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  • South Africa Renewables Q4 2018

    ... which renewable electricity is expanding, as well as the largepresence of coal-fired power, will mean that the contribution of renewables to the total power mix will remain below 10%. Thesigning of REIPPPP contracts earlier in ... Read More

  • Cote d'Ivoire Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... is rising slowly, it will be insufficient to meet rising demand. We have pushedback first LNG imports from 2018 to 2019 given a lack of information on the project. We note downside risks to gas ... Read More

  • South Africa Mining Q4 2018

    ... mining sector will see upside risks to growth ahead as new President Cyril Ramaphosaheralds an improved regulatory outlook. However, high labour costs, an appreciating rand and depleting resources will continue toplague growth levels moving forward. Read More

  • South Africa Power Q4 2018

    ... from a low base, will be the power sector's growthoutperformer. Nuclear capacity will not increase over this period due to high costs and low electricity demand. Financial headwindsat Eskom will limit the ability to implement ... Read More

  • Egypt Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... in its gas production over 2018, reducing reliance on LNG imports. Policy slippagewith subsidy reform and payment of debt owed to oil and gas companies pose the largest risk to positive sector momentum in thecountry. Read More

  • Libya Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... Q4 2018 Key View: Libyan oil and gas production will be marred by volatility over our 10-year forecast period, given that attacks onhydrocarbon infrastructure remain frequent and continued economic and political uncertainty deter upstream exploration. Read More

  • Tanzania Mining Q4 2018

    ... Tanzanian assets as a result. The most recentamendment to the country's mining law stipulates that foreign mining companies have to hold an account with a local bank, andPresident John Magufuli has stated that indigenous companies ... Read More

  • Uganda Power Q4 2018

    ... country at risk of power deficits during periods of lowrainfall. Regional interconnection and grid expansion projects are in the pipeline which, if successfully implemented, will improvepower security and electrification rates in Uganda. T&D losses will ... Read More

  • Tunisia Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... Tunisia's investor-friendly government and stable business environment - relative to many of its neighbours - haveattracted foreign investors. Nevertheless, its hydrocarbons potential remains modest and its production is unlikely to risesignificantly over the coming years. Read More

  • Zimbabwe Mining Q4 2018

    ... country will rise in prominence as a producer of platinum, gold and diamonds.However, we note that political and economic risks, coupled with increased government intervention, threaten to disrupt theindustry's development over the next few years. Read More

  • Cameroon Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... Etinde project will see gas exports rise further over the second half of our 10-year forecast period to2027. More exploration, however, will need to take place in order to further boost the country's long-term prospects. Read More

  • Kenya Renewables Q4 2018

    ... of renewables output over our 10-year forecast period. This will result in the country's power sector benefiting from mostlynon-intermittent renewables contributions. A downside risk faced by investors are potential delays to connecting projects to thegrid. Read More

  • Sub-Saharan Africa Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... whole.However, the medium term oil production forecast is clouded by a severely dwindling project pipeline and heavier decline ratesacross several markets. Prospects in the gas sector are brighter, with export-led projects continuing to make progress. Read More

  • Sub-Saharan Africa Power Q4 2018

    ... key factor in the growth of the region’s power capacity, particularly in financinglarger-scale, high-cost projects. The launch of the US’ ‘Power Africa Gas Roadmap’ will improve competitiveness in the market,increasing investment in gas-fired power projects. ... Read More

  • Zambia Power Q4 2018

    ... is also dominated by large-scale hydropowerplants, which indicates that it will not significantly diversify its power supply within our forecast period. As a result, Zambia will remainvulnerable to power deficits during times of low rainfall. Read More

  • Tanzania Power Q4 2018

    ... total electricity generated throughout our 10-year forecast period to 2027. The availability and affordability of locallyproduced gas will ensure continued investment into gas-fired power, while investors are drawn to the fast-growing and under-supplied power market. Read More

  • Angola Power Q4 2018

    ... of our forecast period in 2027. Investor interest inthermal power projects in Angola will increase if the successful operation of the Soyo gas power plant can be maintained.Hydropower generation's vulnerability to decreased rainfall will be ... Read More

  • Gabon Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... fiscal and licensing terms could see companies more willing to invest in Gabon's costly butprospective deepwater pre-salt exploration scene. Gabon's future oil production outlook clearly depends on increased explorationand the development of its deepwater potential. Read More

  • Kenya Power Q4 2018

    ... and delays to theLamu coal-fired power plant will be risks facing the expected growth of thermal power in the country. The development of aninterconnection with Ethiopia will provide a boost to electricity supply when completed. Read More

  • Namibia Mining Q4 2018

    ... country has substantial unexploited diamond and uraniumdeposits, and we expect production to grow rapidly as a series of high-profile projects comes online. The country is tipped tobecome the world's third-largest uranium producer by the end ... Read More

  • Cameroon Mining Q4 2018

    ... deficits have slowed the progress of a number ofbig projects. These projects are likely to come online in the coming years as Asian investment increases, and Cameroon will play anincreasingly important role in African iron ... Read More

  • Equatorial Guinea Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... be offset by significant new discoveries. The Fortuna FLNG project provides the most important boost to ourgas production forecasts for the country; however this will not come online until at least 2022, after a series ... Read More

  • Ethiopia Power Q4 2018

    ... andcapacity over our 10-year forecast period in Ethiopia, backed by ambitious government commitment. Yet, we also note growinginterests in other renewables technologies, with the government planning for five wind farms and geothermal production at varioussites. Read More

  • Ghana Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... scene, with the country’s first offshore licensing round set to take place in Q4 2018.However, the prospects for the country's small and inefficient downstream sector are bleak thus subjecting Ghana forgrowing imports of refined fuels. Read More

  • Sudan and South Sudan Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... view, we expect the political and security environment to remain highly fractured over the coming years, weighing onany recovery in output. The outlook for both Sudan and South Sudan is poor over the long term. ... Read More

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