  • South Africa Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... are positive developments for South Africa's oil and gas sector. However, progress has, as of yet, been slow. Slow production growth and inefficient refining sector will make South Africa increasingly reliant on gas and refined ... Read More

  • Tanzania Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... future development of offshore gas resources. Continued fiscal and regulatory uncertainties continue to provide above-ground headwinds to investment interest. Consumption growth looks strong for both refined fuels and gas, albeit from a comparatively low base. Read More

  • Uganda Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... our crude oil production timeline given the large infrastructure requirements and government bureaucracy. Given the timing, we now confirm the delays within our forecast, pushing back first oil production in Uganda from 2020 to 2022. Read More

  • Angola Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... oil production will fall off due to a steep decline rates on mature fields and no new projects forecast to counteract the declines. Efforts to reform and restructure Sonangol, the state oil company, is encouraging, ... Read More

  • Ghana Power Q1 2018

    ... sources away from a high hydropower reliance. Continued investments in the grid will ensure increased security of electricity supply, along with the use of a 470MW powership. Non-hydropower renewable generation will increase off the back ... Read More

  • Mozambique Oil & Gas Q1 2018

    ... BMI View: The FID on the Coral project has secured Mozambique's future as an LNG exporter. Attention is now turning to the larger onshore facility, which has faced challenges securing longterm contracts, delaying development plans. Read More

  • Namibia Power Q1 2018

    ... planned thermal power projects will remain constrained by logistical and financial issues, while hydropower generation will remain vulnerable to underperformance during times of water shortages. Namibia will remain reliant on electricity imports from neighbouring countries. Read More

  • Ghana Mining Report Q1 2018

    ... new mining projects, although the government crackdown on illegal mining will mean production this year will disappoint. In the longer term, Ghana's solid political and regulatory backdrop will allow the country to emerge as an ... Read More

  • Zambia Mining Report Q1 2018

    ... and leads to policy uncertainty. As an added headwind, SSA remains challenged by underdeveloped infrastructure and small mining sectors that will solidify Sierra Leone, Liberia and Mauritania's positions as regional laggards. Nevertheless the region will ... Read More

  • Angola Mining Report Q1 2018

    ... economy has seen it take a proactive approach to stimulating the mining sector, which has included introducing new mining regulation and fostering a favourable climate for foreign investors as well as artisanal mining. Currently, activity ... Read More

  • Botswana Power Report Q1 2018

    ... coal reserves. While contractual disputes threaten the viability of the Morupule B IPP project and could lead to us lower our thermal power forecasts, upside risks to gas-fired power exist due to ongoing CBM exploration. ... Read More

  • Cote d'Ivoire Power Report Q1 2018

    ... stagnate after the completion of the Songon project in 2019 due to lack of new project developments. Upside risk to the development of new hydropower projects exists as the government enters talks for the possibility ... Read More

  • Angola Power Report Q1 2018

    ... Caculo Cabaça hydroelectric plants being brought online over that time period. The dominance of hydropower will increase the power sector's vulnerability to drought-induced electricity shortages. The completion of the Soyo CCGT in 2018 poses an ... Read More

  • West Africa Mining Report Q1 2018

    ... The region's long-term growth outlook remains promising due to countries' vast untapped mineral reserves and positive foreign investment outlook, although this will be moderated by inadequate infrastructure and the after effects of the Ebola crisis. Read More

  • Sewage Infrastructure (Construction) in South Africa: Market Analytics by Category & Cost Type to 2021

    ... and forecast market data for the sewage infrastructure category in South Africa, it also provides detailed breakdown of the data by construction activity (new construction, repair and maintenance, refurbishment and demolition) and by cost type ... Read More

  • South Africa Mining Report Q4 2017

    South Africa Mining Report Q4 2017 BMI View: South Africa's mining sector will face persistent headwinds due to labour unrest, a muted price recovery and challenging regulations that will lead to divestments. Read More

  • Zimbabwe Mining Report Q4 2017

    ... rise in prominence as a producer of platinum, gold and diamonds; however, we note that political and economic risks, coupled with increased government intervention, threatens to disrupt the industry's development over the next few years. Read More

  • Nigeria Oil & Gas Report Q4 2017

    ... could weigh on future investment. While there have been some notable reforms to the NNPC, there is still a long way to go in order to create a transparent and profitable company that encourages investment ... Read More

  • Cote d`Ivoire Oil and Gas Report Q4 2017

    ... development efforts will be needed should it maintain crude oil output levels past 2017. While gasproduction is rising slowly, it will be insufficient to meet rising demand. We have decided to include theLNG import option ... Read More

  • South Africa Power Report Q4 2017

    ... contracts will result in investors becoming wary of new projects in South Africa, weexpect the success of previous auctions in the REIPPPP will continue to attract interest and nonhydropowerrenewable capacity will remain the growth outperformer ... Read More

  • Tanzania Power Report Q4 2017

    ... power plant willalso reportedly be online between end-2017 to beginning-2018, which aligns with our forecasts for thepower plant starting electricity generation in 2018. The Tanzanian government has opened a tender for the 320 megawatt (MW) ... Read More

  • Egypt Oil and Gas Report Q4 2017

    ... oil and gas companies poses the largest risk to positive sector momentum in Egypt. Latest Updates And Key Forecasts The Zohr gas field development continues to be fast-tracked by Eni, whom anticipate first gas inDecember ... Read More

  • Libya Oil and Gas Report Q4 2017

    ... so for a number of years. We also remain relatively bearishon the consumption side, given pervasive insecurity and widespread economic dislocation in the country. Over the long term, we see considerable upside risks to both ... Read More

  • Namibia Mining Report Q4 2017

    ... labour force, high levels of red tape and underdeveloped financial marketsconstrain growth. The country has substantial unexploited diamond and uranium deposits and we expectproduction to grow rapidly as a series of high-profile projects come online. ... Read More

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